How Long to Wait to Call After First Date

Mike and Nora talk about how long you need to wait to call after your first date. Listen in as they discuss… Watch »

Dating a Man Who Has Been Through Hell and May Still Be Recovering?

If you’re dating a man who has been through hell (and may still be recovering), what kind of dating game plan should you have? Read »

6 Warning Signs Your Boundaries Need Work

A lack of strong boundaries and standards becomes really problematic when you’re dating, since the whole point is to find someone who you mesh well with, not who is constantly crossing the line of what you feel is acceptable behavior. Here are 6 warning signs that your boundaries need repair… Read »

Men: Stop Lying and Meet the Women of Your Dreams!

Aren’t you guys tired of lying to women? I’m not just talking about the outright lies like “Uh, yeah, I make 100k a year”or “I used to date a model.” Read »

20 Uncommonly Sexy Traits of High Value Women

Four single, successful (very attractive) high-caliber men just told me what they want to see in their high value girlfriend or wife. Is this you? Read »

Top 20 First Date Mistakes You Should Avoid

As a relationship advice columnist, I get a lot of letters about the mistakes people make on dates. Because there will always be plenty of relationship dilemmas until the end of time, I don’t think I’m jeopardizing my job by sharing these top 20 first date mistakes you should avoid… Read »

Episode 87: New To Online Dating?

Mike and Nora dive into the deep end of dating on the world wide web Listen »

A Huge Red Flag That Is Subtle

People will reveal themselves if you’re paying attention. Unfortunately, too many people get swept up in the romance and chemistry with someone new and ignore the clues that could prevent them from getting hurt. One of the biggest indicators… Watch »

15 Signs It’s Time for an Online Dating Detox

Now that you can look for love with more digital dating tools than ways to prepare chicken, this meat market can get little overwhelming. But before you consider freezing your eggs, becoming a nun, or hiring an intern to manage your dating excel spreadsheet, here’s the good news… Read »

4 Things to Do Before Your Next Relationship

Being single is a great opportunity for you to get really clear on what you really want in a relationship. It’s also a great time for you to let go of anything that no longer serves you. So before you jump into the next relationship, consider these 4 suggestions… Read »

5 Lines That ACTUALLY Work on Women

I always tell my clients, “Pick-up lines DO NOT WORK! Women HATE them!” While MOST LINES suck, there’s the ones that you can use any time that are so genuine and charming…NO WOMAN can resist them. Read »

Are You Texting or Dating?

If you are texting with a man, but not going on dates, you are in a virtual vs. a real relationship. Have you fallen into this romantic trap? Read »

Would Long-Distance Love Work for You?

Should distance be a deterrent to dating and falling in love? Here are some questions to ask yourself! Read »

5 Traits that Should Always Be Deal Breakers

Have you ever had the miserable experience of falling for a man with serious faults? Wouldn’t it be great if we could identify these “deal breaker characteristics” early on? Read »

Why Non-Relationship Friends Are So Important

In the search for Mr Right, or Mr Right Now, it is important to remember, and make time for the other important (and often useful) people in your life… Read »

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