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Does your husband seem “checked out,” and affection and attention are a thing of the past? Or maybe your boyfriend forgets to call, forgets to make dinner reservations, or forgets your birthday?

Feeling Ignored? How to Make Him Want You Now!I’ve felt what it feels like to feel lonely, unloved, and taken for granted.

And that’s why I want to help you turn it around… because as a woman, you already have a magnetic force inside of you that I call feminine power.

In our culture we’ve been taught to get what we want by pursuing it… but men enjoy perusing you. If you call him, or ask him to give you more attention, he’ll feel pushed away because he wants the space to feel magnetically pulled towards you.

Feminine power is as strong as the magnetism of the moon, which attracts the tides of the ocean. All women have it; we just need to learn to tap into it.

The Skills of Feminine Power Are:

  • Allowing your radiance to shine, so you can mesmerize him with your inner beauty
  • Finding pleasure every day, which inspires his devotion to your pleasure
  • Honoring and loving your own feelings; listening and speaking from your heart
  • Communicating your emotions and desires without making him wrong; letting him be deeply touched and moved by the beauty of your inner being
  • Fully receiving and appreciating all that he is already giving, so you can inspire him to step up and want to give more

My client Ann felt ignored by her boyfriend when we started working together. When she learned the secrets of feminine power, she recently told me: “I notice now that he is happy to be of service to me without me having to ask him to: wanting to get me things, massage me, and he’s really giving towards me.”

I hear stories all the time from clients who learn these secrets that their boyfriends or husbands suddenly give them surprise gifts or dates; show more affection; fix things that she’s been asking him to do for a while; and they are able to receive more while doing less.

What’s more, their partners are receiving more too! Because men thrive on these feminine gifts that are pleasurable for everyone.

In week 4 of my Man-ifest Lasting Love 6 Week Home Study Course, I teach 7 fun and pleasurable practices for how to tap into your feminine power to attract your man to you, as the moon attracts the tide.

You’ll balance your masculine and feminine energy so you feel alive and radiant. You can experience new levels of pleasure, fulfillment, and nurturing for yourself, regardless of what your man is doing.

Here’s a quick tool you can use any time to own your value. And it’s fun! It’s called “Chocolate Ice Cream.” Who can go wrong with a tool like that?

Chocolate Ice Cream Exercise

Next time you find yourself thinking of your man as “the prize” instead of knowing you’re the “prize” that he wants to win, do this:

Right now: imagine your man (or the man you want) is right in front of you and feel yourself melting, as if you’re made of chocolate ice cream! Really feel your warm yummy core melting the ice cream… and it gets all soft, sweet, melty and yummy!

Next time your man isn’t paying attention to you, or he hasn’t called, and you want to go into your head and analyze him; or you’re thinking you’re not good enough or pretty enough: be the chocolate ice cream!

Notice what your body feels like to be all sweet, soft, and melty, and notice what your man does when you feel this way!

A man truly craves a woman who is enjoying herself and loves herself just the way she is: it’s contagious and he can’t help but fall in love with you more deeply!

It seems so simple, but once you master this way of being, you can radiantly and magnetically draw your man closer with ease and pleasure!

Valerie Greene

Valerie Greene is a unique relationship mentor who helps women inspire their man to deeper love, intimacy, and passion.

Download her free eguide, “Man-ifest Lasting Love” to draw him closer and inspire his love, adoration, and devotion:

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