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Some of these behaviors are all too common and may even seem harmless – but when you drop these habits, you’ll see a world of change.

Insecurity5 Behaviors That Unknowingly Steer Men Away

Let’s think back to high school when there was always that one girl who seemed to have everything you wanted – a great social life, solid career goals, high self-esteem, etc. The illusion was that she didn’t have anything going for her that you didn’t have going for you. The difference was in her ability to be confident and project a positive self image.

So, why not apply that to your day to day?

Holding onto a negative self image can be detrimental to your health, so make it a point to give yourself plenty of TLC. Put yourself first. It isn’t selfish, it’s sexy! And the sexiest thing in the world is a confident woman who invests in herself. It’s all about rocking what you’ve got.


You know that sparkle in someone’s eye when they’re gushing about something they love? It’s one of the most attractive qualities you can find in a person, is it not?

Think about it. When you feel passionate about a goal, a hobby, career, or any important cause close to your heart, it sends out a magnetic vibe that others feel drawn to. When you’re focusing on your passions, you actually attract people into your life (including men) who want to be around you, whether directly involved or just to bask in the warmth of your inner fire. It’s an instant turn-on knowing someone has larger goals in mind beyond just getting through the daily grind. So, find something that lights your fire and see who shows up!


It’s no secret that adventure is the spice of life, and when you find a partner in crime to take on those journeys with, every day can be an adventure in itself. I’m not encouraging you to skip straight to honeymoon status and never look back, but it’s a proven fact – when you approach life with an open mind, you get a lot more back in return.

It can be as simple as hitting a new music venue with your honey, or something spontaneous like booking a trip to catch a landmark or two in real life. If someone is simply satisfied with a slow paced, stagnant lifestyle, it becomes difficult to spark the true qualities that make an individual uniquely shine. Nurture your sense of wonderment and never stop exploring this vast and beautiful planet we call home. Your inner child will thank you and you’ll undoubtedly attract dozens of men along the way who would love to be along for ride.


With women (and men too!) there’s a fine line between loving to shop and the tendency to refer to accessories by brand – “Can you grab my Jimmy Choos babe? Thanks.” We all treat ourselves here and there, and thanks to the whole “treat yourself” idea, we’ve all definitely indulged – as we should! But we all know that one gal – the one who only seems to ever talk about her expensive things. We begin to think there isn’t much else going on in her world for us to dive into. Umm BORING. If a guy you were beginning to really like started exhibiting signs of a life rarely lived beyond the gym, you’d probably begin to shift your perspective. I’m in no way suggesting the halt of online shopping, but if you find yourself about to buy that fifth pair of strappy sandals just because they’re cute, you might want to slow down on the clicks. Don’t end up alone like that self-consumed gym chach.


“Small minds discuss people, great minds discuss ideas” is a lengendary quote that packs powerful truth. When you indulge in gossip, it not only shows that you can spend hours soaking up meaningless gab, but that you are a probably lending an ear about private issues as well. While it’s an attractive quality to be the type of person others feel comfortable talking to about their personal issues, it can raise a red flag with your man if he hears you and your girlfriends having conversations about men, sex, other women and senseless drama. He might be inclined to wonder what you’re taking from the bedroom into your inner circle.

If you want intimacy and trust with your man you don’t want to be the type of woman who engages in gossip regularly. If he sees you building others up, he’ll know you build him up too and he’ll be drawn to that feeling of acceptance he gets from you.

To your success in love,
Carrie Stanfield

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