10 Reasons Why You Should Deal With Your Issues Prior to Getting Married

Not because of what you didn’t do, but because you refuse to deal with your issues prior to getting married.


Why Breaking Up Hurts So Bad & How to Start Healing Now!

Breaking up: A common fear for many of us, myself included, is the fear of abandonment. When I looked into this even more deeply I discovered that...

3m 30s

Is He the Right One For You?

The right one for you: Is this person curious about life? Are they adventurous and willing to explore?


4 Signs You’re Committed to a F*ck Boy

You know that feeling you get when you see him constantly checking his phone? Or maybe you notice he never leaves his phone unattended to?

3m 30s

3 Reasons Why the Wrong Men Ask You Out But the Right Ones Never Do

The hard truth is if the wrong men ask you out, that lets you know you’re not as open to men as you think. Chances are you’re not...

4m 50s

3 Signs You NEED to Have a Midlife Crisis

I’m going to take a different view and argue that not only can a midlife crisis be a good thing, but that many guys need to have a midlife crisis.

6m 30s

The Real Reason You’re Still Single (and How to Break the Cycle!)

Let’s be brutally honest for a minute. You’re pretty awesome. But you’re still single. This is not because there’s anything fundamentally...

4m 15s

How to Reclaim Your Sexuality and Empower Your Relationships

Somehow, a good deal us managed to loose touch with our own sexuality and exactly what that means to and for us. For many, the word itself evokes...

3m 45s

Why He Compartmentalizes Feelings and What It Means for You…

If you’ve read many self-help articles aimed at women, you may have the idea that the male tendency to compartmentalize feelings and experiences is...

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Top 5 Reasons You Know You’re Dating a Man… Not a Boy!

How do you tell if you are dating a "man" or just another "boy"? Here are the top 5 ways to tell if you are dating a man or a boy...


How to Know If He Can Be Trusted (A 5-Point Quiz)

Know he can be trusted: There are 5 main things that go into building the kind of trust that will let you give your heart into another person’s care...


Ladies, 9 Ways to Say NO to Mediocrity in Your Love Life!

Wondering WHERE the heck are these high quality men hiding? Chances are you’ve got some beliefs and habits that are attracting mediocrity.

3m 45s

If He Does THIS, He’s a Keeper!

It’s sometimes hard to know if you've found a keeper who is worth your time. Here are a few things to consider to help you decide...

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How to Communicate When it’s the Last Thing You Want to Do…

Do you want to feel the pain of death by paper cut (as in 43 years of someone telling you that you don’t communicate) or would you like to...


What Do Men Really Want in a Partner? How to Find a Relationship That Lasts!

Relationship: Let’s face it, the dating game can be so hard! It seems more difficult to understand men and their intentions, according to many...

3m 50s

What It Means if Your Spouse Cheats & What to Do About It!

When a spouse cheats, it does NOT mean you were not enough. If your spouse cheats, he or she confirms 10 truths about himself or herself...