Separating Love From Addiction– 5 Signs You’re Headed For Trouble

He makes you laugh, scream, cry, dream. It all seems magical, like a fantasy come true. You’re in love. It must be. Read »

3 Secrets to Create a Forcefield Against Dating Rejection…

A high value women doesn’t need or seek approval. Criticism doesn’t get to her. Here are 3 secrets to create your own forcefield to deflect rejection and… Read »

15 Ways to Know He’s Serious About You

When he’s serious there is no tomfoolery! If he likes you, you’ll know it. He will show you directly. You won’t have to… Read »

Why Can’t I Find a Partner?

Find a partner – “I’m a good guy. Why can’t I find a girlfriend?”I have a friend in dating distress. For the purpose of this article, I’ll call him… Read »

Episode 125: Independence vs. CoDependence

How much independence will make you grow apart from your partner and how much codependence will drive them crazy? In this episode, Mike and Nora answer questions from listeners about how to find a balance when it comes to having Listen »

Single? Why Speaking Up is the KEY to Success with Love

When I was dating like a serial dater, I did not want to say what I really thought. This habit of not speaking up carried over into my… Read »

If You Still Feel Attached to Your Ex, Do This…

I hear from people all the time who are struggling to move on from their ex, especially when they still have strong feelings for them. Here are some… Read »

The “NO EXCUSES” Approach to Meet Men This Summer!

What have you got planned to meet men this summer? For my dating coaching clients, I recommend creating a Dating Action Plan. Read »

Are You Unintentionally Repelling Men?

You might unknowingly be repelling men by doing what comes naturally to you as a woman. You can easily balance things out by incorporating some very specific types of compliments. Read »

No One Is Safe From an Affair…

In my work, I’ve heard hundreds, maybe thousands, of affair stories – from one-night stands to emotional connections where the participants never… Read »

Do THIS If You Want Your Relationship to Work

What’s the one thing you MUST do to ensure a relationship lasts and thrives? Is it saying “I love you” every day? Keeping things hot in the bedroom? Read »

Tinder: Moving With the Dating Times

Tinder – All my friends are on ‘Tinder’ and they want me to use the app too. They don’t seem to meet any ‘boyfriends’ on there but seem to have lots of… Read »

What Is The New “Shame” & How Does It Effect Your Relationship?

Shame is usually prompted by a sense of humiliation because a person believes they have made a mistake. Read »

How to Use Your Relationship Crystal Ball

Want to know the future of your relationship? Here are the exact steps you need to easily communicate your dating goals and timeline and GET CLARITY! Read »

7 Situations When Getting Your Ex Back Is a Miserable Plan

So when should you cut off your efforts to get your ex back and refocus on getting over them? Read »

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