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This is like the ONE frustrating, upsetting and most complained about problem that single women come to me with all the time.




Well, lets just say that we all know the world is actually full of men… right?

Just over half of the population to be precise!


If we’re talking about men that you would actually consider as relationship material?

Men that you would be delighted if they turned up on a blind date. That’s a different ball-game, yes?

For most women it’s a RARE find

So many women who come to me are sick to the bones of DISAPPOINTING DATES with…

  • Hook Up men? (Tinder)
  • Arrogant men? (Inner Circle)
  • Creepy men? (OkCupid)
  • Weedy men? (Bumble)
  • Boring men? (eHarmony)

Basically, let’s face it we’re talking about the ‘Leftovers’ here.

The men that nobody else wanted.

And the truth is, this feels awful.


Because it makes us feel like maybe we are also the ‘Leftovers’.

And then it makes us want to run and hide back under that rock of self-sufficient SINGLEDOM!

But there is hope – I promise you.

There is a way to find the BEST MEN.

In fact, not only the best men in general, but the best MAN FOR YOU.

The Dateable men that are hot, successful, available, and…



Well, it might really surprise you to know that these men are not in a special members club, a certain cool bar, or on any particular dating site.

They are not in a secret space capsule headed for Mars..

And, the best news is that they haven’t been already snapped up by younger, cleverer, prettier, thinner women than you..

So here is the clue…

The clue is INSIDE YOU!

Because Men who actually want a relationship, who crave commitment and are able to treat women right are EVERYWHERE.

It might also surprise you to know that often these men are actually right under your nose, but the problem is you just can’t see them.


Because, if you’re operating from an unconscious place, from past hurts, resentments and disappointments then you become…


Like Carla, who came to me after being single for 8 years and insisting that there were no single men anywhere…until, she did some inner work, cleared away her past and then BINGO, she suddenly saw Steve, who she’d actually been friends with for 15 years, as a potential boyfriend…

15 YEARS ????


Yes, and the rest of the story is sooo sweet because as soon Carla realised that she liked Steve in this way, that he was actually PERFECT for her and she got willing to take the risk of telling him, guess what happened?


And so, history was made..

Carla and Steve are getting married in June of this year and I will be one the happiest guests at their wedding, because I know what Carla had to let go of to find love..

Don’t wait 15 YEARS ladies..

Find out what is BLINDING YOU TO LOVE and then look around

You will find that there are great single men EVERYWHERE

Kate Mansfield

Kate is a relationship and dating expert, she trained with Relate as a couples’ therapist before going on to study as a counselor and then as a Life Coach. Kate also has a Masters degree in Screenwriting and has combined these skills to develop a system that challenges her client’s deepest, unconscious stories and beliefs.



Kate uses a powerful mixture of spiritual principles, story telling and the development of inner strength as a principle for her love coaching. At its heart, Kate’s work is all about becoming the best person that you can be in order to prepare for a healthy relationship by communicating from a place of love, not fear.

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