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Your online dating profile is the golden nugget in determining how many men will be coming your way so if you’re smart, you realize the competition is fierce so you have to get a lot more creative with what you’re posting online, especially with your photos.

The problem is that some women are getting a little carried away with the exaggerations of how wonderful they may be, while others are flat out lying about one or a number of things on their profiles to increase their chances of meeting someone.

You see, the way these dating sites are set up nowadays, the search preferences go far beyond “29 years-old thin blonde with blue eyes” and can include options about body types, profession, religion and more.

So if you’re a 45 year-old woman with brown hair with a few extra pounds, you’re out!

Dating Profiles and Capture MenDesperate times call for desperate measures and women are really trying to put themselves out there as the most desirable by fudging the truth on their profiles, and here are a few of the most common things women tend to lie about:


There has been a stigma surrounding a woman’s age for as long as I can remember, so it should come as no surprise that this is one of the most lied about things on our profiles. Older women want to be younger to attract the men their age who are trying to attract women that are younger than them. Did you get all of that?

Unless we’re ready to recruit some young cubs, we’ve figured out how men within our preferred range are eliminating us the quickest using the age filters so it’s easy to chat with a woman and learn that she was really born in 1970 vs 1976. I don’t think men really trip on the year variance, but if you’re looking old as hell like a worn down sofa bed in person, those years are going to matter.

Our Photos

They say a photo is worth a thousand words and in the online world, it can mean everything. Men everywhere have complained about the outdated pictures from back in the day, the glamour shots where a woman is totally made up and the photos that have so many filters and edits that equal nothing but deception when meeting in person.

While they’re just as guilty, women tend to add a little extra when posting photos because many of us have mastered the art of the perfect selfie, with that perfect pose and angling.

It’s true, no one wants to post anything that puts them in a flattering light, but when you’re looking like a Kim online and but look like “old” Kylie in person, remember this: unless you can get a makeover before meeting up with a guy, he’s going to notice. Play it safe by sticking to posting 3-5 photos that reflect you currently and make sure you have a few full body shots, because otherwise you may be setting someone up for disappointment and killing your chances at getting a callback.

Body Type

You’re probably thinking the photos should address the body type deceit but again, if they’re edited just right, a woman can create whatever body she wants from slim to athletic to curvy so this is definitely one of the features we lie about the most. But I’ve always wondered if some of us are a little confused or delusional on what our type really is?

For instance, when it comes to curvy, that is probably one of most subjective descriptions ever. Who’s to say that a little belly flapping but a firm butt isn’t considered curvy to a woman or a man; it really depends on your definition, right?

Since body type can be a little questionable I’d say it’s best to round up. If you think you’re average, you might want to say curvy if you have a few hills and valleys and if you think you’re curvy, but have a few valleys and mountains, a few extra pounds might suit you better. I would much rather say and show photos of the current me and let the guy who messages decide if my body if a fit for him.

Relationship Intent

Let’s be honest about dating and relationships – no one wants to play the fool and men are notorious for downplaying or lying about wanting something more serious, but women are just as guilty.

Depending on where we are in life, many of us are either looking for something casual because we don’t want the hassle then there are some interested in a relationship. The problem is that we’re not always so clear about what we want (surprise) and may not make it clear until much later and sometimes, while at other times, we know exactly what we are interested in. It just may take the man a while to figure out that it isn’t what was said originally.

Dating is a numbers game.

It’s understandable that single women need to do everything possible to even the score in hopes of meeting someone decent. Yet when it comes to some of the things being written in dating profiles and photos shared, some of us may be taking it too far. Just remember for every photo you enhance and every description say is a little white lie you should ask yourself how you would feel is someone did the same thing to you.

Carmen Jones

Carmen’s work has been featured on several dating and relationship blogs including Cupid’s Library and The Sexy Single Mommy.

My Dating Hangovers shares the uncut and raw experiences of a single woman trying to date in the mean streets of L.A. hoping to find Mr. Right Now.

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  • DC Oct 28, 2016 at 1:50 pm

    Boy, nothing like generalizing. When I was in a chat room online, I NEVER lied about my age, body type, or intentions, and the picture I used was 2-3 years old.


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