Claire Casey

Claire Casey

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Articles by Claire

Are You Running Out of Time for True Love?

Have you ever felt so knocked down by life that you wondered if you were running out of time to get your happily ever after? Does your romantic potential have a shelf life? The letter I’m answering in this video Watch »

3 Tips for When You Want Sex More Often Than He Does

The stereotype is that men are essentially six-foot penises who drive women crazy (not always in a good way) with their constant demands for nookie. But c’mon, that’s a cartoon and we both know it. In fact, it’s not nearly Read »

3 Relationship Rules to Live By

Relationships can feel incredibly complicated. But in truth, there are a few great big rules or guiding principles, and the rest are the kind of “small stuff” that’s quite negotiable. Here are 3 Relationship Rules that will help you get Watch »

I’m In Love With My Baby Daddy, But He Only “Likes” Me…

I do love him, and I know he likes me A LOT too, I have met his family and a good number of his friends. Just recently another girl… Read »

Advantages to Dating a (Much) Older Man

What do you think when you see a much younger woman with an older man? Trophy wife? Midlife crisis? Doomed to failure? Maybe not… Watch »

Is The Size of Your Man’s Baggage Too Big?

Everybody has baggage. And it really IS true that it’s not the size of your baggage, it’s what you DO (or don’t do) with it. Read »

Top 3 Old School Ways to Say I Love You

I Love You: The first two old school ways to say “ I love you ” are tried-and-true classics. They have been around forever and they work brilliantly… Watch »

How to Magically Solve a Dating Disaster BEFORE IT HAPPENS

There’s one simple thing you can do to keep yourself out of trouble and avoid the initial dating disaster I can see in this, and it’s actually bigger… Read »

Never Say THIS to Your Boyfriend

Boyfriend: It’s true that guys aren’t going to read as much into most remarks as women do, but you aren’t ever helping your relationship when you… Watch »

3 Hidden Keys to Deeper Commitment

The path toward deep commitment with a man can be incredibly confusing, can’t it? Whether you’ve been dating for a few months or you’ve been… Read »

One Love “Myth” That is Really True!

These myths can be terribly damaging, but sometimes the so-called “myths” about love and romance are actually true! Watch »

Is He Gambling With Your Dreams of Marriage?

Some relationship problems are incredibly hard. But if you plan to make it all the way to marriage and beyond, you’re going to have to get good at… Read »

The Fastest Way to Get the Kink Back!

You used to have mind-blowing sexytimes. Until it wasn’t anymore. Where did the kink go? What happened to you love life? Watch »

How Can I Know If He Loves Me?

My question is he acts like he loves me but has never said he does. I know he texts and emails other women. Read »

3 Signs He Will Never Commit To You

Here are three signs that what your gut is telling you is probably right: this guy is never going to commit to you… Watch »