Episode 12: The Age Discussion

How old is “too old?” How young is “too young?” In this episode Mike and Nora answer questions from listeners regarding age and address some myths and concerns about age differences and dating…

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  1. carla says:

    i am a woman in my late 30’s. i am dting a 47 year old guy who has been divorced 2x. Sex is a issue between us. he claims that our age difference is the problem, he doesnt require sex like i do. my man is the one who doesnt know what to do. how can i get him to explore his sexual desires with out making him feel bad about himself?

  2. Jasmine White says:

    Believe him! He really doesn’t require that much sex. Its part of aging. However, to make the sex you do have more fulfilling, be sure to praise what he does that you like. “I love it when you…” is a real turn on that will ensure that he does “that thing” more often.

  3. Mitze says:

    Michael is soo much direct and blunt in his opinion (hahaha), but he is just very realistic in the way he sees life. haha, not so romantic at all, but it is really helpful for women who really think that they can trust every men they see. There are really women who think that !

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