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One of the biggest lessons I have learned on my journey to love is that overanalyzing will get you nowhere.

In Your Heart in Relationship or In Your Head?It’s difficult when we don’t know what is going to happen to us and our relationships.

It almost seems like we are more in control if we can think of any possible outcome and scenario of a dating situation so that we won’t get hurt or be caught off guard.

If we can think of it, it can’t hurt us.

The problem is 99.9% of the time, those scenarios you have construed in your head are wrong and you are causing you excessive pain that is unnecessary.

The drama we create in our heads can even lead to difficulties in our relationships.

Are you in your heart in those moments OR are you in your head?

When you are in your head, overanalyzing every possible scenario, you are not connected to your soul, your intuition or your heart.

When we are in our heads we are not connected to the “feeling” of a situation.

How is this situation or person making you feel?

Ask yourself:

  • Are you feeling uncomfortable?
  • Does the situation feel right to you?
  • What is your heart and intuition telling you to do?
  • Is there a thought or feeling that keeps popping into your mind that you can’t get rid of?

It may seem illogical for someone to recommend that you follow your heart, instead of your head.

But your heart always knows the truth.

Your Head Will Tell You:

  • But he is such a nice person I should stay with him.
  • I didn’t hear from her last night when she was out with her friends, maybe she met another guy.
  • It will be impossible to find another man like him.
  • There is no one else out there for me.

Your Heart Will Tell You:

  • I care about this person, but it doesn’t feel right to stay.
  • It sucks I didn’t hear from her, she must have had a really great night with her friends. I feel I can trust her and know she loves me.
  • If my person is not him, someone even better will come in for me.
  • I trust that the right person will come to me.

Following your heart doesn’t shield you from pain, but does bring you closer to the truth of the situation.

You cannot control someone else’s free will, nor shelter them from their own personal responsibility of orienting their own journey.

Following your heart connects you to your own truth and helps you to eliminate or reduce reaction to past relationship triggers.

It creates a space for pause in situations that need a bit more time to unfold. We don’t always have all the answers right away.

Your heart implores you to leave situations that are unhealthy for you.

Or to stay when it’s important to work through the lesson.

Your heart is connected to your soul and intuition. When we are in our hearts we can trust ourselves.

Take pause and listen to your heart.

What is your heart telling you?

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