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I usually write for men. Correction, I always write for men, but today I’m switching gears to write for women.

Find a Great Man: How to Attract the Man of Your Dreams…I get emails weekly from women asking for advice and they usually go unanswered, because I simply don’t have the time to respond to everyone, however, this post is based on one of the most popular email topics I get: how can a woman get a great man?

Here are 5 tips for ladies who want a great man:

#5. Be a Great Woman

This might seem obvious, but there’s a logic gap with many people in 2016 (women and men) where expectation is based on feelings and not fact. What I mean by that is this: a man might WANT a Victoria Secret model, but he’s average in every way and isn’t even trying to better himself. A woman might WANT to be with Tom Brady, but she’s average in every way as well. You see the logic gap?

If you want a great mate, then BE great. Make yourself into the best woman you can be and I promise you’ll attract the high value men.

#4. Be Feminine

It’s a shame that this is even on the list. It should be a given, but in an era where the sexes are at ‘war’ and society is hellbent on blending the genders, then I have to point this out.

The more feminine a woman is the more masculine of a man she’ll attract.

You’ll hear SOME women today say stuff like:

“Where did all the REAL men go?” while belching loudly in the bar…

Men are sooo rude!” while walking through a door being held open by a bellman without saying ‘Thank you’…

I don’t need a man! I have my own job, car, house and independence. A man is just a ‘tool’ in the bedroom!” while on a date…

There’s nothing wrong with being independent financially as a woman and that’s great for you, however, belittling men, or demonizing them is GMR, Great Men Repellent. A great man doesn’t need a weak woman he has to coddle, but he does want a woman who knows HOW to be a woman while celebrating that he’s a man.

Once again, this should seem obvious, but in today’s day and age common sense isn’t so common.

#3. Take Care of Yourself

It’s shame that many women will allow themselves to let go and then expect a great man. The same goes for men as well. A lack of hygiene, fitness and personal development is necessary for both sexes in order to attract the most ideal mate. A woman can’t expect to let themselves go physically and expect the man to justlook at my heart.

Call it shallow, but men are visual creatures and this will never change.

#2. How You Carry Yourself Sets the Standard for How You’re Treated

How a woman carries herself attracts either men who just want to use her, or men who want to get to know her. Note the difference.

If a woman acts in a manner that’s unbecoming, then when she attracts men who are only interested in her sexually, then can she really be surprised?

Women who carry themselves with class will attract the men LOOKING for classy women and that makes all the difference in the world.

#1. Being Hurt Doesn’t Mean You Pass It On

Look, I get it. Maybe a long time ago you met a ‘bad boy‘ who ripped your heart out and it left you frustrated, depressed and forever distrusting of men, however, if you continue to allow yourself to carry that baggage and let it define you, then you’ll never meet the ‘right’ man.

People make mistakes. People grow. People outgrow each other sometimes. Let the pain from the past go and move on. I guarantee you that your disposition will become happier and you’ll start to attract the right kind of men into your life.

If you take that hurt, turn into a mantra of “All men are dogs!” and go through life with that outlook, then guess what? You’ll constantly have bad relationships. People get what they see.

Women have an incredible gift, so take advantage of it. Be the greatest woman you can be and you’ll find a great man who’s looking for someone just like you.

Christian McQueen

Christian McQueen is a blogger, entrepreneur and cigar lover.

Find out more at his popular blog: Check out SELFFLIX, a streaming video-on-demand website that has online courses on self-improvement, from dating to social skills, to starting an online business.

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  • Evee May 23, 2016 at 4:08 pm

    This is the truth !!. Thank u for putting it out there.!!!

  • Gilian May 23, 2016 at 6:10 am

    you can tell this was written by a man….

    • Claire   Gilian May 23, 2016 at 9:16 am

      My thoughts exactly


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