How to Ask Him to Be Exclusive

Would regular dating and having sex with him suggest a monogamous relationship? Watch »

How to Train Your Man

Is your boyfriend being a jerk, or is he just clueless? And which ever way you answer that question, what can you do to bring him around? Read »

Tell Tale Signs a Man is Worth Your Time (Part 1)

Red flags are all well and good, but what should you actually be looking for when you are searching for someone to spend your life with? What are the signs that someone is good enough for you? Read »

How Do I Choose Between My Lover and My Spouse?

John did not intend to have an affair. He and his wife Melinda have been happily married for twelve years. Like most couples, they have experienced their share of highs and lows throughout their marriage but have yet to encounter a situation they could not handle. Until… Read »

How to Avoid Dating the Modern Lazy Guy

So what is up with men lately? So why are most men in the dating arena only texting, suggesting “hanging out” instead of asking for a date, and not making effort to spend time with a woman they are really interested in?  Read »

Stood Up? What to Do and Not to Do…

Online dating can be daunting for anyone. If you are a newbie dater, or even a very experienced prolific dater, it can be overwhelming. They stand you up for your first date. There are several things you should NEVER do if this happens… Read »

How Fantasies and Expectations Sabotage Relationships

How do you handle unmet fantasies and expectations? Watch »

Are You the Nice Girl Who Gets Passed Up For Dates?

“Oh, what a sweet and kind person she is!” “Oh, Carla? Yeah, she’s a great girl, very nice.” “Hmm I don’t think I’d date her again, but she is a really nice person.” Sound familiar? Read »

Episode 73: Social Media

Listen in as Mike and Nora discuss online liaisons, sharing photos, and all the different ways that Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the social web can turn a relationship toxic. Listen »

When Is The Right Time to Approach Women at Bars?

Go to your favorite bar. Or go to one you never have before. It doesn’t matter, just go to a bar. See any women just hanging out by themselves? Or maybe with a small group of friends? Read »

5 Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

You’ve longed for a relationship and now you’re in one…but there is something that isn’t quite right…something that is bothering you but you don’t know what it is… Read »

Is Your Love Life Stuck on Repeat?

It’s common to have a certain “type” you are attracted to…but are you limiting yourself by only choosing the same kind of partner? Read »

7 Reasons You Don’t Have a Boyfriend

The relationship is not everything you need for happy living, but without them, your life might feel shallow and uninteresting. And have you ever wondered why some girls have several guys in love with them while you’re sitting at home and have no one to go out with? Read »

How to Embrace Jealousy in Open Relationship

Jealousy challenges most relationships but couples that choose non-monogamy, or open relationship, face jealousy in multitudes. Embracing jealousy means… Read »

EXACTLY What to Do When He Pulls Away…

So why did he pull away? Because he’s got a junkyard full of emotional baggage. Here’s what you should do… Read »

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