Dirty Texts That’ll Make Your Man or Woman Quiver

Watch This Short Video And Learn How To Use Tiny Little Text Messages To Bring Massive Romance And Passion Into Your Life
In today’s post I want to talk about “Dirty Texting Ideas”. . . how to create amazing levels of passion, lust and desire in any man or woman you want, just by pushing a few buttons on your cell phone.

Jenny asks:

“Hey, Mike. I love your newsletter and your ‘TextTheRomanceBack.com‘ program, but I want to get DIRTIER. Can you show me how to use dirty text messages to turn my man on so he can’t stop thinking about me and so he ravages me as soon as he gets home?”

Hey Jenny,

Thanks for your question, it’s one I get a LOT.

And uh . . . yeah, of course I can =-) It’s kind of my job.

(Quick Caveat: To really answer this question properly I have to get a little dirty in this article. Hope you don’t mind.)

The key with “Dirty Texting” (whether you’re texting a man or a woman) is to use the right words and the right language to engage your partner’s imagination and to make them feel like they had a highly charged “Dirty” experience with you, even if they’re miles (or hundreds of miles away.)

One of the big mistakes people make with Dirty Texting (especially guys) is to go right for “vulgar” without any build up or anticipation.

But the right way to do a “Dirty Text” is to use tension and anticipation to build up and tease your partner . . .

And to use the “Power Words” of “Feel” and “Imagine” to basically hijack the sexual center of their brain.

Here’s how you actually do it . . .

1. Send a “Curiosity Magnet” text like I show you in both “TextTheRomanceBack.com” and ‘TextYourWifeIntoBed.com‘ . . .

This is just a simple “hook” to get the man or woman you’re interested in to pay attention to you.

2. Quickly establish a sexual context to the conversation . . .

3. Take control and narrate your partner’s experience for them (this is important. Often times the worst thing you can do is expect a back and forth over text from your partner. You want to be 100% in the driver’s seat here.)

4. Use an “Anticipation Builder” to turn your “Dirty Text” into a self fulfilling prophesy.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say we have Jim and Linda, they’ve been together for a while, but thanks to kids, jobs and all that they don’t have enough time together as they’d like.

JIm decides he wants to really get Linda’s motor running, so here’s what he does . . .

Jim: (out of nowhere): I can’t stop thinking about . . .

Linda: About what (If Linda doesn’t respond, Jim should just keep going anyway.)

Jim: Your ass when you stepped out of the shower this morning. It’s all I could do not to drag you back into bed with me. (Notice how Jim quickly makes this a sexual conversation. You need to strike fast.)

Linda: Oh really? =-)

Jim: Really. You have no idea how fucking beautiful you are . . . I wish I was there with you right now. Watching you in your little work skirt. Just imagine how it would feel seeing me walk into your office, this hunger all across my face. I lock the door behind me, you feel your heart beating like a jackrabbit. I walk around behind your desk. You feel my lips on your neck. This heat building in your body. Your hips push back against me . . .

Linda: Mmmm. That would be nice.

From there, Jim continues to “narrate the scene” in the present tense to give Linda a really nice ride (I’m not going to get super explicit here, but you get the idea.)

Then he finishes off with something simple like . ..

Jim: Can’t wait to see you tonight . . . =-)

5 Quick Dirty Texting Ideas

Feel free to try these yourself:

“You have no idea how much you turn me on. Just the smell of you makes my whole body shake.”

“Try not to think about (something you know he or she loves sexually.)

The “Last Night” – “I can’t stop thinking about last night . . . the way you tasted. The way you made me feel.”

“If you were here right now . . .” (talk about what you would do if they were there right now.)

“When you get home tonight I want you to . . .” (Explicitly lay out what you want them to do.)

Remember, have fun with this. And the sky is really the limit.

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  1. Sherre says:

    I used this text one time…my favourite and best one for me….I texted my honeylove this…

    ….I am sitting here thinking how I would love to undo your belt, undo your button, slowly….pull your zipper down….and using my…..ooops…green light…gotta go….!!!

    …he loved it…!!!…we are in a long distance relationship….

    Wanted to share this in case you wanted to use as an example…I bought your book and look forward to your new one…thanks for teaching these things to us…you’re FANTASTIC…!!!!…I love learning this and think it is so positive and cosntructive….and FUN!!!…


  2. Lisalu says:

    I used all of you suggestions in a series of texts throught the day. And I had him show up with his dial on high! Said he had that for the past hour! Good sh*t!

  3. penny says:

    So i am in a long distance relationship.. and my fiance wants to heat things up.. we text.. skype but never ventured in something like that… so please help.

  4. Aiycia says:

    I’m in a long distance relationship and have never sextd before please help me! When he says dirty thing to me I don’t know what to say back.

    • donna says:

      well does he tell u wat he wants u to do it tell him if he was there ud do it back if he was there dont be shy be creative tell him ur in his favorite footy shit with no underwear on touching ur self while he tells u wat he wants u dont av to do it just tell him ur r it will drive him mad my man is mad on arsenal fc the fort of me naked in his shirt doing naughty things drives him mad !!!!

