Claire Casey

Claire Casey

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Articles by Claire

The Fastest Way to Get the Kink Back!

You used to have mind-blowing sexytimes. Until it wasn’t anymore. Where did the kink go? What happened to you love life? Watch »

How Can I Know If He Loves Me?

My question is he acts like he loves me but has never said he does. I know he texts and emails other women. Read »

3 Signs He Will Never Commit To You

Here are three signs that what your gut is telling you is probably right: this guy is never going to commit to you… Watch »

The #1 Reason He Won’t Commit (And How to Talk to Him About It)

You want him to commit, but his mind is on a thousand other things. Maybe on a thousand other women. Ugh, it doesn’t bear imagining. Read »

3 Signs It’s Time to Break Up

Breaking up sucks. YES, it’s hard to break up. And here are three big fat painful signs that it’s past time to do it, girl… Watch »

Are You In Love With a Memory, or a Man?

I got a letter recently that sounds like a ghost story to me. But I’ll let you decide. After all, this isn’t the first time a woman has been in love… Read »

Top 7 Love & Dating Myths

If the two of us had water-pistols, we could write these silly dating myths on pieces of paper, tent fold them, then take turns shooting the little lies… Watch »

His Mean Jokes Aren’t Funny (They Hurt)… What Should I Do?

When a man’s jokes make you feel miserable, they aren’t jokes at all. They’re small sharp daggers, and they can do serious damage over time… Read »

Why Did He Take Me Off His Facebook?

Sure, there were issues, but everyone was dealing with them like grown-ups, and no one was posting dirty laundry to Facebook or sending nastygrams… Watch »

Were You Friend-Zoned or Is Everything Fine?

Have you ever had him tell you one thing, while you wondered if he was REALLY trying to tell you something else entirely? Was she friend-zoned? Or… Watch »

5 Reasons Women Are Attracted to Married Men

Why do some women have a thing for a guy with a ring? I know, sometimes it’s not that you “have a THING” for them; sometimes that’s just “who you ended up with.” I just wrote a post about that Read »

5 Real Reasons Men Disappear

Claire Casey explains the WHY of men’s disappearing acts, and which ones you should do something about. Why men disappear? Watch the video for more… Watch »

4 Reasons He Doesn’t Call…And What You Can Do About Them

So he doesn’t call. You thought everything was going well, but your cell phone absolutely refuses to light up with that individual ring tone you… Read »

When Should You Share Your Financial Information?

There IS such a thing as too much too soon. Many couples wait until there’s wedding talk to actually share financial information with each other… Watch »

Quiz: Are You An Awesome Girlfriend?

One of the most critical factors in being an awesome girlfriend is your independence. Are you able to be an engaging, creative, dynamic woman with OR… Read »