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Have you ever met a man you weren’t that interested in at first, but he came on so strong in the beginning, you knew without any doubt how he felt about you?

Emotionally Unavailable Man: How to Avoid this Kind of ManThen, the more time you spend together, the quicker your feelings catch up to where he is and then he all of a sudden becomes confused, distant and doesn’t know what he wants? (This is exactly how it happened for me.)

This is typical behavior of an emotionally unavailable man.

If you’re anything like me, there’s a common feeling many of us women experience in our love lives – it’s the gut-wrenching, hand-wringing feeling of anxiety. It happens when we don’t feel a man’s energy moving towards us. (It can even be with a man you’ve just met!)

Here Are the Most Common Scenarios Causing Us to Feel Anxious:

  • When things are going really well and he didn’t call when you thought he was going to…
  • His words and his actions aren’t matching up but you really like him and you’re not willing to walk away just yet…
  • He’s stopped calling and initiating like he did in the beginning (last month) and you’re worried he might be waiting for YOU to “initiate?”
  • Or the most devastating thought, “What if I did or said something to push him away and there’s actually something I need to do to “fix” things?”

When you learn to read the Caution Love Signs correctly, you’ll avoid unnecessary heartbreak and falling for an emotionally unavailable man.

Emotionally Unavailable Man: How to Avoid and Caution TipsIf you don’t learn how to read the Caution Love Signs many women miss – you’ll find yourself investing all of your precious time and energy in a dead end relationship (a man who can’t commit), or waiting years hoping he’ll see you’re “the one” for him only to end up heartbroken and more frustrated about love.

Let me save you some heartbreak and frustration by sharing the 7 Caution Love Signs most of my clients miss and I used to miss while dating.

A Caution Love Sign is a yellow light, it means slow down and proceed with care. Many times these signs are misread and when the relationship stops moving forward, or stops feeling good, you don’t understand why and feel blindsided.

After dating many, many men (50 men in 2011 alone), here are the 7 most common “Caution Love Signs” women miss.

Caution Love Sign #1: The quicker a man falls in love, the quicker he can fall out of love.

This means, if he says he loves you and wants to marry you within one month of dating, be cautious!

A healthy man will typically wait for 3 months to express his love.

Caution Love Sign #2: When a man isn’t introducing you to his friends, family, talking about the future, talking about taking trips together, or not wanting to be physical.

A man who’s interested in getting to know you will automatically be moving things forward. Our job is to not get overly invested in the meantime.

Caution Love Sign #3: If he’s only asking to see you once a week or every other week, or you’re never sure when he’s going to ask to see you.

A man will typically want to see you on a regular basis.

Caution Love Sign #4: If a man can’t pay his bills, lives with his parents, asks you to pay or all of the above.

This is just a sign of what the future holds, please don’t do what I did and “hope” it was all temporary!

Caution Love Sign #5: Walking on egg shells around him, or not wanting to “rock the boat.”

If you don’t feel safe expressing how you feel especially early on in your relationship, please ask yourself if this is the type of relationship you really want?

Caution Love Sign #6: When a man says he needs space, he’s confused, or he doesn’t know what he wants.

When a man says he’s confused or needs space, your job is to step back and let there be space between the two of you. This would be a good time to evaluate if he’s the man for you, rather than waiting to see if he’s going to “choose” you or not.

Caution Love Sign #7: If a man was talking about the future with you in it and then he suddenly stopped, and now whenever he talks about the future, you’re not included.

Ouch! I know.

When we learn how to read the Caution Love Signs, we can weed out the men who are unable to do relationship rather quickly.

Hopefully my dating experience can help you avoid unnecessary heartbreak and attract real love quicker than I did.

Love, Leigha

Leigha Lake

My passion is helping successful men and women (married and single) go from stuck and frustrated in their love lives to finally having the love, romance, passion and relationship they want.

When you learn the tools and method I can teach you and become aware of exactly what to do and NOT do, navigating your love life will become effortless.

If you don’t learn how to do things “differently” – you’ll keep finding yourself in the same situations over and over again – wondering why a woman feels the way she does and feeling frustrated you don’t know how to fix your relationship.

Once you know and understand exactly what’s going on – you’re going to be amazed at how easy it is to turn things around – permanently!

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  • Jane May 22, 2016 at 11:24 am

    It applies to me. The man is now trying hard to be in my life again. I’m not falling for it…


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