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It can be terrifying to really like someone, or even more terrifying to love someone. To love someone and let that love in demands vulnerability.

How Feeling Fear in Your Relationship Actually Lets Profound Love in...When we love someone, all our fears have a tendency to surface. Insecurities and past relationship triggers that we didn’t even know we had seem to be brought to the forefront.

So why does this happen?

When we love someone, there is a profound opportunity to work through and transform into a new deeper kind of love.

Love relationships present an immense opportunity for self-growth and self-discovery.

When we love someone, we face the fear of rejection and heartbreak. We face the fear that something bad could happen, perhaps like what has happened in a previous relationship.

Sometimes this fear becomes so overwhelming we react by clinging onto our love or pushing them away.

Instead, what if you decided to feel fear in your relationship in order to transcend that fear and allow a more profound love in?

We feel and face fear by naming our fears and recognizing where they came from.

Do you have a fear of rejection? When did you first feel rejected in life or in a relationship?

Allow your self to name the fear, feel the fear and let it pass.

Challenge that Fear.

Know that just because the fear arises, does not mean that fear is attached to this new love.

Don’t Judge Yourself for Having This Fear.

There is a lot of ego that comes up when we are facing fears in relationships, which makes us want to hide them even more.

Everyone has fears, whether they admit them or not.

Your job is to not compare yourself to others and focus on your own self-work and self-discovery.

Remember, just because the fear pops into your head does not make it real or true.

What stories are you making up in your head to let this fear spiral out?

Talk to a friend about these fears. Talking to a friend about your fears can help bring some objectivity in situations where you can’t see it for yourself.

One of the bravest and rewarding things you can do for yourself is to be vulnerable and talk to your love about your fears.

Being vulnerable like this requires you to shed your ego and the need to control and appear perfect with this love. This act in itself is terrifying but yields remarkable rewards with the right person.

Allowing your love in on your deepest fears, affords an amazing opportunity to go deeper with them. It provides an opportunity not only for you to face your fears but also for them to assist you to tackle them together within the relationship.

Fears a lot of the time are just old stories we are replaying in our heads rooted in past experiences.

We can choose to let our fear carry over and live in our new love relationships or we can choose to feel that fear and transcend that fear into greater, deeper love.

Are you willing to feel fear in your relationship in order to let profound love in?

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