How to Tell a Girl You’re Not Interested in Her

Not interested : How do you tell a girl you are seeing that you just aren’t interested in her without hurting her feelings and without doing the age-old… Watch »

Why You Shouldn’t Get Married In Your 20s

Get married in 20s? Young adults aren’t the sole owners of these mistakes. Anyone inexperienced in dating, regardless of the number of candles… Read »

The One Secret Behind a Man’s Desire to Commit to You

The #1 thing a man must feel in order to desire a committed relationship with you. Do this and he will begin to see you as someone he could commit to… Read »

Why You Haven’t Attracted the Love You Deserve…Yet

This morning while drinking my coffee, I ran across a Facebook comment that made me sad. It was on an article that I wrote recently about love myths… Read »

As a Single Mom, How Do I Work, Date & Be a Great Mom?

Single mom: How do you do it? How do you take on the world and still be a mother to your child AND DATE? Watch »

3 Easy Steps to Plan Spontaneity in Your Relationship

The majority of men and women will tell you that they want their love life and their sex life to be spontaneous. How can you plan to be spontaneous? Read »

Episode 129: The Ex Factor

 Listen »

Why Do I Always Lose the Guy After the First Date?

You push too hard, too soon, and it’s game over. If you really want a new relationship, stop hitting the fast forward button after the first date. Read »

Is There an Easy Way to “Figure Out” Relationships?

Many of us believe relationships are mysterious and there is no easy way to figure them out. There really is: through… Read »

Understanding Men: Why He Says One Thing and Does Another

Do you struggle with understanding men and what is really going on with a guy you’re seeing? He says one thing then does another… Read »

Why Do Men Cheat on Women?

Why Did My Husband Cheat on Me? Will all men cheat? All to say, there are explanations to why men cheat on women. But they are… Read »

10 Ways to Stop Scaring Him Off

Stop scaring him: No matter how much we advance in the work place, ladies, the truth is that when it comes to personal relationships, men are pretty much… Read »

How to Tell a Guy You’re Not Interested in Him

How do you let him down without hurting his feelings? Mike and Nora talk about the do’s and don’ts when letting a man know that you are not interested… Watch »

4 Topics You MUST Avoid on a First Date

While all aspects of dating can be difficult, one of the hardest is the dreaded “first date.” In most cases, unless a person is incredibly… Read »

Social Butterfly & Homebody? How to Handle Social Differences

How do you handle a relationship when one person loves being out and about and the other person just wants to stay home? Managing the differences… Read »

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