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One of the most popular questions I get asked by women is about keeping their man, keeping him happy, and most importantly rockin’ his world in the bedroom. 

We always want to be “his best” or the one that does something that blows his mind or something that no other woman has done or simply gives him the full package experience he didn’t even know he was missing but now can’t imagine living without.  

It’s pretty daunting actually.

When I was single I remember being worried about what I sounded like in bed, what I looked like in bed, and how I performed.   Was he thinking how awesome this was or was he just wondering when it would be over or was he thinking about cheeseburgers? Would he tell me it was great? Would he tell me nothing? Would he lie? Would he want extra cheese on his cheeseburger?!

The worst part of all was when a guy would want to go solo on me.  Trust me, I loved it, but I was worried about my reactions and what he was thinking during the whole process.  I was started to hold a grudge against cheeseburgers. 

My husband and ALL my guy friends tell me how much they love going solo on a woman because it is so incredibly attractive and one of the biggest turn ons for them.  It’s also the reason they like watching women go solo on themselves.

They find that they can’t control themselves when they see it.  Their arguments were half spoken and confused as they tried to explain it to me.  I tried to reverse it in my head but, let’s be real, the idea of a guy going solo doesn’t really make anything wake up downstairs.

So why does it do it for men?  What do women do differently?

And then…Nora told me about a set of videos.   I’ve been around the block and seen my fair share of adult videos but these are by far the most jaw dropping, intense, wonderful, women are incredibly gorgeous videos I’ve ever seen.

Here’s the catch, there is only one woman, she is fully clothed and you can only see her from the waist up as she sits at a table.

What’s so great about that? 

The woman (a normal every day woman, not the internet kind) is reading a book out loud (Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, American Psycho, Beloved, A Clockwork Orange–normal every day books).  While she is reading out loud, under the table someone is pleasuring her.  You never see the person pleasuring her, instead, you watch the woman go from being a collected intelligent woman reading a book to gripping the table moaning, and clutching at book pages as she loses all control. 

They all start the same.  An intelligent, quiet woman stating the book she is going to read, opening the pages and reading her first words out loud. The first 30 seconds are normal, and then it begins…

It begins with breath.  Slowly the space between sentences lengthen as they collect themselves to get to the next sentence and keep focusing. The breathing becomes heavier, words start to get tripped over.

Then the body language changes.  The shoulders that were back in perfect posture start to melt forward, back and down.  They desperately try to return to their original state but find that they cannot stay still. The torso starts to move followed by hands making convulsive movements as they touch and and let of the pages.

You can see the woman desperately trying to hold on, trying to keep reading, trying to not give in.

Without warning amidst the heavy breathing, words, and physical movement she releases a moan. A beautiful, glorious moan.  Some slam hands onto the table, others grip the book and look as if they could rip it.  They lose control and then you hear the breathing slow, the body take back control of itself, and then she says her first name and the title of the book.

All with a big grin on her face. 

After watching 5 of these videos I was turned on…turned on enough that my husband, who had been watching my face as I watched the videos, noticed and immediately dragged me into the bedroom.

Each woman is beautifully different, and incredibly beautiful.  And suddenly, it clicked.

I understood what all the men in my life had tried to explain; the raw, desirable beauty a woman releases.  Each woman sounded different than any of the others, they looked different, they reacted differently and yet every single one was breathtaking.  

No matter what you  might think or worry about in your head, when the moment comes you turn into a goddess.  You embody this raw, womanly power that no man can resist, and no wonder they don’t want to!

I wish my single self had known this, had seen these videos, had embraced the goddess that I could become.  I wish I had known just how breathtaking I really was.

So the next time you question yourself, or your performance or your reactions remember that all you have to do is enjoy yourself because you are going to to drive him crazy.   

Brings a whole new meaning to a “book club” doesn’t it….

Here is a link to the first video (there are many):


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  • commando... Oct 19, 2013 at 7:38 pm

    Ofcourse it does… y ask if ur on the receiving end…

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    I’m here for you…

  • commando... Oct 19, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    Just ask n I,’ll tell no time to punctuate…

  • Sam Jun 11, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    my favourite things is that it takes the female readers about 6 to 10 minutes … there is a male called Micheal who also participates .. he takes 1 minute .. in fact he is unable to read after about 20 seconds 🙂

    • Emma   Sam Jun 11, 2013 at 9:50 pm

      Where can we view the male one?

  • Shammy Jun 11, 2013 at 1:16 am

    What exactly are guys looking for in women?


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