Why Your Partner Doesn’t Want Sex (& What to Do About It)

You’re ready and willing but your partner, who used to enjoy sex as much as you, seems to increasingly prefer Netflix. It’s frustrating and it leads...

3m 25s

Loving Her Doesn’t Mean She Never Loved Him!

But both parts, the loving him and the loving her, are who we are. Neither part is false or fake, or hiding in secrecy. At some point, in some way, both...

2m 40s

Not in Love Anymore? 5 Things to Do Before You Decide to Leave

The sex isn’t as great. You feel misunderstood and unsupported and undervalued. So, should you just leave and start over with someone else?


Fed Up With Attracting the Same Guy Over & Over?

You’re Attracting Him or You’re Attracted to Him? Actually, Both! Make no mistake, whenever you’re repeatedly attracting a particular type of person...


Why Looking for Love in Bars and Clubs Will Keep You Single

One of my former clients came to me because he had grown tired of going to bars and clubs. He knew that single people went to bars and clubs. So, being single...

6m 10s

How Your Self-Doubt Will Make Her Leave You… For Good.

Your woman can sense your stress. She can sense your lack of confidence and your self-doubts. She can feel you wavering and wobbling and she can tell that...

3m 15s

18 Dating Mistakes Women Must Stop Making (Part 2 of 3)

Dating mistakes: All women do it, but it really isn’t necessary. Dissecting and trying to translate and rationalize everything a guy says is kind of a waste of time.


10 Things to GIVE UP to Be a HIGHLY Attractive Woman

Highly attractive woman: A happy woman is a magnet to high value people, great opportunities and her desires.

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What “Love” Truly Means to a Man… And How to Know if He “Loves” You for Good…

Internationally-known relationship expert Michael Fiore reveals the devastating difference between what the word “Love” means to women versus men...

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5 Ways to Tell By His Dating Profile That He Is Unavailable!

The dating pool is full of emotionally unavailable partners who have no desire or ability to maintain a committed, long term relationship. Why is this?

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6 Dating Fundamentals That Haven’t Changed (And Will Make Your Dating Life Easier)

“Dating is hard.” “The dating scene sucks.” “There aren’t any good women/men out there.” “No one wants anything serious anymore.” “Online dating...

3m 25s

If You Want It to Turn Into a Relationship… Let Him Pursue You!

You pretty much know after the first date with a man whether or not you want it to go any further. Let's go a little further into why your best chance at a relationship...

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What’s the Difference Between a Constructive and a Destructive Marriage?

Are you blinded by criticism? What you say can get you the marriage you want. How well do you speak about your spouse...

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Why Are Men So Clingy?

Why are men SO clingy when you have been dating for awhile? My boyfriend can not be by himself now!

5 Best Responses for When a Girl Says “I Love You”

As it goes in a playboy’s life, he will experience at least once or twice, at the minimum, the girl who falls in love with him. If girls never fall in love with him...

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What Red Flags Are You Ignoring in Your Love Life?

How many relationships have you stayed too long with someone that didn’t treat you well, appreciate you or even deserve your love? Red flags are the...

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