Claire Casey

Claire Casey

Claire Casey shoots from the hip and doesn’t pull punches. She’s devoted her writing to empower women; to help you attract the kind of man who will treasure and protect your heart like the rare and beautiful gem it is.

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2 HUGE Reasons Why Serial Dating Is a Bad Idea

Even in casual dating, so many women date only one guy at a time, but most men will casually date more than one woman at a time. Before you write off “playing the field” for yourself, take a few minutes to listen to WHY “serial dating” might be the BEST thing you ever abandoned. Watch »

Is It “Too Late” to Change?

When the relationship first started out, there were a few minor issues. But some of those grew from “quirks” into potential deal-breakers. And yet you “agreed” to them in the beginning, so you feel trapped. Is there anything you can do about it now? Read »

3 Ways to Create Romantic Rituals

Everyone has a different idea of what feels romantic. But as you move through the stages of couplehood figuring out how to make your love last through the years, you often begin to develop particular rituals. Watch »

I “Led Him On!” Can I End It Without Making Him Feel Bad?

So what can you do if you “accidentally” agreed to a date, and now he’s in full pursuit mode? Is there a graceful way to end it without feeling like a b*tch? Read »

3 Signs He Has Great Dating Potential

When you’re out on a date — or even have just met — a new guy, are there fast ways to decide whether he’s the kind of man you should date? Watch »

I Moved for My Boyfriend and It Was a DISASTER! What Now?

Why do our brains not explain to our hearts the thousands of things we should think of before happily tossing our entire lives into the air to run to the man whose arms are open wide and beckoning? Sigh. If only there were guarantees… Read »

“Best Cities for Singles” Articles are BS!

Don’t let those “Best Cities for Dating” or “Best Cities for Singles” articles every women’s (and men’s) magazine and websites throw you off!! Watch »

How Long Should You Wait for Him?

Yes, most of the online advice says NEVER wait on a man. But have you ever felt such a simple answer is a bit too dismissive? Read »

3 Huge Red Flags in Dating (One Will Surprise You!)

Nobody’s perfect. But are there some guys you really shouldn’t spend time and energy on when you’re dating? Watch »

Why You Should IGNORE That “Instant” Attraction Feeling

Some women say they know instantly whether a man is for them or not. For others, it’s almost that fast. But… Read »

In Love and Miles Apart…

Love makes us all a little crazy, and when you’re deeply in love AND in a long distance relationship, there’s so much to try and deal with at once! Watch »

You’ll NEVER Be His Girlfriend Until…

There’s a fundamental difference between the way many women approach dating, and the way guys tend to do it. And this one thing is responsible for more bruised and broken hearts than nearly anything else in the world of romance… Read »

Why Women Fall for Married Men?

There is one very specific reason women become attracted to married men, and if you aren’t paying attention, this one thing could sneak up and wreck your relationship. Watch and listen as Claire Casey explains… Watch »

Are You Attracted to the Wrong Men?

So you went out with that crazy guy because he had a loud motorcycle and the sexiest jeans (okay, it wasn’t really the jeans) that you ever laid eyes – and other parts of yourself – on. And it was, predictably, a disaster… Read »

What Should You Want in the Man You Marry?

Claire Casey answers a letter from a woman who wants to marry, but may be making a very serious mistake — the kind that can impact you for a lifetime. Listen and uncover… Watch »