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Let’s face it, the dating game can be so hard! It seems more difficult to understand men and their intentions, according to many single women I have spoken to over the years.

What Do Men Really Want in a Partner? How to Find a Relationship That Lasts!I asked some men what they really want in a woman! The answers might surprise you! Ladies, there are insightful, integrous men in the world just waiting for you! I truly believe that knowledge is power and this information can help you look in the mirror to discover what you are projecting when dating a man. Reflect on the person who is showing up on the dates. Is it really you?

In the early stages of dating, it is important that you project who you really are! Too often, we put on masks and step outside of our own personal authenticity to mold ourselves into what we think our date wants to see.

I have another idea instead, know what men are looking for ladies, and put your best self forward. I believe you must be yourself, otherwise who are you fooling? As I give you the list about what men are truly looking for in a woman, remember that being true to yourself will always remain the number one priority! I do not believe in the “bait and switch” approach to any aspect of life. Whatever does not resonate with you here, just leave it. Take what matches your ideals and ignore the rest.

1. Confidence

Men seek women who know who they are and know what they want in life. A confident woman is quite the attractive woman.  This comes from an inner view of “self.” Knowing your value will attract someone who will value you! Confidence breeds security and trust in the process of life. Having insecurity chases more men off than anything! Know that if someone you are dating is meant for you, there is nothing to be insecure about!

2. Drama Free Zone

We’ve heard it before, and it still holds true. Most men just don’t like to deal with drama. I’m not referring to not communicating emotions. I’m talking about insecurity, projection and games we can sometimes play in the dating world. Learn how to effectively communicate your feelings without blame, shame, manipulation or guilt. This is good practice for all of your relationships in life! Be honest about your feelings, but communicate them without causing a big drama. 

3. Fun

Men are looking for women who will enjoy similar activities and know how to have a good timeMen really want a woman who wants to participate in their life in this way. It doesn’t mean you have to partake in every hobby or activity they like, but make an effort to be open minded, have an adventurous spirit and be willing to try new things. You might just find new activities you enjoy as well.

4. Honesty

Men really hate game playing. If you have learned through the modern dating world that you don’t have to reveal your true “self”, then you have gained nothing by the interactions. Be honest about who you are, what you think and what you want! It is important to set this precedent early on.

5. Trust

Men want to be trusted. The more we feel for someone the deeper the levels of insecurity can sometimes rise to the top. This can ruin something worthwhile and must be dealt with. Learn your relationship patterns that I taught about in the previous articles on relationship patterns

We can tend to project past experiences and wounds onto our current relationships. Self-awareness and healing is key to avoiding this potentially costly mistake.

6. Respect

Men really do want to be respected by their woman. They want to be their lady’s “King” so to speak. Regardless of the era we live in, where women are incredibly empowered, men still want their woman to respect him, look up to him and admire his efforts in life. Some may think this is old fashioned, I say it is. And, it works! Men are looking for a woman who respects him as a human being, as a protector, as the hunter/gatherer and as the masculine in the relationship. 

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