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Ever wonder how to get a man to throw himself at your feet and never stray?

Getting commitment out of a man can feel like a complex science, but knowing what a man really needs before committing to you makes it a whole lot simpler to understand.

These 7 secrets reveal what a man needs before giving all of himself and will show you what you can shift to make his commitment a reality:

1. He needs the chase.

Humans may be highly developed intellectually but we are still largely governed by our primal nature, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. Men are hunters and conquerors. They don’t want things to come easy. It’s a bore and it doesn’t stimulate their primal masculine nature. Whether he admits it or not, a man wants to fight for you for the rest of his life. Stay connected with people and projects outside of your relationship – make plans and stay busy. If he senses that you could fly away at any moment, he will do whatever it takes to keep you close.

2. He needs your femininity.

Too many women have been conditioned to function in a masculine way – doing and pushing ahead in life. When a woman sheds this and allows her true feminine nature to emerge, she becomes irresistible to a man. The feminine nature involves creativity, receptivity and non-attachment. It involves listening and acknowledging in the present moment. In our feminine nature we amplify softness and tenderness allowing him to solve problems on our behalf, then shower him with appreciation, even if he’s done it “wrong.”

3. He needs you to express your feelings.

A man will never commit to you for intellectual, spiritual or physical reasons. Regardless of how smart, sexy or “divine”you are, what captivates a man most is your raw emotions and feelings. When a man sees that you can fully handle, express and take ownership of your emotions with him, he can feel safe to share his innermost heart with you. He trusts that you will manage the depths of his own emotions.

4. He needs you to own your crap.

If you want a man to commit – never blame him for anything. Even if he has done something “wrong” in your eyes, take full responsibility for what you are feeling, perceiving and experiencing. The hard truth is, our feelings are ALWAYS a consequence of our own thinking. When you feel sad or disappointed, it’s not from what he’s done but rather the story that you are telling yourself about what that means. Own that and it activates his primal desire to be your hero – he can’t (and won’t) help you if he’s on the defense!

5. He needs full acceptance.

More than anything a man wants to feel safe and free around you. If you accept and love the darkest parts of him, especially the things he is most ashamed about, he will automatically trust you and feel like he can open his heart.

Find a way to get passionate about his passions regardless of what they are. Get behind his vision and be his cheerleader. If you don’t quite get it, make a point of learning as much as you can about it.

6. He needs you to evolve.

Stay on the path of personal development. As we walk into our highest, most powerful self we inspire a man to evolve himself as well. We become his muse. Men are very curious about our inner landscape, passions and creative nature. They are drawn to the deeper concepts of the Universe that we naturally explore as women. Through example we can point them to the path of their own deepest healing and homecoming that they seek.

7. He needs your happiness.

A man can’t fully commit to you unless you are fully committed to yourself and your own happiness. That means putting your dreams and desires first and taking them into your own hands. Waiting for a man to make your dreams possible is way too much pressure for him. All men want is to keep their women happy. They know they have a better chance of that if a woman knows what she wants and is already taking measures to ensure her own wealth, health and satisfaction.

So which needs have you overlooked?

Pay attention to those and watch him open his heart. Lastly, the key to keeping a man committed for life is making sure that you honor his needs consistently throughout your entire relationship, not just until he gets down on one knee!

Bec Robbins

Bec Robbins works with women to create fulfilling relationships and profitable, passion-based businesses that inspire and improve the world.

Founder of the INSPIRED Creative Process™, Bec helms a thriving life and business coaching practice, sharing her signature process with clients and coaches worldwide.

Her philosophy is simple: Your life is your creative masterpiece. Consciously creating your entire reality from the TRUTH of who you are will lead you to your deepest freedom and fulfillment.

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  • julius May 13, 2014 at 7:31 am

    that’s great

  • Nka May 13, 2014 at 6:45 am

    Thank you for this Great Piece… Totally True!!! I used to think continuous doting on my man was great…., until it backfired this year… So I decided to step back and pursue my dreams…, so he can chase me… I silently pray it works!

    • Bec   Nka May 13, 2014 at 1:53 pm

      Excellent Nka! It will shift the energy exchange big time!


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