8 Things You Must Do Before You Marry Him!

Marry him? Marriage is a huge step as we all know, because the aim is to spend the rest of your life committed to that one person.

3m 25s

How MEN Think About Your Relationship

If you’ve ever felt “stuck” in a relationship that you think is moving forward but your man never makes the commitment you want, then I can help you...


Don’t be a “Bitter Woman”: 4 Simple Steps to Instantly Open Your Heart and Learn to Trust Again

Internationally-known relationship expert Michael Fiore reveals the simple 4-step process any woman can use to let go of bitterness and learn to trust again...

12m 20s

2 Pieces of Questionable and Yet Unwavering Relationship Advice!

In the world of relationship coaching, I base most of my advice around five pillars and, for the most part, people dig them. Here they are...

4m 15s

His Mother Just Died, What Do I Do?

Losing a parent is one of life's most difficult moments. Everything, including your love life, comes to a screeching halt. How do you offer support when...

4m 50s

Where to Meet Great Fit Guys While Also Pursuing Your Passion!

In this short episode you are going to find out where to meet quality fit guys while pursuing your passion and doing something that you love.

He’s Not Flirting… He’s Actually Putting You Down!

Some guys on YouTube may imply that public groping and sexual references to body parts are the equivalent of flirting these days. Just normal dudes...

3m 40s

4 Reasons Dating Sucks (Explained By Science)

If you’ve tried to get a date recently (or for a while), you know how incredibly frustrating dating can actually be. Let me throw out a few facts about dating...

6m 20s

How to Get Out of Your Head When You’re Dating

One of the most common challenges both men and women have when dating is that they get too much in their head. They either are too...

The Single Woman’s Guide to Understanding Men (Part 3 of 3)

Understanding Men: The single woman's guide to recognizing and identifying a man's real intentions...

7m 10s

Are You Compromising in Love? Knowing When to Stay or Go…

Compromising: I hate compromise. It pisses me off because it means holding back parts of ourselves. Squashing our life force and shoving our desires onto a dusty shelf.

3m 35s

I Love my Partner, BUT I Have a Crush on Someone Else!

"What is going on? I am very happy and secure in my current relationship. I love my partner; I would never cheat or risk our relationship in any way."

3m 10s

3 Quick Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Dating

I have helped many clients succeed in finding love using the dating strategies I’m about to share with you. So let me arm you with 3 quick ways to get over the fear of dating.

5m 10s

How to Make Attracting Your Soul Mate a Reality

I will be clear and truthful about what the journey of attracting my soul mate was like for me and why I’m so passionate about sharing it with you...

3m 25s

If I Don’t Do This, He Might Leave Me…

Have you ever said to yourself, “My boyfriend really wants [a threesome, seventeen kids, you fill in the blank], and if I don’t do it, he might leave me”?

2m 35s

How Soon Should You Call Your Ex After a Breakup?

It had been three weeks, two days and 17 hours since my ex and I parted ways. How soon should you call your ex after a breakup?