Is Meeting Your Soulmate Online Easier? Yes, and Here’s Why…

This can’t really be the way to meet your soulmate? Well, the initial impression certainly isn’t winning any prizes in the romance department...

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Sit Still. Look Pretty. Is That Really What Men Want?

What men want: Singer Daya has a lot to say about men and relationships, and her songs strike a deep chord with listeners around the world...

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You Want Your Hot Girlfriend to Accept Your Mediocrity??

So wait… you want her to accept your mediocrity? You want a hot, smart, funny, beautiful, sexy, loyal, kind woman. You want the woman of your dreams…

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4 Red Flags That Mean Long-Term Relationship Trouble… Like Forever

Red flags! Is this a pattern? Am I missing something? Good questions. Now, you’re on the right track...

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How Do I Bring the Spark Back in My Relationship Without Acting Out?

Are you bored? Is your relationship stale? Are you fantasizing about someone else? Have you just about given up?

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How a Single T-shirt Can Change Your Love Life!

Think of the T-shirt you wear as a possible gateway a love connection. Let me start by saying that I’m a happily married woman, but I really wish...

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3 Tips for When Family & Friends Don’t Approve of Your Love

Several years ago, a friend of mine started dating a guy who didn’t meet the approval of her parents. She was madly in love and he was a great guy, but...

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How Being Divorced Changes the Dating Game… And Why It Shouldn’t!

Even though the current divorce ratio indicates its prevalence and normality, having been through one can create challenges for you in the dating game...


What Women Should Wear on a First Date

Do you find yourself rummaging through your closet trying to determine what to wear for that first date?

Why Men Vanish (Part 1 of 3)

you like a guy, you go on a date or two, and then he disappears. The question is always “WHY?” What you’ll learn here is why men vanish and how...

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You Are Good Enough to Be Asked Out

The first thing you have to wrap your mind around ladies is that you ARE good enough to get asked out. If a man suggests...

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Soulmates: From a Matchmaker’s Point of View…

Have you ever thought about the word “Soulmate?” Most people spend their whole life in search of the perfect person they can call their “Soulmate.”

3m 109

3 Ways to Know If You’re Seeing in an Emotional Abuser

It can be difficult at the beginning of a dating relationship to know if the person you are seeing could turn out to be someone that is toxic for you - an Emotional Abuser.

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Why It’s Not Such a Bad Thing That the Wrong Man Keeps Showing Up!

Wrong man: I get how frustrating it can be when men who seem to want to hurt you keep showing up. These are the men who don’t call when...

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Should You Move In With Him If You Want to Get Married?

You are thinking about moving in with him, but you’re also thinking about how you’d like to get married. Will living with him increase or decrease...

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The CRUCIAL Dating Mindset You MUST Have!

Most people can’t stand the vulnerability of dating. Exposing who you are to complete strangers, with the hope or fear that someone will approve of...

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