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Hustle in Love and Find the Right ManHave you been working hard to improve yourself? Tired of looking for a man? If you’re fed up, on the verge of burnout—and want an easier way…keep reading.

This week I had a consultation with a high-achieving woman. She said she had been working on herself for years and trying to find a man.

I felt exhausted just listening to her.

She approached her love life the same way she approached her business. 

She’s not alone. Most women have fallen into this trap.

We struggle, stress and effort unnecessarily.

The problem with trying too hard is that you end up overwhelmed, burnt out, frustrated and worse off than when you began.

You’re worse for wear, and still don’t have the outcome you did all that work for in the first place.

This applies to your love life (as well as work).

Ok. Sometimes you have to work hard, but it’s not supposed to feel like a constant struggle and grind.

“When you are efforting, you are not allowing.” — Abraham Hicks

How Can You Attract What You Want—Without Unnecessary Struggle?

Someone once asked me what I was looking for. “Nothing. It always finds me,” I replied.

I wasn’t trying to be cheeky.

I know exactly what I desire in love, business and life. However, I’m not seeking it. I’m not looking for it. Nor am I trying to find it.

Because I know that it’s already here and it will show up right on time.

I’ve attracted the best clients, the most amazing men and mind-blowing opportunities when I was not trying hard. 

Just to be clear, I don’t sit on my butt, waiting for my desires to show up at the door.

One needs to be proactive. 

But there’s a fine line between being proactive and efforting (working hard). Where do you draw it? What does it look like?

What if you had a simpler, more elegant and care-free way to take action? A way that didn’t cause you to get frustrated, overwhelmed or burnt out?

I call it the Elegant Hustle.

The good thing is that it works wonders in love, work and in life!

For years, I’ve been telling my tribe that everything in your life is connected. And I like to simplify that life.

One solution that works well in all areas.

So ready to do this?

How a High Value Woman Elegantly Hustles

Remember, you can apply this in very practical terms to love, work and life. Let’s use online dating as an example.

The ‘Try Hard’ Way 

Step One: Struggle and stress over your profile. You gave yourself a deadline to get it up. You spend hours obsessing over it.

Step Two: Post your profile. Worry if it’s the best you could do. Keep logging in to fix it or check to see how many views your profile had. Wonder what’s wrong with your profile—or yourself—because you haven’t had any messages.

Step Three: Check your messages the moment someone writes you. Check your messages in between someone writing you… Because the website could’ve made a mistake. Right?

That just doesn’t feel good, does it?

Let’s try that again…

The ‘Elegant Hustle’ Way 

Step One: Create a fun, energizing atmosphere to write your profile in. Light some candles, put on your favorite music. Give yourself 60 minutes to write it. When the timer goes off. You’re done.

Step Two: Post your profile. Congratulate yourself on getting started and on a job well-done. Go out and have fun with your girlfriends.

Step Three: Set a certain time/day you check your messages. Even if messages come in between—you’re living your life and having fun. You check your messages at the appointed time. Period.

So there you have it.

You can easily translate this into your work, business and other areas of life.

The next time you find yourself caught in the ‘work hard & struggle’ cycle, remember the wisdom of Abraham Hicks,

“When you are efforting, you are not allowing.”

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With love and in service,


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