Claire Casey

Claire Casey

Claire Casey shoots from the hip and doesn’t pull punches. She’s devoted her writing to empower women; to help you attract the kind of man who will treasure and protect your heart like the rare and beautiful gem it is.

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How Can I Stop Saying Things that Upset Him?

Do I just need to ride out the wave or get out before the sharks get me? Will time help in a situation like this? Is there any way to keep this man in my life by capturing his heart even after all the damage?  Read »

The #1 Breakup Rule…

Breakups are incredibly painful. Is there a way to make the pain just a tiny bit — maybe even a lot — easier to bear? Watch »

Why You’re Not Ready to Be Exclusive

Some relationships are wobbly from the start. They might straighten up and knit themselves together, but sometimes they just come completely unraveled. Sometimes we’re so eager for love we jump into an exclusive relationship too soon… Read »

Increasing His Commitment Level: How to Stay One Step Ahead

When YOU are the one driving the commitment train, you’re probably going to experience some anxiety about what your partner is thinking and feeling… Read »

Serial Daters: How to Be His One and Only Woman

Being willing to casually and confidently date more than one guy at a time allows you to speed up the process of meeting the right man, it allows you to discover the things you do and don’t like in a relationship, and it sharpens your dating and relationship skills. Claire Casey explains the 3 things you ABSOLUTELY MUST DO in order to navigate the serial dating life successfully… Watch »

Will Men Sleep With a Willing Woman, No Matter What?

All anyone wants to talk about is how single guys (and some not-single guys) will sleep with any woman who freely offers, no matter what. But is that really fair? Or is it just a lazy assessment that makes it easier for a woman to look down on, or feel superior to, or – and this one may be telling – be angry at all men? Read »

10 Daily Romantic Rituals

It doesn’t have to be complicated to be a regular romantic ritual that the two of you enjoy. 10 quick ideas (plus a couple of bonuses!) for how you and your lover can set up small, sweetly romantic rituals that you both will enjoy for years to come… Watch »

Should You “Settle” for Less Commitment?

You want things to grow deeper and more serious, but he doesn’t. He just doesn’t feel the same need for commitment as you do. You’re pretty sure he’s happy with the way things are. Want to know what kind of power you have in this situation? Read »

How to Create a Major Dating Advantage for Yourself

When it comes to dating and relationships, why do some women seem to be able to find all the available men? What do those women know that you don’t? Watch »

Dating a Man Who Has Been Through Hell and May Still Be Recovering?

If you’re dating a man who has been through hell (and may still be recovering), what kind of dating game plan should you have? Read »

2 HUGE Reasons Why Serial Dating Is a Bad Idea

Even in casual dating, so many women date only one guy at a time, but most men will casually date more than one woman at a time. Before you write off “playing the field” for yourself, take a few minutes to listen to WHY “serial dating” might be the BEST thing you ever abandoned. Watch »

Is It “Too Late” to Change?

When the relationship first started out, there were a few minor issues. But some of those grew from “quirks” into potential deal-breakers. And yet you “agreed” to them in the beginning, so you feel trapped. Is there anything you can do about it now? Read »

3 Ways to Create Romantic Rituals

Everyone has a different idea of what feels romantic. But as you move through the stages of couplehood figuring out how to make your love last through the years, you often begin to develop particular rituals. Watch »

I “Led Him On!” Can I End It Without Making Him Feel Bad?

So what can you do if you “accidentally” agreed to a date, and now he’s in full pursuit mode? Is there a graceful way to end it without feeling like a b*tch? Read »

3 Signs He Has Great Dating Potential

When you’re out on a date — or even have just met — a new guy, are there fast ways to decide whether he’s the kind of man you should date? Watch »