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You know that feeling you get when you see him constantly checking his phone? Or maybe you notice he never leaves his phone unattended to?

How about the nights that he stays out late and the weekends you spend alone because he’s quote “out with the guys and you can trust him?”

Many women experience that gut-wrenching feeling on a regular basis and have no idea what to do about it.

4 Signs You're Committed to a F*ck BoyIn fact – many times the women are made to feel like they are the crazy ones – and he “will not stand for” this “unreasonable” jealousy or neediness!

And then he withdraws, to show that he won’t allow her to be this way – blaming and even punishing her for his bad behavior.

So she stuffs her feelings down and continues to disregard her own feelings and be gaslighted by the man who is being dishonest with her.

Here Are the 4 Signs That You’re Committed to a F*ck Boy

1. He buys you things to make up for how he has made you feel.

2.  He mentions women on a regular basis, almost as if he’s teasing you about the women who find him attractive (this may stop after he realizes it doesn’t serve him anymore and he may be found out).

3. He tells you ridiculous things that you know have to be lies because why would he actually have done this and tell you about it?

You: “Where were you last night?”

Him (jokingly): “Stephanie was sucking my d!@#”

How outlandish and off the wall to even say that because he knows how you feel when he brings her name up! Now his conscience is clear because he told you and you chose to not believe it. He withdraws to the point that he makes you feel bad for him because he’s so wounded by his past.

The guilt trip. Poor him.

4. He runs!!!

…You know EXACTLY what this means if you have experienced this type of man. You may even have asked him “why do you always run?”

Like you’re going to keep him from doing that by bringing it to his attention.

Even if you’ve been complaining about his withdrawal, your choice to accept him back tells him you can handle  it – so the pattern continues.

But can you really handle it? Or is your body inwardly and outwardly starting to show the effects of stress, pain  and distrust?

None of this is easy to read or experience. But what’s even worse is living your life like this. Constantly feeling like you could puke because of the stress you’re under.

The good news is: change is possible!

But that will never happen as long as things stay the same in the relationship. I truly believe that no man is proud of being this way. But it’s all he knows how to do to cope with his internal pain.

I don’t think he wants to purposely hurt the woman he loves, but he has learned a pattern of shutting down and running to survive. Inside he knows he’s not being a man – but honestly he has no idea how to be a man, because no one ever showed him properly.

And the pain he feels on the inside is stronger than his guilt over the suffering he’s causing you. Besides, he knows you’re free to live your life. You can leave if you want. So you must be okay with it; why else would you stay?

As a relationship expert, I can help you understand why you stay and help change the pattern of this type of toxic relationship.

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Rogue Pence

“Rogue” is an accomplished relationship coach, wife, and mother of four that really knows how to dive into a woman’s love life and turn it around. By using tools that helped her turn her 15 year marriage around, she can help you turn yours around. Rogue has worked with women for 15 years in the nail industry, she listened and coached woman by giving advice and counsel on any situation they were in. Rogue has a heart of gold that can relate to women because of her own personal struggles and hearing other women’s. She seeks to help any women that finds herself stuck, lonely or frustrated by love.

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