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Yet again, we find ourselves steep in the holiday season which means another New Year is around the corner.

Real Love? How to Have the One True Love!For many reasons, this time of year can be a challenge mentally and emotionally. But it can also be a time of deep reflection and, ultimately, resolution to commit to a new vision for our lives.

I personally experienced this during the holiday season and New Year of 2008 to 2009. It was in some ways a painful time but only because my soul was desperately trying to get me to realize that my current path would no longer support my growth and happiness. It was this time of challenge and reflection that ultimately led me to my husband and our growing family just a few short years later.

For so many that are still seeking love, there’s one question that’s important to ask yourself before going about your dating business as usual in 2017:

Am I Really Ready to Be With the Love of My Life Now?

I remember asking this shortly before I met my husband. It’s the perfect question to answer because when it really matters, you want to do it right even if that means doing it differently than before. You are affirming that you will really cherish this partnership that you are about to attract.

It’s also okay if the answer to that question is NO. There are some times when one just needs a break from dating to figure things out. Of course, there are times when one might need to complete another relationship first or get life in order. You know if that’s you.

But if that’s not you, allow me to challenge you with this statement: You ARE ready for love in 2017.

If you know your next relationship is going to be with your soul mate partner… you’re ready. If you have a pretty clear picture of who person this is… you’re ready. If you’re not going back to the type of relationships you were in before… you’re definitely ready.

If you want a partnership to fulfill a bigger purpose, to expand, and to grow spiritually… you’re so ready. If you love yourself even with your perceived imperfections… you’re ready. If you feel complete now but want to attract a partner just for the sake of loving even more… you’re absolutely ready.

If you’re reading websites about attracting real love… you’re ready. If you resonate with any of these statements… you’re ready NOW.

Soul mates are not perfect people before or after they find each other so it’s pointless to “hold out” for perfect. But the process of being in the relationship allows both to grow spiritually in ways far beyond what they could do alone. The relationship itself is an ongoing and enjoyable practice.

So if you’re still telling yourself any lies like something’s wrong with you, you’re not worthy of being with the person you really want, or there’s just something else you have to complete before you actively seek a partner to settle down with… just stop it now because you are SO ready to attract love this coming year.

Try this exercise as part of your new year ritual: If you have any of these stories going on in your mind write them all down on a piece of paper. Then burn the paper in a candle. Or if you don’t want to be playing with fire just close your eyes and tear up the paper. Declare either silently or out loud what the burning of these stories is making room for in your heart. Notice if you feel different after the exercise.

May your new year be filled with all the joy, miracles, and love your heart desires!

What do you want to make room for in 2017? Are you ready to attract real love? What stories are you going to burn up and leave behind? I’d love to read your comments below.

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  • Lady29 Jan 2, 2017 at 4:33 pm

    I’m definitely ready for love more than 1 year,but till now I did not have luck to find the right person,who’s worth of my love.I hope this year it will come in my life,that’s my biggest wish.


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