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From p*rn stars to movie stars we have heard about men with huge packages. Some have become famous for their endowment.

Men worry about their size, like women worry about their weight. Feeling good about the way we look and feel once our clothes drop to the floor can make all the difference in our love-making experience.

Man Holding Contraceptive for Happy Relationship and IntimacyWhether you have a monster in your drawers or not, it won’t matter a bit if you can’t hold an intelligent, witty, conversation or there is nothing kind, loving or warm in your heart. Most women want a connection, not just to do the horizonal mambo with you.

Women who have had hugely blessed men complain that sex is painful to the point of not being possible. An extra large package can strike terror in the heart’s and mind’s of the maiden receiving your ample gifts. When the hammer is so large that it can’t strike the right chords, no music can be played.

If a man’s size is so great he can’t gain entry, what fun or pleasure is there? (Remember to use a natural lubrication aid, I love organic coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil, my joke, as it returns us women into our virginal state.)

Here are 5 ways to make the most of what you’ve got:

1. Get Your Groove On!

The action of thrusting and the points that are touched are what ignite the fire in a woman. Smaller and average sized packages are able to pack a lot of punch in the action department that larger men cannot. Finding her most sensitive areas and where to focus the friction is what counts the most. Sometimes it is the shorter strokes that make the biggest impact.

How your bodies move together can be as exciting as what is going on inside. Many women can experience an all over body climax through skin contact alone!

Intimate Couple - Man Teasing Her Partner2. Change It UP!

Women like different pressure, speeds and motions. Doing one thing all the time isn’t going to get her there. Instead of thrusting all the way, tease her with shorter strokes. Stop. Pull out slowly and then thrill her by slowly slipping in and pushing all the way to the anterior of her nether region. Deep inside is where some women experience the most profound climax. Changing positions so that you can hit her G-Spot as you graze through can make her gasp for air.

3. Digital Romance Her!

Women like to be pleasured in different ways with different body parts. Let your fingers do the talking. Digital play is a great place to begin, you will have her smiling if you learn to master finger play. You can give her more focused pleasure when you digitally stimulate her.

The woman’s most sensitive body part has twice the number of nerve endings than a man’s package. Don’t forget to massage her outside as well. Just inside her opening there is a very sensitive area to pleasure. Remember to add this to your repertoire when pleasuring her as well.

4. Tongue in Cheek!

Most women love oral as much as men do. It is the fastest way to bring a women to climax. So practice! Practice! Practice! Get good at the art of oral. This is not like a kitten lapping at a bowl of milk. If you don’t like it, she’ll know. Think about how the tables have turned. If you want it, you have to be able to give it well.

5. Ladies First Last AND ALWAYS!

Take care of your partner’s needs first, before yours. This will plant you in first place in her heart and mind. The best lovers pleasure their woman first, before they think of theirs. This key ingredient to great sex will have your woman coming back for more.

All women are multi-orgasmic, but most don’t know it because it is the rare man who spends enough time rocking her world. The focus needs to be on her, before you. When she is happy, she will make sure you are too. Size will not be as important when she is smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author and love coach, she empowers you to break through beliefs and patterns quickly to find love.

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  • dancing-gal Sep 21, 2014 at 5:15 am

    my partner has trouble getting inside of me I had a complete hestorectomy could that be the problem

  • FiftySomething Sep 16, 2014 at 5:04 am

    I’m involved with a 62 year old man whom I’m crazy about. He exhausts me, though, because it seems that every week he becomes convinced that he’s too small. He want to take the blue pill for me as well. I love him for him; his size, erection, and stamina are perfectly fine for me, and I’m finding that the continual need for reassurance is stressful to me. Any help? Thanks.


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