Episode 179: Does Sexting Enhance or Ruin a Relationship?

We have all heard how fun and sexy sexting can be… But couldn’t it also be the ruin of your relationship? In today’s episode, Mike Fiore discusses all things sexting. From how to send a steamy text, to knowing when the right time to send that text is… Listen up and learn!

10 Incredible Benefits of Making Love (Even When You’re Too Exhausted To)

In his first edition of “Ask Mike,” Michael Fiore talks about the benefits of making love... even when you’re too exhausted to even think about it.

15m 25s

The Pitfalls of Blending Families After Divorce…

Anyone going through a divorce or living after it will agree about the difficulties it presents, especially with children involved. The good news is...

4m 30s

The 3 Sexiest Traits That Turn Women On

Turn women on: Have you noticed that women are wired differently? And what turns them on sexually and emotionally is a mystery to most men.

3m 55s

How to Keep Your Long-Term Relationship ALIVE

In this short episode, you are going to learn how to keep your existing long-term relationship alive. You know how when you start digging someone...

4 Stupid Mistakes That Make You Look Like Needy Girl

Here are a few Stupid Mistakes that Make You seem Needy. Learn them. Stop them.

4m 20s

5 Online Mistakes That Crush Your Dream of Love

With nearly three quarters of the population online at one time or another, why is it still so darn hard to find love?

4m 25s

Step-by-Step Guide to Dating After a Break Up

After a divorce or the breakup of a long-term relationship, it may be tempting to get right back into the dating scene.


What You Need to Do When He Cheats

Although there are many reasons why a man might cheat, there’s only one way you should handle yourself. Whether it was a one...

7m 30s

How to Recover From a Toxic Relationship

In my experience as an administrator at a drug and alcohol treatment agency, I’ve seen my fair share of toxic relationships. While addicts tend to...


The Secret to a Harmonious Relationship: How to Stop Fighting & Still Get Exactly What You Want (Part 3 of 3)

Now you have several communication skills that, when practiced, will help you build a harmonious and happy relationship...

6m 50s

How to Satisfy Your Wife Again (3 Easy Marriage Hacks!)

If you put these three easy hacks to work in your life, you can make your marriage stronger and build a family and business that truly matters.

4m 10s

8 Relationship Phrases We Need to Retire ASAP

There are some phrases we use that are damaging to relationships, even if we do not realize it. These are just some of the examples. Stop saying...

5m 10s

Should I Add the Men I’m Dating to My Facebook Or Instagram?

Social media has become such a big part of our daily lives - but what about dating? Should you add your potential dating partners to your Facebook or...

8 Helpful Tips to Use Following a Breakup

Some people choose to sever any and all ties with their ex after a breakup (myself included), while others feel maintaining a friendship with their ex...

6m 25s

Ladies, Have YOU Ever Been “The Creepy Guy”?

You can’t help it. Even if you view them as harmless. That’s the kind of “creepy guy” vibe you may unknowingly give off when you help a man date you...

3m 35s