How to Find a Guy Who Will Commit

Are you looking for an exclusive relationship with a guy and want to know how to make him commit to you completely?

Has Your Marriage Become More of a Transaction Than a Partnership?

I know you want to feel connected, excited and understood in your marriage, if you’re anything like my clients you want to build something great together.


3 Tips to Find and Date Successful Men

“Where have all the good men gone?” is a question I often hear as a public speaker. While successful men aren’t extremely common, you can greatly increase your chances...

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Sex Means Nothing to a Man If He Does This…

Relationship expert Felicity Keith reveals why closing his eyes during sex could be a devastating signal that your man is emotionally on his way out the door...

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One Thing Men Can’t Live Without

I was chatting with a man who was newly divorced. We were talking about his marriage. Then he looked at me and said, “Men really just want...

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10 Hot Ways to Meet Men This Summer!

Single and looking for love and romance? It’s almost June and time to get out and mingle! The summer offers more opportunities to meet men...

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How to Navigate Through Dating Double ‘Standards’

Engagement rings entered into the engagement equation as a means of giving women collateral. There's a cold hard truth to the standard of double standards...

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The Seven Levels of Joy & Satisfaction In Your Relationship…

There are seven levels of joy and satisfaction to your relationship. You may not have known this. I didn’t either until recently when a great idea in the...

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The MOST Important Thing You Can Learn About Him From the First Date!

Can you find out if he has the potential to be “The One” on the very first date? Sometimes you can, ESPECIALLY if you have THIS...

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I’m Living With My Ex, But Want to Start Dating Other People!

Question: I am ready to meet someone new but I am currently living with my ex-boyfriend. We thought it would be better/cheaper to just be...

How to Stop Feeling Bad About Your Divorce or Breakup

For too long, women have carried shame and guilt from divorce. We feel like failures after a relationship ends. Break free today…

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Episode 169: Are Your Sex Hang Ups Ruining Your Love Life?

In today’s episode, Mike and Nora chat about sex hang ups, picky dating and much more. They also answer questions from listeners on how to resolve hang up issues they are finding themselves in.


Relax, It’s Only a Date! 6 Steps to Dating Success

“I just don’t think I can do it.” I don’t think my self-esteem and ego can take more rejection. I just don’t think I can do it.” Here are 6 Steps to Dating Success!

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3 Ways to Get Something GOOD From a BAD Date

We have all been on bad dates before. How do you turn a bad date into a good one?

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Are You Being a “Genie In A Bottle”? Why You Should Stop Helping Your Man Date You

With apologies to Christina Aguilera, the “genie in a bottle” is what many women mistakenly think men want. Genie is...

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He’s Great! But the Attraction Wasn’t There on the First Date…

They met online first but was very disappointed that she didn’t feel the “chemistry” they had on the phone and didn’t feel any attraction to him in person.

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