Today on Digital Romance TV, Shay Your Date Diva discusses the break down in the quality of dating and how the feminization of men is contributing!

Watch as she talks about:

The Feminization Of Guys...A Good or Bad Thing?

1. The role of men in dating.

2. The effect of when men pursue, court and date women and not the other way around.



Shay Williams

Shay “Your Date Diva”Williams, a modern day renaissance woman manages a successful career as a certified dating and relationship coach, executive matchmaker, author and media personality. World renowned and highly sought after for her proven expertise, Shay’s clients credit her guidance for relationship triumphs, including marriage. Shay’s passion for helping others and turned it into a new career path, developing a curriculum-based seminar focused on helping women raise their standards in the areas of self-esteem, relationships and empowerment. In August 2012, Shay released her third installment of self-help books, powerfully titled, ‘Value Your Vagina’. Shay has been featured on several nationally syndicated talk radio, including Michael Baisden Live and The Tom Joyner Morning Show. As a local personality, Shay secured a guest role on Atlanta’s V103 (WVEE) FM station and is a regularly featured columnist with several print and web magazines, including Essence, Rolling Out, Hope for Women and .  For more go to:  

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  • Laurence Jul 16, 2014 at 8:34 am

    THANK YOU! Finally someone who makes sense. I get attacked by my “feminist”friends for being backwards, but women mix up gender equality with “we should behave like men”. Let us retain our femininity and allow men to be men.

  • MJ Jul 16, 2014 at 7:42 am

    Such a waste of time to try to change men. You can’t say “stop being feminine.” The only thing you can do is control yourself and not pursue men that aren’t pursuing you. If you have to start with a lecture with your man telling him what to do, you picked the wrong man. The education the lovely Shay is trying to give is done as a child. You can’t teach a man child good manners. He is who he is. Accept it or know you will do all the work in the relationship.


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