I’m Ande Lyons, Chief Passion Curator for BringBackDesire.com and host of the Loving and Lasting Radio Show.

Today, I want to share with you several stimulating techniques so all you nice guys can finish last… because when the party is this much fun… who wants to leave early!

Yes, quickies are delightful every now and then, but nothing is better than delicious extended sex play to help a couple stay tuned in and turned on in their relationship.

What’s more, the longer the sex, the more sensational the climax — for both of you.

Ande Lyons

“We lost babies, businesses, all our money and our hormones, but we never lost our passion and love for each other.”

Ande Lyons is the founder and Chief Passion Curator for BringBackDesire.com, where she tastefully and playfully shares tips, tools and resources with women who want more sensuality and sexual excitement in their lives. As the host of After Dark Radio Show, Ande helps couples stay tuned in and turned on through her engaging and informative conversations with sexperts and relationship experts.

An enthusiastic and experienced entrepreneur with an MBA and several successful businesses to her credit, Ande is enjoying a well-balanced life (really!) managing her growing business while raising two wonderful boys with her husband.

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  • Jim Nov 22, 2013 at 9:58 am

    Ande: How do you take a woman as a friend to the next level. bring the relationship closer without scaring her off.

    • Ande   Jim Nov 25, 2013 at 4:40 am

      Hi Jim – thank you for your wonderful question.

      I recommend you tell her that you’ve developed feelings for her that go beyond friendship, and you would like to explore the possibility of becoming more intimate in your relationship.

      Does that feel like something you’re comfortable doing? Gals love a man with a plan for them! 😀

      Wishing you a delicious day,



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