Lessons We Can Learn From Fifty Shades… Part 1: Who Invited You?

In the first Fifty Shades installment, Anastasia is convinced that while she is intrigued by this more rocky road kind of connection, Christian would...

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Imposters: How to Not Get Blindsided in a Relationship!

Getting “blindsided” by a breakup becomes a running element of the show, and while "Imposters" takes a comedic approach to not really knowing...

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Maybe It’s Not WHAT You’re Texting But HOW You’re Texting That’s the Problem

Relationship Coach Alyssa Dyksterhouse looks at the probable reasons your guy isn’t returning your texts and offers some ways to improve your texting...

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Does Working on “Couple Communication” Cause Divorce?

Married couples all want the same things; To be happy, feel deeply connected, shared affection, intimacy and passion, feel love, trust and great communication.

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Get on the Same Page With Your Partner Using This ONE Trick

It’s a random Tuesday and you walk by the kitchen only to notice your partner left dishes in the sink… AGAIN after ‘promising’ they would put them...

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How to Own Your Differences AND Attract the Love You Want!

Own your difference. Don’t let me or any other dating expert make you feel like you have to radically change who you are in order to attract love.

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4 Post Argument Behaviors That Kill Relationships

Every relationship will have fights. A relationship without periodic fights is actually more abnormal than one with arguments.

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Curious About Polyamory? Here’s How to Get Started…

Gather information about polyamory and ethical non-monogamy. Make a list of questions and look for answers. What are you most curious about? What...

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How to Quickly Remedy the Incessant Texting Guy Dilemma

Showing him how to communicate with you is within your sphere of influence. You can handle the incessant texting guy situation so that he is attracted to...

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Quick and Dirty Dating Tips After Divorce (Part 3 of 3)

When you start dating after divorce, it will be a very eye-opening experience and it will help you learn to deal with all kinds of people and scenarios...

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Is Moaning Important?

We’re going to dive into (braces for impact)… P@RN! Is the Moaning Not Important?

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How to Recover from a Narcissistic Ex

If you’ve broken up with a narcissist and are ready to move on, you know that dating can be scary! How to recover from a Narcissistic Ex...

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Top 5 Reasons You May Be Attracting Cheaters

The complex answer needs a few more words so here are the Top 5 Reasons You're Attracting Cheaters...

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The Ultimate Online Dating Profile Picture Is…

We reveal how to nail the ultimate online dating profile picture. Your online dating profile pictures can make or break your success when it comes to online dating...

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Should You Talk With Your Friends and Family About Your Dating Life?

I get that her friends are trying to warn and protect her about the dangers of dating. “It’s only going to get harder as you get older” “Everyone is just...

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Help! This Relationship is Making Me Sick!

What is a Toxic Relationship? A “Toxic relationship” is a love relationship where your entire physical, emotional, and mental well-being is disturbed...

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