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Your Facebook account has the power to destroy any new or potential romantic relationships with as much speed and as little effort as accepting a friend request.

With one quick click, post or status update your Facebook page can become a turn-off, a source of mistrust and a place for over-sharing when starting a new relationship. To make sure your social media outlet doesn’t cause trouble for your social life…

Here Are five Facebook Faux Pas to Avoid

1. Don’t Accept That Friend Request, Yet

Before you even begin dating or thinking about accepting a potential significant other’s friend request, think again. Chances are your page has some unflattering pictures from last New Year’s Eve, a crude or inappropriate post, too many pictures of you and your cats or even pictures with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. All of these can be a huge turn-off for a potential SO (Significant Other) and may cause them to end a relationship before it even starts. So, if you haven’t already clicked “accept,” take the time to clean up your Facebook page.

2. Don’t Rely on Stalking

If you have already become “friends” with a potential partner on Facebook, stalking becomes almost inevitable. I mean who doesn’t want to learn as much as they possibly can about someone they’re interested in starting a relationship with? While stalking (yes, we all do it) seems like the perfect way to get to know all about your new boyfriend or girlfriend, you may be getting a distorted perspective or only a piece of a much bigger picture. Instead, as impossible and old-fashioned as this sounds, try to get to know your potential mate in person through conversation, as this will give you a much bigger picture of an individual’s personality and interests, and your compatibility.

3. Don’t Make It Official Too Soon

If your Facebook pages haven’t scared each other off and things seem to be getting serious, keep it to yourselves. As the first stages of a new relationship can be very fragile and delicate, it’s best to keep your private life private. Making your relationship Facebook official (even though bragging about your new romance online can be very rewarding) adds lots of unneeded pressure to your young relationship. By putting your relationship online you’re letting hundreds of people judge, comment and criticize your relationship, making something so fresh turn sour quick.

4. Don’t Look Into Things Too Much

Trust is one of the many things that new relationships tend to lack, and Facebook surely won’t help you develop it. Reading too much into what your partner does on Facebook could put your relationship in trouble. Don’t get suspicious if your girlfriend messages, likes or puts links on her guy friend’s wall; She isn’t cheating on you. Instead take every post, status and comment with a grain of salt, because what’s important in your relationship is your personal connection, which will help you develop trust over time.

5.  Please, No Kissing Pictures

Nothing is more disgusting to stumble upon on your newsfeed than a mushy status about new love, couples confessing their love to each other on their Facebook walls or worse, a kissing picture. Over-sharing about your personal life on Facebook is not only disturbing to all of your friends, it could also be making your SO uncomfortable. By keeping your posts and pictures to a minimum, your relationship will be much more private and romantic.

While social media is great for people to connect and maintain relationships, it’s nothing short of a warzone for new couples. Every post or picture could spell trouble for a new relationship, leading to issues that may cause an unnecessary break-up. To protect your relationship from the effects of Facebook, share less and be more thoughtful.

Courtney Gordner

Courtney Gordner is a passionate blogger/journalist with a love for psychology and relationships, she learned about them while she studied Psychological Addiction. You can read more from her on her blog, or connect with her on Twitter.

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  • Don Jul 28, 2015 at 9:21 pm

    Use Facebook “Secret Groups” for your private conversations. It works great to stay in touch, especially in long distance relationships. You still get all the fun stuff that Facebook has to offer, but in private.

  • april Jan 13, 2014 at 3:53 pm

    Is there a good guy out there .


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