Tired of the Search? The 3rd Step to Magnetizing Your Ideal Mate

So, do the work, heal from your past relationship patterns so you, too, can have your ideal mate come into your life.

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3 Reasons Why a Man Doesn’t Propose

"I cook for him, I clean our home, I do his laundry, I pay half the rent. Why doesn't he want to propose to me?"

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4 Surprising (And Overlooked) Reasons You Only Attract Jerks Online

If you’ve ever tried online dating with hope in your heart only to have that hope mutilated and squashed by jerks and rejection, then you already know it’s time for a change.

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Deciphering What His Flirty Stare Really Means!

Flirty stare: When a woman returns a man’s gaze, it’s a primal exchange that can nudge two strangers out of the friendzone. In fact, sustained eye contact...

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What If You Don’t Share the Same Skin Color?

You’re getting advice to walk away and end it. They just don’t fit most peoples’ mold of a suitable partner. And all because you two don’t share the same skin color.


Why Valentine’s Day Isn’t Worth the Hype!

Have you bought your gifts yet? If not, you’d better get on it! Your relationship depends on it! I’m not one of those “I hate Valentine’s Day” types either...

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How to DATE Your Current Long-Term Partner… Again (Part 1 of 3)

Long-Term Partner: When people in a committed relationship find out that I am a dating coach, I am often asked, “Can you help me date my partner again?”

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10 Tips for Making a Long Distance Relationship Work

Regardless of the fact that many people think that such relationships are doomed to fail, according to the experts for love, long distance relationships are actually possible.

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Why Working on Couple Communication Is a Waste of Time!

Working on communication issues is an ongoing distraction that keeps people from addressing the real core issues that exist in any unhappy relationship.

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5 Ways to Be Irresistible to Quality Men

Dating with confidence can be a game changer for your dating. So here are my top 5 ways to be irresistible to quality men...


Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Dating Communication…

So you’re dating in the age of digital design. How do you balance the need for personal intimacy with the convenience of digital options?

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How to Get Him to STOP Treating You Like His Maid… and Breaking Other Boundaries Too!

Relationship Boundaries: He was an AMAZING boyfriend until the two of you moved in together. Now he treats you less like a hot girlfriend and more...


Are You a Picky Dater? Why This Is Keeping You Single!

Are you a picky dater? Let's see... That date you had last week was amazing, but all you can remember is the way he chewed his food, and you...

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How to Handle Unwanted Online Dating Messages

You’re single and ready to mingle and haven’t had much luck meeting people the regular way, so off you go to the online dating site recommended by...

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5 Daily Activities to Strengthen Your Marriage

Couples find themselves in my office for a variety of reasons, and often it’s because they want to strengthen their marriage. This can mean a million...

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How You Can Start Healing Your Relationship Today!

Most of the time we tend think the answer to our relationship "problems" and getting the love back to where it was in the beginning lies in our partner...

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