Latest Episodes

Episode 72: Let the Games Begin

Does he like me? Is she really interested? Why did he do that? Dating can cause us to question everything. A simple text message (or lack of one) can send a single person to crazy town. Mike and Nora talk about playing games and how to tell if someone is really into you or not.  Listen »

Episode 71: Is it me or is it you?

Too much nagging? Intimacy lagging? If you really want to fix things, you have to be honest about whose behavior is causing the issues. Mike and Nora talk about avoiding the blame game and gauging your own reactions. Listen »

Episode 70: Love & Insecurity

A lack of confidence can really hurt your dating life. Whether it’s anxiety, self-esteem issues, or past experiences, everyone gets insecure sometimes. Listen in as Mike and Nora help listeners identify and deal with the issues that are interfering with their love lives. Listen »

Episode 69: Happily Ever After… or Happily Never?

No one ever said marriage was a walk in the park. Some problems can be fixed, and some just can’t. Mike and Nora talk bad habits, wandering eyes, cheating, and what it all means for a relationship. Listen »

Episode 68: Sticky Situations

Meet, fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after… except that’s not always the case. Mike and Nora talk about some of the sticky situations that can either make or break a relationship. From cheating to divorce to dealing with in-laws, listen in as they discuss what to do and what not to do. Listen »

Episode 67: Touchy Subjects

Honesty isn’t always the best policy. In today’s episode, Mike and Nora talk about the topics that can be difficult to bring up with your significant other. Listen in as they discuss lax grooming habits, getting too comfortable, forgetting your manners and much more. Listen »

Episode 66: Are You Trying Too Hard?

There’s a fine line between being available and being too available. Mike and Nora talk about moving too fast, expecting too much, and the difference between being assertive and being a nag. Listen »

Episode 65: Where’s The Compromise?

Relationships take work, and compromising is key. Mike and Nora talk about gender roles, dating expectations, when to stick to your guns… and when to give in Listen »

Episode 64: The Truth About Sex

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Listen in as Mike and Nora talk about sex on the first date, cheating, what to do when intimacy and passion start to falter… all the good things and the bad things that may be. Listen »

Episode 63: Is Age Really Just a Number?

Dating someone who is significantly older or younger can be a controversial topic. In today’s episode, Mike and Nora discuss the issues that come up when there is an age gap in a relationship. Listen in as they talk about fitting in with different age groups, dealing with an ex dating a younger person and much more. Listen »

Episode 62: Turning Break Ups into Make Ups

Breaking up is hard to do… making up can seem downright impossible. Mike and Nora discuss the odds of mending a relationship after it’s ended. Listen »

Episode 61: Long Distance Relationships

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but is it really true? Listen in as Mike and Nora cover the do’s and don’ts of long distance dating and dive into issues like jealousy, moving to be together, splitting the commute, and more… Listen »

Episode 60: Dating Obstacles

Every aspect of life is bound to have a few obstacles, and dating is no exception. Mike and Nora discuss sexual inexperience, getting stuck in a rut, interfering exes and much, much more. Listen »

Episode 59: Falling for the Wrong Person

They say love is complicated, and there is nothing more complicated than falling in love with someone you probably can’t have. In today’s episode, Mike and Nora discuss the challenges that come with falling for the wrong person. Listen »

Episode 58: Can You Escape Your Past?

Mike and Nora talk about lying about your past in new relationships. When is it ok to keep something to yourself? Should you be honest even if it will hurt your partners feelings and possibly end the relationship? Where is the line between right and wrong?
 Listen »