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You can be the most confident person in so many areas of your life, but when you go through a breakup, it can knock that confidence right out of you.

5 Secret Makeover Tips to Transform Your Life After a BreakupWhether it has been a decade or a recent split since you’ve been “out there,” you may feel confused or downright clueless about how to get your game back to attract new people. Furthermore, you may feel frumpy, unattractive and outdated in your style. That is why doing an inside out makeover can give you that boost of confidence.

Just follow these five simple tips, and you’ll be on your way to owning an attractive new you.

Tip #1: Stop, Slow Down and Focus on You

Right after a breakup, many people try to numb the pain by quickly getting involved with someone else. That, however, is just a band-aid over a wound that needs time to heal. Slow down and don’t worry about getting into another relationship right away; take the time to get to know who you are again. Get back involved in things you are passionate about, eat healthy and get in shape. Now is the time you can focus on you and rebuild and enrich your life.

Tip #2: Get Rid of the Clothes You Never Wear

The first step is to go to your closet and get rid of anything you haven’t worn in two years. Not only are you clearing out clothes that don’t work for you any longer, but psychologically, it’s a great way to clear out the past and make room for the future. Once those items are out of the way, take a good, hard look at what’s left. Are there items with the tags still on? Consider tossing them or giving them to charity. Are there clothes that need to be mended? Put them in a pile and take them to your tailor today. Is there anything you purchased in the ‘90s? Get rid of it! As much as you may love these clothes for the memories you have with them, they’re crowding your space and may hold you back.

Tip #3: Update Your Wardrobe

How do you feel when you open the closet door and peek inside at the clothes hanging in front of you? Are you excited because every single piece flatters and slims you, or are you overwhelmed because all you see are various oversized shirts, frumpy pants and outdated dresses and suits? If you don’t absolutely love most of the things in your closet, it’s time to update your look – asap!

Get a feel for your personal style and make a note when you see an outfit that you would absolutely LOVE to wear to your next social outing or date. Once you have a good idea of the look you want to create, you can start shopping for items that reflect your new style.

Tip #4: Don’t Forget Your Hair!

Have you ever noticed that when you have a bad hair day, your whole day suffers? That’s because the hair is the center of who we are. It frames your face and has the ability to make you feel sexy, cute or glamorous, and confident depending on the style.

If you find that you’re unhappy with your hair more than 50% of the time, start looking for a new look. Taking into account your hair’s texture, your face shape, and your lifestyle, look through your magazines to find a hairstyle that works for you. Then take your ideas to a trusted stylist, and get ready to love your hair again.

Tip #5: Start Dressing for the Opposite Sex

Often, people don’t pay attention to what the opposite sex finds attractive. Even if you are not ready to date, feeling attractive to others can be a huge confidence booster. Really understand your body type and what clothes flatter your figure. Women… think about adding dresses and color to your wardrobe. Men… pay attention to how up-to-date your wardrobe is. Knowing that both genders are visual beings, it’s important to package yourself in a way that makes you feel great and attracts attention.

Remember, small changes lead to bigger outcomes. Try implementing at least one of these tips and you’ll be on your way to looking and feeling better. Transforming you and your life is part of the healing process so you can then attract something different in your life!

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