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Rather than tackling sex and relationship problems head on, Mark Stefanishyn’s Relationship Minimalism is a unique masterclass on the most important factor for the success of any long term relationship – how a woman’s body works.

There is an unspoken paradox between men and women in long term relationships:

When the relationship feels good, women want to have sex.

When men are having sex, the relationship feels good.

Relationship Minimalism solves this paradox by it’s primary goal – to create a physical state called Female Hypersexuality:

Where having sex makes her feel loved and feeling loved makes her want to have sex.

When a man understands how to guide her body towards this specific neurochemical composition EVERYTHING changes. It recreates the sexual jet fuel that made the beginning of the relationship feel amazing AND causes her to view your quirks (like leaving clothes on the floor instead of putting them in the hamper) as “cute” rather than fuel to spark the next big argument.

Up until now the only option a man had to improve his relationship was to learn how to communicate and talk about his feelings – something that almost no man is excited to do.

Relationship Minimalism is a framework that plays into our unique strengths as men.

It lets us clearly see the moving parts of the system and gives us the skills we need to create the results we are looking for. It sees a loving long term relationship as a skill that can be developed with a clear and logical progression…all while fitting into the typical insanely busy dual income family with kids lifestyle.

If you want to hit the ground running, check out Mark’s Relationship Minimalism One Pager – it contains everything you need to know to make her feel like the luckiest woman alive.
If long form audio is more your thing, check out the Millennial Man Relationship Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher for a deep dive into how the female body works so you can create the best relationship ever.

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