Know Him Inside Out: How His Underwear Says More Than His Pants

It’s what’s inside that matters. And I’m not talking about his heart and his soul – Jesus, this isn’t Sweet Valley, I’m talking about his underwear.

6m 20s

3 Dating Deal Breakers Women Must Absolutely Avoid

While most people have their own sets of deal breakers, I’m going to address three common deal breakers that men having when deciding whether or not to date a woman.

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Get Over Your Breakup and Get Ready for Your Next Relationship! (Part 1 of 3)

It’s over. Another relationship just ended. Another love flushed down the toilet. More than likely, your breakup feels like it’s consuming you...

8m 20s

How Can I Be More Attractive to Women?

Here is the thing that most men miss. It’s not the $5,000 Rolex that the woman loves and finds attractive and it’s not the six pack that she loves, it is the...


Do You Have What It Takes to Date Like a Pro?

It was a magical date! He was so attractive to me! He was confident and funny, and he had that amazing sparkle in his eye. We had an instant...

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How to Avoid The Texting Trap When Online Dating

If you're a woman on online dating sites, you probably know this situation very well: a man will keep sending you messages, but will avoid ever asking you...

The Law of Attraction: Is it the Secret to Attraction or a Load of Bull?

To make up a story that isn’t plausible at the moment is bull! How then did I make the law of attraction work for me to attract my husband?

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15 Red Flags of a Dating Site Scam

Not everyone on a dating site is looking for love. Scammers use dating sites to prey. People who are trying to scam you give off several red flags, and if you...

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Why You Should STOP Obsessing Over Him Now!

Whether you've been with him for a while or you just met him, obsessing him gets old pretty fast. If you think about it, most of the time when you're...


When’s the Right Time to Talk About Kids With the Person You’re Seeing?

If you already have kids then I think it's important to reveal that right upfront or in your profile for it's nothing to be ashamed of and something to be quite proud of, yes?!

How to Live You’re BEST Life After Emotional Abuse

If you were able to recognize that you may have an emotionally Abusive Relationship. If you have recognized attributes of yourself that may invite emotional abuse...


8 Laws of the TRULY Confident Super-Attractive Woman (Part 2)

True confidence is NOT an act. It comes from within—and it’s IRRESISTIBLE. The TRULY confident super-attractive woman has...

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Episode 180: Does It Really Matter How Much Sex You’re Havin…

How much sex SHOULD you be having? Everyone wants to know… And when you’re not doing it a lot does it mean you don’t love your partner as much? In today’s episode, Michael sets the record straight. Find out what he has to say now!

3 Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Secretly Wants You Back (Even If He Doesn’t Know It Himself)

Internationally known relationship expert Michael Fiore reveals the 3 signs that your ex boyfriend secretly wants you back .

6m 40s

Got Rejection? Here’s the Cure!

We all know the sting of rejection. Even those with the strongest sense of self-esteem can be hurt by its bite. Rejection makes us shrink, hide, and...

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Not Feeling Good Enough? How to Avoid Your Inner Gremlin From Killing Your Dating Life

Dating: Have you ever met someone and you think they’re great and you wanted them to ask you out or ask you out again for that matter?

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