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So what is a high value woman? For starters, she’s the type of woman high-caliber, quality men are ALWAYS attracted to.

High Quality Man? How to Attract High Quality Men…I was chatting with a friend, Matt, whom I’d call a high quality man.

He’s handsome, fun, caring, owns his own company, is well-read and travels the world. He’s also spiritual and loves having deep intellectual conversations.

He shared how his girlfriend attracted him, won his heart and inspired him to commit—out of thousands of women he’d met.

He said it was because she was a “high value woman.”

The point so many women miss is this… You have to BE a high value woman to attract a high quality man.

Here are 6 traits that attract that one-in-a-million high quality man you desire:

No. 1: A High Value Woman Doesn’t Reschedule Her Life for a Man.

You don’t cancel previous plans to go on a date with a man.

You have your own hobbies, interests and a life that have been going on LONG before he showed up.

If he wants to take you out on a night you’re already busy, you can ask him to suggest an alternative date.

No. 2: A High Value Woman Is Not Needy

If you were planning to spend your weekend with girlfriends or doing something you love (even a solo hobby or passion), don’t cancel your plans to meet him.

Instead, pursue your passions.

This raises your value and makes you more desirable—naturally.

A high value women lives in her own world, whilst meeting great men along the way. She does NOT go out of her way to be in any man’s world.

No. 3: A High Value Woman Is Not a People-Pleaser

Don’t contort yourself or change who you are to fit into the world of a man you’re interested in.

Your world should revolve around you first, the men you date second. Have your own goals, agenda and passions. Doing it any other way will give off a needy vibe.

Simply put, don’t live your life to impress others.

No. 4: A High Value Woman Is Supportive

Encourage the man you’re dating to follow his dreams and passions. Enhance his life so he becomes a better man because of you. 

Cheer him on—just don’t coach him (unless asked).

Sometimes, high-achieving women stress that a man should meet them half-way. He should be the one being supportive of her first.

If you start a relationship this way, you lose.

No. 5: A High Value Woman Encourages and Inspires Her Man to Grow

By taking the initiative to encourage and support him, you are actually doing yourself a favor, here’s why…

Inspirational author and TV host, Steve Harvey says:

“Think about it: from the moment a boy is born, the first thing everyone around him starts doing is telling him what he must do to be a real man. He is taught to be tough-to wrestle, climb, get up without crying, not let anyone push him around. He is taught to work hard-to do chores around the house, get the groceries out of the car, take out the trash, shovel the snow, cut the grass, and as soon as he’s old enough, get a job.”

High-caliber, quality men are constantly improving themselves so they can create a great lifestyle for the woman they’ll be sharing their lives with.

This means he won’t always be able to give you his undivided attention. (That’s why traits 1, 2 and 4 are important, must-have traits if your relationship is going to last.) 

Not only does a high value woman know her man’s goals and share his values, she supports him fully.

And guess what?

A REAL high quality man will do the same for YOU.

No. 6: A High Value Woman Is Happy

I remind myself of this every day when I wake up. It’s a choice that will make (or break) your day.

Adopt a more positive outlook about life in general.

Get into the daily habit of spreading cheer everywhere you go. Smile often. Laugh often. Give genuine compliments.

You won’t feel happy every moment of every day. That IS normal. However, how long you stay in a funk, negative, upset, sad or angry IS your choice. 

Feel that bad mood lingering a bit too long?

Snap yourself out of it!

Shift your focus to something that makes you smile.

People will notice you’re the happy woman they want to be around.

Don’t worry about the naysayers in your life. A high value woman is confident. Her actions are not dictated by what others think, say or do.

High quality men will find this extremely attractive.

High quality men LOVE being around a high value woman because she brings the fun and joy—not nagging and complaining.

Do you feel like you’re a high value woman? Or deep down, do you sometimes feel…well, just…average?

Do you feel you could get better on some of these traits?

Take action now and show up as the high value woman you know you are.

With love and in service,

Rhonda “Be A High Value Woman” Cort

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Rhonda Cort

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