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Men prefer confident women for several reasons.

One of the lesser-known reasons is because confident women exude trustworthiness. Studies completed at Northwestern University show that people who are secure tend not to lie about certain matters. They also do not hide behind sweet smiles and try to manipulate their partners to get their way. Basically, with a self-assured woman, what you see is what you get. So, for men who like their women honest and straightforward, confidence is a must. Only men with hidden agendas are afraid to be with assertive women.

Confident Women: What Does it Bring in Meeting the Man of Your Life?Confidence is having the ability to stand up on your own. It is having the courage to voice out your concerns. It is being able to speak your mind, question the wrongs and defend the rights. Men like their women to be able to talk freely. Why? Because it gives them the comfort that their women can engage in conversations without being intimidated.

Personally, I proudly show my wife off when we’re in public, partly because of her positive outlook on life. I’ve seen her shift into crisis mode and solve problems at the drop of a hat when faced with a difficult situation. I love what she can be in the midst of a challenge and has the will to navigate her way out of it while still finding a workable solution for everyone. This attracts men because it’s hard to be positive when things unexpectedly turn bad.

Self-assured females smile, make eye contact, flirt and speak with directness and warmth. They show interest when they are interested, and men return the favor. Less confident women unintentionally miss out on the excitement of the dating game. How? By being so self-conscious that they avert their gazes during conversations. They also tend to be less attentive because of the anxiety they carry. When they become less focused, they make slow responses which eventually could lead to men losing interest.

I’ve been in many social settings where things turned awkward due to an inability to banter with confidence. Look, dudes like women who can talk a little shit and roast them from time to time. Any woman who can crack a good joke gets a fist bump from me.

Physiological Reasons For Man’s Attraction to a Confident Woman

Low self-esteem is associated with negative thoughts about yourself; and negativity feeds unhappiness. Conversely, a healthy self-esteem means being more accepting of yourself and your life, with far fewer negative thoughts.

Indicators of self-confidence that men find attractive:

  • Being authentic; real men love when you are yourself at all times
  • Being assertive and speaking up for yourself
  • Not worrying excessively about what others think
  • Focusing on your own life without the need to compare yourself to others
  • Less worry about rejection, failure, or not fitting in
  • Talking about yourself in a healthy way
  • Pursuing real friendships and relationships
  • Being okay with being alone

If you struggle with self-confidence, know that there are simple things you can do to build it up. Confidence is complex and there are many factors that can influence it. However, every little bit counts and building self-esteem can make a huge difference in your relationships.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

1. Take Note of Your Wins, Especially the Small Ones

My mom used to always say that every rung on the ladder is important when working your way up. This is true for your belief system, too.

2. Look at Your Circle of Friends

Do the people in your life contribute to your confidence in a healthy way? If not, you should consider spending less time with them. The last thing you need is a group people with bad vibes draining your energy.

3. Make Time for Self-Care

Most of the women I know, especially those who are successful in their careers or who are raising kids, tend to not take care of themselves, physically. Everyone else’s needs come before theirs and it leaves women feeling unappreciated and stressed.

Do these things and you will begin to see gradual, lasting changes in your life. It is a process, but with some focus, you can do this.

Derek Felton

Derek Felton is a highly sought after professional speaker, author, and coach. He completed training as a life coach at The Life Purpose Institute in San Diego, CA.

He is the creator of Deeper Luv a program focused on helping women to do the inner work to fall in love with themselves, rid themselves of limiting beliefs, and affirm their self-worth.

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  • Treece Jul 30, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    Thank you Derek Felton.
    Reading “Why Confident Women Knock Men’s Socks Off” opened my eyes in viewing myself and reasons why I’m still single.
    Things are gonna CHANGE around here honey!
    I will be following your works and all that you write. Thank you again for your inspiring thought provoking words.


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