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The following advice is for women who would like to have a wonderful marriage. If that is you, please read on and enjoy the article.

Love That Is True: Here’s How to Find Real LoveI’m not sure who had seen in the news a while ago, a couple from California who were married for 62 years, died 4 hours apart holding hands. How many of us today will experience such love?

Isn’t it interesting that:

  • 62 years ago, there were no mobile phones to text.
  • 62 years ago, there were no computers for emailing.
  • 62 years ago, there was no living together before marriage.
  • 62 years ago, there was no Tinder.
  • 62 years ago, there were no hook up’s.

So with all these changes today, are we really better off?

Today’s 20’s something’s have such a culture of hook up’s, where there is no such thing as courting, just text and have sex.

How many 20 something’s will still be married in 62 years time if their relationship is based on this?

We have the ability to change the way we are currently dating, and show with your actions how you want to be treated.

To be honest, so many guys I speak to really don’t want just a hook up or a one night stand. They want to chase that one rare gem of a girl that has standards and boundaries.

Don’t fall into the trap that it is just the way it is today in 2016. Men are men and they haven’t biologically changed the way they relate to women and how they respond to a woman who creates the thrill of the chase for them.

Is what you are doing working? Maybe today is the day for a change.

Take your time getting to know a guy.

Take you time before having sex with a guy.

Give him the opportunity to ‘court’ you to show you that you are worth the ‘chase’.

Maybe the ‘Old Fashioned‘ way to date has some merit.

Lyn Paul

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