Men are usually expected to do most of the up front work when it comes to the dating game.

We are expected to approach a woman, strike up an interesting conversation, get her phone number, call her, plan the date, pay for the date and then after the date we are expected to call her.

In this video I explain…

Call and Text Received Attracting Women1. How a man can get multiple women to call him so he doesn’t have to do as much work.

2. How a man can date multiple women and how he can get these women to call him.

3. What types of women are most likely to call him and the kinds of women who would not call.

This video is for men who want to maximize the amount of women they are dating and to also lessen the amount of work it takes for him to maintain this relationship.

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Mr. Locario

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Mr. Locario

Mr. Locario has been featured on Vh1, FUSE, The Dish Network, TLC, ABC Family, The Tyra Banks Show and Anderson Cooper. He has also written for, Singles, and the Fort Green New York Times Blog. What separates Mr. Locario from other relationship gurus is his no nonsense realistic approach to the dating game and the game of life. The idea is to give men and women the knowledge, truth, and confidence to understand what they want. Thus, helping create the best options for themselves in Love and in Life.

Mr. Locario’s dating advice is accessible through online videos, blogs, and his website ( He is also available for individual support and counseling. In addition to his relationship analysis work, Mr. Locario is a rap artist and actor. In 1996, he founded the entertainment company ITAKKS Inc.. For the last 14+ years, he has and still performs under the name of “Trends”in New York, California, Florida, and New Mexico. He was also featured on TV stations such as ABC Family Network, MTV, and VH1–and Magazines such as Rolling Stone, Blender, Source, and Vibe.

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