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When we don’t know exactly what is going to happen in our relationships and in our lives, it’s hard not to want to exert control over the outcome.

3 Tips For Letting Go of Your Relationship Outcome...However, when we constantly exert control and place confines on our relationships and how they develop, we stifle the ability for things to unfold how they are meant to.

Here are a few things that I have learned along the way when it comes to trying to exert control over the development and outcome of relationships:

If He Is Going to Leave You, No Amount of Control Is Going to Change That. 

Trying to change yourself to be the “perfect” girlfriend, act a certain way, look a certain away, dims who you are and robs your partner of really getting to know the authentic you.

Do you want someone who is willing to let you go anyways?

What if you knew that letting them go meant someone even better and more suited for you could come in?

Often times, it’s hard to look beyond the current relationship we are in, even when it is not an ideal situation and are unhappy.

Our minds can’t always see and comprehend just how different and maybe even better things can actually be.

When someone is trying to leave you, let them.

The universe is trying to help you release a relationship that is no longer serving you, so the right partner can come in for you.

No Amount of Overthinking or Trying to Figure Things Out Is Going to Change the Course of Your Life.

In fact, trying to “catch” things before they even happen can spiral you and your relationship out of control pretty quickly.

As a perpetual over thinker, this has been a hard one for even me. But creating theories in your head over what could happen, what you want to happen and what you’re trying to make happen can confuse and suppress the ability for your relationship to unfold naturally.

Overthinking is in a roundabout way a coping mechanism to avoid getting hurt, when in fact, it’s doing just the opposite.

Overthinking and trying to control what is happening in your relationship has the potential to hurt you even more.

It can create problems that are not even there in your relationship.

Scenarios that you have conjured in your head may not even be on the horizon, but you have already endured them on a subconscious level in an effort to avoid them.

Overthinking can ruin happiness.

What if you could loosen your grip on the outcome of your relationship and allow what is meant for you?

What if what is meant for you is beyond anything that you could have created in your head?

When we are able to let go and release what is not meant for us and let things unfold naturally, that is when the magic happens.

The Universe Ultimately Has Your Back.

The universe wants what is best for you, even if all the pieces of the puzzle haven’t been presented to you yet and things look bleak and scary.

That all-consuming happiness and the relationship you have always dreamed of is possible.

Loosening your grip on the outcome of your relationship and allowing what is meant for you takes a blind and unwavering trust that you are being taken care of. 

You can believe that.

You can trust yourself and trust your life in order to let go of relationships that are no longer serving you and receive what is meant for you.

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