Episode 96: Taking It to the Next Level

Hear the uncut, uncensored truth from two real life women about when and how to take a relationship to the next level. Listen »

Be The Woman Whose Presence Men Love

What makes you want to spend time with another person? With billions of people on the planet, why would a man want to see you again and again? Read »

Why We Keep Picking the Wrong Relationships

Bad relationships: we pick them ourselves, don’t we? Read »

Do You Look Like Your Online Dating Photos?

The biggest complaint I get from today’s online dating users is that the people they’re meeting in person aren’t showing up “as advertised” – Are you guilty of false advertising? Read »

Why Online Dating Doesn’t Suck

Dina Robison, gives you four reasons why dating online doesn’t suck as much as you think it does and… Watch »

How to Bring Back the Spark in a Long-Term Relationship

Whether it’s been 2 years…or 26…the sexual spark sometimes fades in a relationship. Here are a few ideas to bring it roaring back! Read »

Are You the “Convincer” in Your Relationship?

Ladies, have you ever done any of the following? Worked overtime to get a guy to notice you or ask you out? Tried to persuade him to commit to you even though he didn’t want to? Done everything in your power to make a man love you? Begged or pleaded that he not leave you? Read »

10 Ways to Make Your First Date a Success

Getting a date is very exciting, but can also be very nerve-wracking for both men and women. If you want the first date to lead to a second, make sure that you follow these tips… Read »

Does How He Handles Stress Determine If He Is a Keeper?

Having a bit of experience in the dating world, there are certain attributes I look out for. One attribute is the way a man deals with their own issues and the role that I play in it. Thus, when I meet suitors I tend to pause when I see these Red Flags… Read »

The Best Way Ever to Meet Men

It’s one of the most overlooked tactic, and yet it’s one of the most effective… Watch »

First Date Do’s And Don’ts For Men

Dating is nerve-wracking for both men and women. However, both sexes can do a few things to make it a little less stressful… Read »

How to Avoid the 3 Biggest Killers of New Relationships…

The beginning of a new relationship can be the most thrilling and exciting time of the relationships life but it can also be the most vulnerable! Read »

Do You Want to Take a Break From Dating?

What do you do if you’re so scarred by past dating experiences that you (like Taylor Swift) can’t even consider going on a date, let alone join an online dating site? Does the mere thought of creating an online profile cause a panic attack? Read »

One Mistake That Sabotages Your Relationship

Ever been in that beginning phase of a blooming relationship and started obsessing about the outcome? Read »

How Do You Heal Self Denial?

Your question: What does it mean to lie to yourself? How do you heal self denial? Watch »

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