  5. EQMPF says:

    If you really wanna turn him on. Say things like “I really want you here in my bed so I can travel my tongue down your body until I reach your dick, look at you and make you the happiest man alive” did it once and he was in love x)

  6. mandie says:

    I like

  7. stacy says:

    I tried it out and my husband likes it.thanks for the suggestions

  8. Khely says:

    It’s weird how I can be really dirty with a person as long as they’re strangers but if it’s my bf I’m totally blank….. What should I do?

  9. Taylor says:

    I too could use help with some xamples pls.
    this one above was great!
    thanks everyone

  10. Laurie says:

    This is the text I sent to my boyfriend:
    Try not to think about me slowly undressing myself in front of you as you lay naked on my bed. Try not to think about me standing in front of you in a pair of panties as you watch me slowly unbutton my blouse and expose my breasts. And try not to think about what might happen next.

    His response:
    Oh My God !

  11. janniebaby says:

    im a total freak but in front of my boyfriend im shy. i want to spice up our relationship. hes in a different state then me, and the only way we see each other is trow pics we call and text all day long but im noticing the silence is getting longer in between text. i want to sext but never have any tip that might help me out

  12. LillyM says:

    That one about “try not to think of…” is awesome,,,here’s what I send my boyfriend
    “My legs really miss u in between them”
    His response : “damn!,,,I can’t wait to be in between them again”

  13. donna says:

    Is it just sexual conversation u find hard or filling quiet bapa in genral conversation ? Do u live together?

  14. Angel says:

    I love sexting, but have such a hard time starting the convo.

  15. jamee says:

    The other day I was on the phone with a long distance friend and s normal conversation of wineries led to me sending him a picture of e bunch of grapes growing in my yard. His text reply to the image was “nice grapes” To which I said ” you wouldn’t believe where my mind went when you said nice grapes”…to which he said “did you think of nice melons”…to which I replied. ..”oh my god….” well I won’t share the rest but let you use your imagination and feel your own tingles.

  16. Sadia says:

    Well.. My husbad and i understand one another but he is always buzy with wrk wrk wwork

  17. Anna says:

    Wow all luvly n I ve got lotta ideas

  18. Kim says:

    Here’s one I used and it really got my guy going …

    “I am imaging while we are at dinner tonight you would be fingering me secretly under the tablecloth”

    His response “damn baby … You just gave me an instant boner”

  19. Kp says:

    I’m so hot. You are very sexy. We are haveing sex fun

  20. shanty says:

    I’m in a long distance relationship and find it difficult to keep it going what can I do to make my man wanting more of me even when m not around,my other problem is he’ll call me n do all dirty talk but I’m a bit shy n I fail to respond to him.

  21. Miss T says:

    This is so helpful and has kept my relationship on its toes


  22. thesilent says:

    I’m so comfortable with my boyfriend and he turns me on.But I’m so shy when it comes to the sex talk sometimes. If I’m in the mood definitely. But I feel like underneath I’m so into kinky things. I just don’t know how to express it when he wants it. Or how too. Help.

  23. macy says:

    great tips..wil go try thm on him

  24. Suzy Q says:

    I’ve been sleeping with my ex-husband,and used to be so shy! But for some reason I’m not any more! I’m just going for it! And enjoying it! I feel like a women instead of a little girl now! Anyway the other day I text him I was naked and getting in the bath! And I was going to shave my pussy just for him! He said it got his dick in a uproar! I loved that it was awesome! His choice of words was great! So if your thinking about going for it just do it! And it’s the best thing I ever did! I’m addicted! That’s why I was on here trying to find new ways to sext him! Anyways have fun,and don’t be scared! It’s awesome! I’m 35yrs old! And just started sexting! Lol

  25. charming says:

    I really loved ya advice…even reading some advices turn me on…

  26. charming says:

    omg i tried on her n wow guess today s my lucky day

  27. charming says:

    need some advise on my sex life coz i loved it soo much bt can’t get to her to love it as i do…any help u can email me…cham.ousainou@yahoo. com

  28. Jason says:

    Looking to tex to a hot girl

  29. Sam says:

    My hubby sends me sexts about how he bought me something for “his eyes only” My imigations is running wild waiting to get the first thing!

  30. tiffboo says:

    what do I say when im undressing my bf

  31. kristen says:

    My boyfriend thinks out sex life is getting boring I’ve been talking dirty for awhile I’m trying to think of more things to say when I talk dirty pls help

  32. faith says:

    am in a relationship with a great guy but i dont want sex before marriage,help me how can i spice things without chasing him away

  33. boo says:

    Hi, I’ve been seeing this guy for a while now we talk all the time but he constantly asks me what I want to do to him in the bedroom, I always change the subject as I don’t know what to say to him without me sounding stupid or me feeling silly! Please help!!

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