How to Turn Internet Dating Rejection into Dating Success!

Nobody likes rejection, especially the dating kind because it’s personal and hurtful. Sadly everyone has to face dating rejection and the pain… Read »

5 Ways to Get Your Ex Back Now!

Sometimes it’s just fleeting, but if you know for certain that you want to get your ex back, some simple shifts in power dynamics can turn things around… Read »

When Should You Share Your Financial Information?

There IS such a thing as too much too soon. Many couples wait until there’s wedding talk to actually share financial information with each other… Watch »

5 Reasons Dating After 40 Stinks…and Why You Should Do It Anyway!

Dating after 40 isn’t easy. Looking for love can be daunting and disheartening. I’m going to share five reasons why dating after 40 stinks and what you… Read »

3 Reasons Why the Law of Attraction Won’t Help You Attract Mr Right

It’s not that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work, it totally does but here are the 3 critical factors that stop them working FOR you… Read »

7 Signs You’re Getting Turkey Dumped this Holiday

Ever been turkey dumped? Are you going through a breakup? So, what are the signs that you might be getting turkey dumped? Read »

How To Be a Sexy Single Soccer Mom?

How do I be a Sexy Single Soccer Mom? Here are three things to get in touch with to be your authentic sexy self as a soccer mom… Watch »

Should You Focus on Understanding Men…or Not?

Often, understanding men is putting the cart before the horse. Do you feel this might be the case for you? No worries! Let’s stop… Read »

7 Ways to Reboot Your Relationship’s Mojo

Mojo:Life can be challenging as we juggle the multitude of roles we play, and the numerous responsibilities we hold. Here are seven ways to reboot your mojo Read »

My Partner Doesn’t Want Sex (But I do!)

Why does it happen? – and what can you do about it? Sex become less frequent, less passionate – and then, very often, becomes unequal in terms of who… Read »

Episode 100: The 100th Podcast!

Listen to some classic Mike and Nora as you stroll through some of their most popular past episodes. Listen »

How to Keep the Kink Alive in Your Relationship

Picture it if you will—boy meets girl, boy and girl begin dating and humping like rabbits, boy and girl wind up in a long term relationship… Read »

Are You Mothering Men?

Have you ever treated a man like he didn’t know what he was doing, maybe even unknowingly at first? They VERY MUCH dislike women mothering them… Read »

How to Make Dating More Enjoyable and Attract Deeper Love

Dating Advice – Two simple mindset shifts for making your dating experience more enjoyable and to attract the healthy, quality love you really desire. Watch »

3 Things Men Do (That Turn Off High Value Women)

Quality women are wanted by most guys, at least when they are seeking a long term relationship. If men want to appear attractive to women with high… Read »

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