Diary of a Divorced Woman: My First Year!

Dating again after getting divorced: We became friends and develop an intimacy that was new to me. I enjoyed the personal attention and interest towards my fitness goals.

4m 35s

How I Walked Away From a Threesome (Part Two)

Visions of the positions I always wanted to do in my own often imagined threesome ran through my mind. The flash feelings of...

3m 30s

3 Ways to Get a Date for (Next) Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Depending on your situation, you might be extremely depressed about not having a date or excited that you get to spend a special day with someone you love.

5m 10s

How to be Sexually Irresistible: Lola Lockeheart Interview

How to be Sexually Irresistible: Lola Lockeheart Interview

39m 20s

This Valentine’s Day, Don’t Be Left Broken Hearted and Broke Due to an Online Dating Scam

With a surge in online dating around Valentine’s Day, it’s an ideal time for scammers to thrive. As Valentine’s Day rolls around, don’t be left broke and...

4m 15s

How a Man In Love Acts on Valentine’s Day

Does he really mean it when he says he loves me? Well wonder no more as with Valentine’s Day fast approaching below are actions you can expect from a man in love...

3m 25s

Interview With a Pick Up Artist

I know if you’re like so many women. when you hear the word “pick up artist” you get this kind of disgusting thrill up your spine. You think of guys like...

48m 15s

Why Doesn’t My Guy Like PDA?

I've heard of guys shying away from PDA but my guy doesn't like it AT ALL! No holding hands, nothing. Does it mean he's ashamed of me?

How Far Is Too Far? How to Gauge Long Distance Relationships Chances

Long distance relationships can be very difficult and not to mention expensive. If you happen to meet a guy when you are out or on holidays that you...

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The Emotional Crowbar Interview

The Emotional Crowbar Interview: I’m very excited this first month that we’re doing this program to have my good friend Mark here with me. Mark say hello briefly.

69m 25s

5 Ways to Meet Great Men… That Actually Work!

Figuring out how to meet a man can be intimidating, confusing and downright exhausting. Everyone you ask seems to have different dating advice. How do you...


What to Do When You’re Ready to Tie the Knot, But He Isn’t…

It happens more often than not ... you fall in love, start a long-term relationship and after a few months or years of dating you start to feel like it’s time to...


How To Be Sexually Irresistible To A Man

Monthly Mind Reader Episode 2: How To Be Sexually Irresistible To A Man

15m 45s

How to Fix Your Dating Rut Now!

Not having any luck with online dating? You are not alone. Here Are Some of the Top “Tweaks” on the...

4m 25s

5 Ridiculously Irritating Things New Couples Should Stop Doing Right Now

You’re excited and in love. You’re also making everyone else around you gag. If you want to avoid being totally obnoxious, here’s what you need to stop doing ASAP...


How to be Sexually Irresistible: Mia Stone Interview

How to be Sexually Irresistible: Mia Stone Interview


How to Find and Create a Spark With the Man of Your Dreams

Drs. Rob and Janelle Alex, Ph.D. share with you, in under five minutes, how to spice up your love life and rekindle the spark by using different words to speak to your partner.

I’m Trying to Dump My Boyfriend But He Won’t Get the Hint! Help!

Question: So I have been trying to dump my boyfriend but he is just not getting the hint. I stopped returning his calls - he started texting. He wants to...

One Thing That Separates High Value Women From Low Value Women

High value women: Ever wonder what instantly lowers your status with quality men and in relationships? Here’s the one thing you should know…

4m 30s

Episode 155: ​The Effect Children Have on Relationships

Can a happy marriage survive children? In today’s episode, Mike and Nora dive deep into to the intricate world of children and love. Listen as they discuss the effects children can have on relationships, what it can do to your sex life, when people want different things and much more.

The Secret to Telling a Guy How You Really Feel Without Sounding like a B*tch

Courageous is referred to as unshrinking, heroic, spirited. From the heart. How would it feel to embody these qualities?

3m 40s