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Kimberly Mitchell, author of Loving with Purpose, uses the practices talked about in her book, and through her own life experiences, to share her insights and guidance on how to create better relationships through raising one’s own self-awareness, -esteem, and standards. She bases her philosophy on conscious choices, acceptance, and connecting to each other with purpose. Her methods help to quiet the turmoil that goes on inside of us during times of conflict and confusion. Her writing and seminars cover an array of topics; including dating, marriage, family dynamics, change, and other areas of personal development.

While working in Human Resources at a Fortune 500 company, Kim created and delivered presentations to managers and their employees. She has training in relationship and team building, parenting, diversity, and self-improvement. Today, Kim has her own company, White Orchid Publishing LLC, where she shares knowledge through writing, interviews, seminars, and speaking engagements.

Kim was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is an author, speaker, and growth coach to young adults, abused women, seniors, and others who are in need. Recently, she presented to a local rotary club, church, and abuse center, was a guest panelist for Phenomenal Women of Focus, and was a featured author in Cincy Chic’s Magazine. She has interviewed on radio stations, WNKU and Q102, and appeared on television shows, such as The Power of Money, Cincinnality, and Living Dayton. Kim spends her time writing, painting, inventing, along with writing her next set of books, for her website, and as a contributing editor to other sites raising awareness on personal growth. As a student of life, she believes that good or bad, personal experience is the best teacher.

Her book, Loving with Purpose, is about a woman’s choices; her choices in dating, marriage, with children, friends…even her finances. Although the book is of a positive nature, the heavier topics of abuse, criticism, cheating, and religion are covered, too.

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