Latest Episodes

Episode 93: Moving On

From break ups to make ups – how do you know when it’s time to put things to an end? Today’s episode is all about moving on. Listen »

Episode 92: Do They Like Me?

Mike and Nora answer questions from listeners about whether someone likes them. Listen »

Episode 91: Disappearing Act

Mike and Nora answer questions about why people tend to disappear and how to manage it when it happens to you. Listen »

Episode 90: Cheating

What do you do when someone cheats and how do you get over it? Listen »

Episode 89: Commitment Issues

What do you do when he doesn’t want to commit or what if committing is just not right for you? Listen »

Episode 88: Pulling Away

Mike and Nora discuss the topic of what to do when someone you loves pulls away. Listen »

Episode 87: New To Online Dating?

Mike and Nora dive into the deep end of dating on the world wide web Listen »

Episode 86: Values and Ideals

Can a relationship work even though you hold different standards and or have different things that are important to you as a human being? Listen »

Episode 85: Insecurities

Mike and Nora answer questions from listeners on the topic of insecurities. Listen »

Episode 84: Should I Trust My Gut?

Mike and Nora talk about those nagging feelings of jealousy and suspicion that pop up when your dating. Listen »

Episode 83: The Reason You Got Dumped

Today on Digital Romance, Mike and Nora discuss the mistakes people make that cause their relationships to end. Listen »

Episode 82: The Myths of Attraction

If you’ve been single for a while or had relationship after relationship end, you might wonder if it’s something you’ve been doing wrong. Listen »

Episode 81: Assumptions Can Be a Dangerous Thing

If you’ve assumed a situation in your relationship would be okay to avoid conflict or potentially hurting the other’s feelings – or if you did it simply because you wanted to be “cool”, this episode is for you. Listen »

Episode 80: Different Strokes for Different Folks

Mike and Nora answer questions on the topic of differences in relationships. While opposites indeed attract, sometimes our differences may not be as easy to handle. Listen »

Episode 79: Honesty – When It’s Not Easy To Say

Open communication is the key to a good, solid relationship, but sometimes the truth just isn’t that easy to say – especially if you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. Listen »