How to Make Her Think of You as More Than Just a Friend

Mike and Nora talk about how to make her see you as more than just a friend. Listen as they discuss… Watch »

Increasing His Commitment Level: How to Stay One Step Ahead

When YOU are the one driving the commitment train, you’re probably going to experience some anxiety about what your partner is thinking and feeling… Read »

10 Signs You’ve Caught (and Should Release) a Bad Boy

The simplest definition I’ve heard of a bad boy is that he’s any guy who’s bad for you, period. Here are 10 signs you’ve hooked a bad boy before it’s too late… Read »

What is Instant Chemistry?

Some people have it instantaneously with someone and some doesn’t. Why? Read »

Should Your Relationship Be a Spiritual Practice?

Aren’t we all a bit broken? What would you say is the purpose of intimate relationships? What if you were to see your relationship as a spiritual practice? Here’s how to treat your relationship as a spiritual practice… Read »

Want Love In Your Life? Try This Next Weekend!

There is one seemingly harmless thing you may be doing that keeping your juicy love life away. Use these 6 simple steps to fix it this weekend… Read »

How to Be a “Good Guy” and Still Finish First

The saying goes, “good guys always finish last”. This is not because being a good guy, in it of itself, is unappealing. Being a good guy is great once you’re in a relationship, but that is not what immediately draws women to men… Watch »

Still Single? Maybe It Is You

Once upon a time, I dated unavailable men. You know those men who are not exactly available, like they had another woman or “situation” that meant they weren’t entirely free? Read »

Do You Know How to Seduce Her Nether Regions?

What if I could tweak your talents even higher? From everyday lover to Nether Regions Connoisseur? How will she thank you—after the biggest, strongest heart- poundingest climaxes of her dear life? Read »

Episode 90: Cheating

What do you do when someone cheats and how do you get over it? Listen »

When Should You Bring Up “Exclusivity” With Your New Love Interest?

So after your long sting of single-dom, you finally meet someone who shares your interests in comic relief, restaurants, movies and exercise routines. The goal is “exclusivity”…However, you wonder when you should bring this up as a topic of discussion… Read »

How to Use Attraction Triggers to Create the Best Online Dating Profile!

Just imagine that you could work out exactly what people are looking for in terms of their opposite other? How much easier would it be to find your perfect date and to know just how to tick all of their prerequisites? Read »

Is Friendship Necessary in a Couple for a Relationship to Last?

We at Love Intelligence can easily say that love and friendship are extremely close feelings as one doesn’t go without the other. Is it a necessary condition to have a healthy fulfilling relationship? Read »

4 Simple Steps to Becoming a Better Lover

If you were expecting this article to be a guide to increasing your sexual pleasure, you’re probably going to be disappointed. There are plenty of other experts who write about sex tips. This is about a different side of being a better lover… Read »

5 Essential First Date Necessities

If you are looking for a special relationship, perhaps you are hoping this date may lead to something special. Since you never get a second chance to make first impression you need to know how to hit it out ballpark on a first date when you really want to. Here are 5 first date tips you need to know… Read »

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