How to Reject a Man Without Being a “B”

Sometimes you just need to put some space into a relationship that’s gotten too close, too fast. Or maybe he’s WAY more interested than you are, and you’d like to back things off a bit. Watch »

Are First Dates and First Interviews Really All That Different?

I hate to compare first dates to interviews. The check list that you go through to prepare for an interview is pretty damn close to the one you should be using for a first date… Read »

When is Right Time to Be Exclusive?

When is the right time to ask him to be exclusive? Watch »

Do You Value Yourself Enough?

When you value the person you are, you treat yourself well, and refuse to let others treat you in ways that deny your own dreams. When you value yourself, you will… Read »

7 Ways to Spice Up Date Night

Whether you just started dating or are in a relationship and have found yourself in a massive rut, here are six ways to make your date nights more special… Read »

Could Long Distance Be Good for Your Relationship?

Why can’t you find someone closer to home? Why date long distance, many said?  Read »

3 Love Cycle Phases You Must Go Through to Find a Real Love

Imagine if you knew that there was a natural cycle that everyone goes through before they find their soul mate. And how cool would it be for you to recognize exactly where you are in that cycle? Watch »

5 Essential Tips for Safe Online Dating

Online dating can be pretty intimidating, especially if you’re a woman. People will post fake pictures, lie about their age, and then you have the fake profiles from Nigeria trying to get you to send them money. What’s a girl to do? Read »

Do You Need to Take Risks to Find Love?

Maybe you’ve had a slew of bad dates or the guys you’re meeting aren’t quite right. Maybe you’re recently single and just don’t trust men because you’ve been burned too many times… Read »

Episode 72: Let the Games Begin

Does he like me? Is she really interested? Why did he do that? Dating can cause us to question everything. A simple text message (or lack of one) can send a single person to crazy town. Mike and Nora talk about playing games and how to tell if someone is really into you or not.  Listen »

The Reality of Today’s Serial Dater

Last night on a date, your third of the week, you conspicuously used the restroom five times. Who needs to use the bathroom that much? Read »

5 Secrets to Making a Relationship Work

Are you concerned about the future of your marriage? Let’s review some steps you can take to make a healthy marriage your top priority… Read »

7 Biggest Online Dating Mistakes

Maybe you’ve been online for months, or maybe you’re new to the scene, but it doesn’t have to be so tough out there! Avoid these biggest online dating mistakes and find more success online… Read »

Are You in Love With Your Relationship but Not Your Partner?

Are you in love with the idea of being in a relationship? Do you cringe at the notion of being single but yet thrive for a more compatible connection? Does the security of being “taken” outweigh your affection towards your mate? Read »

How to Get Your Woman to Want “It” More Often

The age old complaint from most men is that they don’t get enough time in the sack from their wives. It might interest you to know that the age old complaint from most wives is… Read »

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