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In your marriage or love relationship you want to feel loved, valued, respected, cherished, safe, trusted, free, happy and important. Right? Who doesn’t!

Relationship Breakup Tips: When You Decide to Move On…But what if you don’t feel those things? 

What if you feel even worse things like, disrespect, neglect, power, indifference or even contempt? 

What if you think you would be happier out of your relationship than in it?

What if you have decided you have had enough and it’s time to go?

What’s the most important “must-do” before you leave?

Take care of your own energy.

Seriously. If you just leave without taking care of your own energy, you will as my favorite Law of Attraction teachers, Abraham-Hicks, say, “Just take yourself with you.” You will attract right back into your life the same type person or circumstances. How many people do you know, or maybe even you, yourself, have met, dated, and married the very same kind of person they left!?

If you just leave, you might feel a little or a lot of relief to begin with but you will most likely be focusing on all the negative, mean, hateful, spiteful things that have added up over time about the person you left. All negative. And that is what you will re-attract. Negative. You want to shift your thoughts which shifts your energy or vibration to more positive things so that is what you will attract in someone else. Positive. New. Not what you left.

So How Do You Take Care of Your Own Energy?

1. Stay Where You Are for a Little Longer

Don’t make any big decisions or take any actions… unless you are in an unsafe or abusive situation! Don’t even talk about leaving with your mate yet.

2. Be Clear About What You Don’t Want in This or Another Relationship

For example, I do NOT want to be disrespected.

3. Decide That You Want to Feel Better, Feel Good!

Keep thinking about what you DO want. Keep reaching for better or good feeling thoughts and then talk to your partner from this place. If you keep going back and thinking about what you don’t want, you will keep feeling bad.

4. Let Go of Guilt

Guilt serves no one.

5. See Yourself and Your Soon to Be Ex-Mate as Happy, Strong and Fully Capable of Feeling Good

See them and yourself as getting on with life and love.

6. Say to Them, “You Are a Wonderful Person.”

“I want us both to be happy. I want us both to be free to go after what we want in life. I know there is someone perfect for you out there, just like there is for me. I’m choosing to see you as happy because that’s the way I like to see you the best!”

When you take care of your own energy, you shift your energy from negative, angry, ugly energy to more positive, kind, loving energy for both of you. Take that energy with you when you leave. You will be so much happier later on!

Emily Anne Webber

Emily Anne is committed to respect of the soul, freedom of the spirit and deep, romantic love in marriage.

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