Episode 11: When to Call it Quits

Are you at a crossroads in your relationship and wondering whether it’s time to say goodbye or commit to making it work? Mike and Nora discuss the insecurities and doubts that come up in relationships and answer listeners’ questions about when it’s really time to call it quits…

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  1. Mo says:

    I’ve just listened to the Podcast. So glad I did. I was the one who left that message “look me up when you are single” and let’s just say that the break was not as clean as I had hoped – no physical contact but limited texts and phone calls until finally I made it clear …. no contact! I actually feel good about it. I’m not waiting (because “you should never wait for a man”). I’m getting my things in order and putting myself out there. It feels good, quiet, peaceful because I know that some day I’ll have some sort of relationship with the guy I said goodbye to. May be friends, may be something more – who knows. But it’s all good right now. Thanks

  2. Gretchen says:

    “Never Wait for a Man”… got it… calmly told him what I needed out of the relationship. Him to move to this side of the states as he’s said he would for year and 1/2. Absolutely no ultimatum, just what I need. After weeks no definite plans or discussion. I decided it was time for a break… If he does how is it not an ultimatum and the guilt that I would feel over it? Help?

  3. Michelle says:

    I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 8 months. He moved me to another state to be with him, in fact. We get along great for the most part. Our only argument has ever been about his ex, who cheated on him and left him. She plays games with his head and uses their kids as pawns in those games. After our last argument about it he has told me he wants me to move out but still wants to date me. Says I’ve done nothing wrong. So, here I am saving to find a place and he is playing the pull her in and push her out game. He’s told me that subconsciecly he has pushed me away at times to make it easier on both of us. Here’s the thing. He says he wants space to see if he will miss me but his actions are still saying he cares. He actually told me that once he found out I love him, our relationship changed in his head. Could this be bacause he is afraid of being hurt again and has been adamently saying love doesn’t exist except for his kids? What can I do to prove to him that I’m not made out of the same cloth as his ex?

  4. Mitze says:

    Competing with a dead woman (haha). Treating as Incompetent men and Incompetent women,
    Many men just do not love you, as a woman, that is why , you just have a hard time with them. They just use you. When a man loves you, you just know, that is really obvious, my experience.
    Michael is just waking everyone out of our dreams, I really have to laugh alot of the time. Poor us, we can not believe in the knight charming prince, anymore !!
    Since his 15 years old, and unless he is from Africa, haha
    Listen to how Michaeal expresses himself : Really funny like, he will never date his best friends. Bold 35 years old men.

  5. Ebonye says:

    I hear you when you say, don’t wait for no man. And I sort of feel like the girl who dated the man for a year and is waiting on it to become official. I have asked him numerous times, are we official, and even after we talk about it, I don’t feel more confident in the relationship. All of his actions say we are in a relationship, but he has not come out to say that we are. He tells me that he tells his family and friends about me but I have not met any of them. Am I just holding on to desperate hope? I really like this guy. We have told each other that we love each other, but he also tells me that he is not in love with me. Should I call it quits.

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