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As a Professional Woman and a friend of many professional single woman, I have had an opportunity to date professional men and blue collar workers.

This topic always comes up whenever I am in the company of Professional single woman. For a time period in my life I didn’t give blue collar workers the time of day. As I have matured and grown I have learned that it’s not about the profession as much as it is the integrity and character of the person.

The list below is not all inclusive and does not speak to everyone’s experience. Have an open mind and peruse the list below:

1. Most are very down to earth and relatable with not a lot of pretense.

They are generally very proud of what they do, construction, electrician, rail road mechanic, truck driver etc. They also are pretty excited to have a professional woman in their life, very proud to show you off and meet friends and others. As an Author and Speaker, my blue collar beaus always speak very highly of me as a person and are quite proud to tell others what I do etc. This has happened to me consistently every time I had dated a blue collar worker. (My own personal advertisement)

2. Some blue collar workers make great incomes and like to save, but are very generous with their significant other.

I was under the impression that blue collar workers didn’t make great incomes, I am quite impressed, I have met several Truck drivers, Construction workers and others who not only make $70,000 to $100,000 some of them are in business for themselves and make even more than what I was told by my personal friends. I have also noticed they didn’t mind spending on me, nor did they expect me to split the checks when dining out. I will also note they were not afraid to let me know if something was not in their budget at the time, I could really appreciate the honesty.

3. They are Fun and Flexible.

My professional friends are usually planners and are so into the corporate world, and hobbies such as golf and racquetball, (there is nothing wrong with these) they sometimes forget to have fun and be flexible on the regular out of the box things. I have had the most fun dates with my blue collar interest, things I would not normally do, i.e. go fishing in the middle of the day for no reason at all, food truck festival at the park, going to classic car show just for examples.

4. They are very good with their hands and can repair things or have a go to mechanic or resource.

As a single mom of three with a house and car… I have been up charged for car repairs, painting and someone maintaining the lawn. My blue collar guys always come through, either they can repair what I need, don’t mind cutting the grass or like I said before has a very reasonable resource, that would not dare over charge their girl (smile).

5. Although any profession blue collar or white collar may not be committed or faithful.

I have found that my blue collar interests are usually very committed to the relationship and wanting it to grow into a friendship and long term or even marriage. With my experience with white collar interest they sometimes act as if they are the “prize” and have an air about them as if I should be glad they are dating me. Don’t get me wrong you can’t put any one profession in a box but I have really been pleasantly surprised by my hard working blue collar workers.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice on who you love and who you build a life with and no one else’s opinion etc. I want a man who cherishes me and shares the same core values as me. My core values have nothing to do with a degree, a job title, and commas on a paycheck. I will give this caveat, I care about income to a degree, but what I care about is that a man can provide for himself and his family and is willing to do so without hesitation or prompting.

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