Claire Casey

Claire Casey

Claire Casey shoots from the hip and doesn’t pull punches. She’s devoted her writing to empower women; to help you attract the kind of man who will treasure and protect your heart like the rare and beautiful gem it is.

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Articles by Claire

How to Reject a Man Without Being a “B”

Sometimes you just need to put some space into a relationship that’s gotten too close, too fast. Or maybe he’s WAY more interested than you are, and you’d like to back things off a bit. Watch »

Do You Value Yourself Enough?

When you value the person you are, you treat yourself well, and refuse to let others treat you in ways that deny your own dreams. When you value yourself, you will… Read »

5 Tips On How to Get Breathing Room Back Into Your Relationship

Have you ever found yourself getting TOO invested in a relationship? Ever feel like you’re losing yourself, or becoming too clingy or needy? Watch »

How to Start Dating Again Over 50…

Dating over 50 has its own special challenges, but it also has some very attractive advantages… Read »

Can He Be Trusted?

How can you know if a guy can be trusted? Was she over-reacting? Watch »

Are You Falling For These Sexual Myths?

You’re far smarter than the average woman, but you’ve probably heard these sexual myths in one form or another from the media, entertainment, or online somewhere… Read »

Are His Friends More Important Than YOU?

Does he bail out on dates to be with buddies instead? Does he invite his guy friends over when you thought it was going to be just the two of you? And does age have anything to do with that? Watch »

Are You Sexually Clueless?

Are you being responsible for your own sensual arousal, pleasure, and gratification? Or are you treating your sexual bliss as someone else’s responsibility? Read »

Are You Being Lazy in Your Relationship?

Lots of us tend to NOT work on our love life when things are going great. Or even fine. Or even not horrible. You’ll find 4 underlying causes for what we think of as “laziness” or the inability to make forward progress in your life and love… AND you’ll also discover some helpful solutions for kicking lazy thoughts, habits, and causes right out of your life and love affair… Read »

How Do I Know if He’s Really Interested?

Does your relationship seem too good to be true? Claire Casey talks about the signals men give that tell you if he is really interested or not… Watch »

How to Be the Kind of Man a Woman Wants

What is it exactly that women want, anyway? Read »

My Man Thinks Older Women Are HOT

Claire Casey talks about men who are attracted to older women. Watch as she discusses… Watch »

Do You Miss the Romance You Used to Have?

When the two of you first met, romance seemed as easy as gazing into your lover’s eyes. But once the initial intoxication of fresh-from-the-cupcake-shop love cools, you might begin to wonder where the romance went, and how you can get it back again. Here are 6 things that might be standing between you… Read »

Can This Live-In Relationship Become a Marriage?

Claire Casey discusses changing your mind in a relationship and wanting to take it to the next level. Listen in as she talks about… Watch »

Scared of Real Intimacy? How to Hack What’s Holding You Back

Let’s just quickly clear the air – intimacy isn’t ALL about sex. A LOT about sex, yes, but not all. But sometimes, it’s just not working for you. Take a look at the top 3 reasons women (and men) resist intimacy Read »