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One thing I learned from healing my relationship is that if I am going to be a peaceful, happy, feminine woman in an amazing relationship with the man I love – I absolutely have to choose being happy over being right.

This is sooooo much easier said than done!

I remember many times when old habits would take over and my masculine energy would just set in! I felt the need to be RIGHT! I just wanted to take charge and take action!

But as my self-awareness continued to develop I would recognize that TRIGGER and DRIVE to be right.

I learned to take a PAUSE and ask myself that hard question… Would you rather be happy or would you rather be right?

If I was feeling particularly stubborn that day, I would have to ask myself this question MULTIPLE times. I would have to breathe through the trigger and go work it out in a way that wasn’t going to be destructive to my relationship. This looked like turning towards the things I love and that gets me to a good place, the things in my life that ground me. If I wanted to go back and start “making my case” and argue, I knew it was time to go take a walk, call a friend, or go for a drive.

Happy or Right? Dealing With RelationshipsAs I did this, practicing towards the things that calmed me, my self-awareness grew. I learned to feel more and more at home in my feminine. It started to feel easier to be happy and less comfortable in being right or taking over!

The thing is, when we hold on so tightly to our stance or the need to make the final point to get him to just see it “our way,” we are not winning and we are definitely not connecting.

The amazing thing that I have learned and that I helped coach women with is – LETTING GO and SURRENDERING that need to control and be right.

As we learn to choose happiness over the need to be right, the relationship suddenly starts to change. It allows us to relax, trust and let him be the masculine energy. Being happy is soooo much better than being right!

The beauty in choosing to be happy over right, is that when you let go and CHOOSE to surrender in life and in our relationships, he suddenly just wants to make you happy!

Our energy TRULY takes the lead.

As always, I would love to hear how this feels for you!

Jen Michelle

She has undergone training with Rori Raye, and had tried many different coaching methods until she finally found the tools that really worked, and worked quickly.

Jen is passionate about helping you become your most authentic self (and this has to happen in order to have the deep love you really desire) and in helping you achieve everything you want out of your life.


If your relationship has fallen off track, and fear has taken over, Jen Michelle at Jen Michelle can completely understand.

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