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When you first met, it was as if time stood still. You looked into this person’s eyes and it felt as if you had known each other from lifetimes before.

You feel a sense of destiny together. It was love at first sight and you both dove it. You finally understood what it meant to have a “Soulmate”relationship.

Romance, when it works, can be dreamy… but the most growth happens when problems arise.

The end of a fanciful Soulmate romance with a person that you had hoped to be the ultimate “One” totally sucks. But in the long run this relationship crisis can often be a huge launching point for your personal evolution!

That’s what Soulmates are for: to reflect EVERYTHING back to you, including your spiritual dirty laundry. Once things get rough and the relationship starts hitting immovable walls, everyone’s true flying colors come screaming out of the closet. The good times eventually end, the dopamine romance high dies off… and you break up.

Honor that it is hard right now, for in the long run you WILL be stronger and more evolved in the end. Probably even more so than if you chose to drag the dying horse to the finish line in hopes that it may “work out”!

It is a heavy decision to decide wether to let them go or keep fighting to make it right. Trust your heart. Tune into your inner truth. Put the drama aside for a moment and listen to the wisdom within!

If personal growth is no longer possible the way things are running and you honestly gave it your all, sometimes moving on is the highest thing to do.

Ask yourself some honest questions about your relationship:

1. Are we on the same path of self transformation? Is personal growth as important to this person as it is for me?

2. Does this relationship encourage me to grow, expand and evolve as an individual?

3. Does this person inspire me to be more of who I authentically am, or are the holding me back?

We all have times when we fail to be in our highest light. We make mistakes. We backslide. But if you are continually struggling and feel constrained by this partnership, no matter how much help you have sought to work through it, sometimes the most honorable thing to do for yourself is to let them go.

If you partner is unwilling to discuss these questions and work on solutions together, sometimes the only way for you to continue on your path of personal evolution is to walk away and do this inner work on your own.

1. What is the lesson that this person/relationship brought into my life to teach me?

2. How has this relationship conflict helped me grow as an individual?

3. Where has this drama pointed out unresolved issues within myself that need to be addressed?

You follow me?

If you are no longer growing and evolving, even through the incessant hard times, and are finding yourselves in a dragged out stagnant mess…BREAK UP and move on. Here, you can borrow my bloody hatchet to cut the cords. Just make sure you do it with LOVE, GRATITUDE and RESPECT.

The deeper you dive into this inner transformational process and do the work to grow and evolve as an individual, the easier it will be to call in your NEXT amazing Soulmate relationship.

P.S. Congratulations on your break up!

Scarlet Amor

Scarlet Amor is a California based author, educator and coach on Sex, Love and Dating for Spiritual Hipsters. She pens racy (and sometimes hilariously disastrous) memoirs about her enlightening adventures exploring romantic intimacy and modern relationships as a path of personal growth and empowerment with a fun-loving, spiritually sexy edge. Learn more about her books, coaching programs and “The Sexy Singles Survival Guide To Ascension”eCourse series on her website:

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