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Women are complex creatures. Many women seem to require the alignment of the stars and planets, before they will respond to a man’s advances.

They need to feel safe, attracted to their partners physically, chemically and emotionally. Women like to feel appreciated for their beauty, told they are attractive, and trust our partner on some level. Sometimes, we are upset with you for the way you looked at another woman, or maybe you didn’t give us a hand with the groceries. We have as many rational thought processes for saying no, as a tree has leaves.

Sometimes, women for reasons unknown to themselves, just say no. Often, we will lay awake after telling you to go pound sand, wishing we had said yes instead. To comprehend the complexity of the female’s receptivity we need to get inside her brain.

Women are turned on differently than men. Men can be visually stimulated by a woman on television and be ready to go with the woman next to them. A woman needs her mind stimulated which allows a man’s touch to turn on her body.

20 Reasons Women Say “NO!”

  1. Women Saying NO and DealbreakersWe are tired.
  2. We don’t feel special to our mate.
  3. Our head isn’t in the game and it needs to be.
  4. Your groping isn’t a turn on.
  5. You haven’t paid attention to us all day, where is the connection?
  6. Something you have done or said has irritated us. Women usually can’t put anger on the back burner to make room for sex.
  7. Our mother, or kids, or pets have done something to upset us.
  8. We are consumed by life events and can’t turn off our minds.
  9. We need cuddling instead of sex. We just want to be held.
  10. We’ve given to everyone else today and we are tapped out.
  11. Sex has not been fulfilling for us, what’s the point?
  12. We wish you would learn how to get us there without having to tell you how.
  13. We wish you would notice that we aren’t having climaxes and this is why we aren’t interested.
  14. We don’t feel attractive.
  15. We don’t feel clean.
  16. We don’t feel sexy.
  17. The kids are awake.
  18. We have house guests.
  19. The windows are opened and the neighbors might hear.
  20. We feel you want the release rather than truly wanting us.

Women with good self-esteem and dating don’t want to appear easy, especially if they are looking for a long-term relationship. Giving her body to a man too soon is like sharing her most precious possession and can be a blow to her self-esteem. Guilt, shame and even fear can surface about what he might think of her, after the fact.

Once sex has occurred, the relationship becomes different. She wonders if he will take her for granted, or never call. Men are hunters, it’s all about the game of conquering their prey. Once they have conquered, they may move onto the next conquest. Many men have difficulty being faithful, because in their mind, the more women they bed, the bigger their ego grows. Ego is a false sense of self, rather than true confidence.

The double-standard is still in effect, even though we are in the 21st century. For women, once we have sex, hormones flood our bodies, making us think we are in love. We trust, even when we shouldn’t because of the oxytocin hormone, known as the cuddle hormone or God hormone. Oxytocin is the same hormone that is released in labor to cause us to bond and love our newborns.

Understanding how differently a women’s mind works from that of a man will help a man get more of what they want more often. Touching a woman’s heart opens the door to her body.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author and love coach, she empowers you to break through beliefs and patterns quickly to find love.

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  • James Oct 26, 2014 at 12:31 pm

    I see why many men turn to porn and masterbation or evening paying….it’s really not worth it to date or marry….maybe that explains the declining marriage rate and increasing age at first marriage (both say the same thing)….

  • Jimmy Oct 22, 2014 at 7:20 pm

    One has to ask the question… why should men get married or commit if there’s 20 reasons for a women NOT to have sex…does it not compute that a major biological feeling of men is to have sexual relations with a woman? This is a biological driver since origination of the human species. Where’s the incentived to get married or even date if sex is not part of the equation? I mean ….there has to be some give and take here! Do you think men date for the enjoyment of the complexities of women if there were no physical rewards?

    • Scorpion   Jimmy Oct 27, 2014 at 12:07 pm

      IMO you’re missing the point. It’s NOT just a physical act to most women. In order for us to WANT to have sex (or make love) we need to feel it in our hearts. Once a woman KNOWS she’s loved and cared for and about for more than just her body, she will be a ready, willing and able partner and be able to give you exactly what you want and need! It’s not about excuses…it’s about emotions. Sure, I can give in…..but why? Are YOU wanting that? I’m guessing not…no one could be satisfied with that unless all they want is a release…


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