Claire Casey

Claire Casey

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Articles by Claire

7 Warning Signs That You Are Falling for a Love Scammer

Claire, I have just found out the man I fell in love with was just a Nigerian love scammer, how do I even begin to fix my confidence with this, I feel so…  Read »

How and When to Tell Your Date About Your Kids

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From FWB to Actual Boyfriend (Again)?

Every committed couple experiences struggles. Even bad breakups can be healed, and those relationships renewed. Here are the steps to take FWB to Boyfriend. Read »

How to Communicate Well and KEEP Your New Boyfriend

Here are 5 simple steps to help you communicate the really important stuff with your new boyfriend, without doing damage to you OR your new relationship! Read »

Banish Your Temptation to Cheat With THIS

Long-term happy couples already know this secret; put it to work for YOU and banish your temptation to cheat for good… Read »

How to Know if a Relationship is Worth the Effort

Want a simple way to know if a relationship is worth the effort you’re putting into it? Here are six clear signs it’s time to change direction now… Read »

Getting Him to Go Down…More!

Getting Him to Go Down: Why is it that women want more oral sex, but aren’t getting it? You want your man to go downtown, right? Read »

Top 5 Smart Dating Habits

No one is born knowing how to build a strong lifelong relationship. Usually that takes plenty of trial and error, heart drama and (sometimes) heart trauma. But what if you could neatly sidestep some of the trickiest relationship messes completely? Read »

How to Build a Long Term Love

You want to be one of those couples who goes the distance; you want a long term love! Here are 3 things you’ll need to incorporate as regular practices… Read »

How to Use Your Relationship Crystal Ball

Want to know the future of your relationship? Here are the exact steps you need to easily communicate your dating goals and timeline and GET CLARITY! Read »

How to Reset Your Relationship When You Commit Too Soon

Did you commit waaaay too soon? It’s absolutely possible to reset your relationship WITHOUT losing it completely. Here’s how… Read »

The REAL Reason Men Have a Problem Accepting Compliments & 3 Tips On How To Respond

You already know that many women struggle to gracefully accept compliments, but it’s not as well known that men do, too. Here’s why some men have trouble… Read »

Are You Running Out of Time for True Love?

Have you ever felt so knocked down by life that you wondered if you were running out of time to get your happily ever after? Does your romantic potential have a shelf life? The letter I’m answering in this video Watch »

3 Tips for When You Want Sex More Often Than He Does

The stereotype is that men are essentially six-foot penises who drive women crazy (not always in a good way) with their constant demands for nookie. But c’mon, that’s a cartoon and we both know it. In fact, it’s not nearly Read »