Kate Mansfield

Author Since March 2017

Kate is a relationship and dating expert, she trained with Relate as a couples’ therapist before going on to study as a counselor and then as a Life Coach. Kate also has a Masters degree in Screenwriting and has combined these skills to develop a system that challenges her client’s deepest, unconscious stories and beliefs. Kate uses a powerful mixture of spiritual principles, story telling and the development of inner strength as a principle for her love coaching. At its heart, Kate’s work is all about becoming the best person that you can be in order to prepare for a healthy relationship by communicating from a place of love, not fear.

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Wanna Know Where All the Great SINGLE Men Are?

Wanna Know Where All the Great SINGLE Men Are?

Like Carla, who came to me after being single for 8 years and insisting that there were no single men anywhere…until, she did some inner work…