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If you’re single, wouldn’t it be nice to find love before Valentine’s? As you contemplate the idea, your mind may go into a “realistic mode” telling you it’s unlikely. And that’s how most people get energetically closed off and remain in status quo indefinitely.

If you study extraordinary individuals, you’ll discover that they are not reasonable in their expectations. Their dreams are daring, and they go after the impossible. My students create amazing love relationships once they stop settling and playing safe, and open up to give and receive love unequivocally.

Most people, however, habitually follow their mother’s advice “Honey, don’t set your hopes too high, I don’t want you to get disappointed.” And disappointed they get, over and over again, because…

Any action prompted by fear leads to the exact outcome you’re afraid of.

Sure enough you were hurt in the past and you don’t want to feel pain again. This is understandable. However, what if instead of trying to protect yourself, you allowed yourself to be vulnerable? Your willingness to love, even though you can potentially get hurt, opens your heart, and you become emotionally available.

The Secret #1: The Goal Is Not to Be Safe, but to Be Happy

Find Love Before Valentine’s Day: Here’s How…Next, you need to open your mind to possibilities. Years ago, I learned from Tony Robbins a simple axiom “your past does not equal your future.” I would add “unless you believe that it does.” When you consider what’s possible, your evaluation is based on the data supplied by the past experiences. However, your future always holds infinite potential.

Imagine if you tried to create a new photo out of the images stored on your smartphone? You can do it, but how limiting this approach would be versus exploring new inspirations and allowing yourself to take new photos whenever you like and as many as you wish? Don’t let your mind to paint a picture of your new relationship out of your past breakups.

For years I’ve been collecting true love stories and helping my students to create their own. And I’m certain that a human mind is incapable of predicting or facilitating the “how” of meeting your mate. This is the work of the Divine. So relax because meeting your Soulmate is inevitable. All you have to do is to receive. And receiving is effortless. A skeptical mind may argue that many people never meet the love of their life. And that’s because these people keep their mind and heart closed.

The Secret #2: Love and Miracles Go Together

So what can you do now to attract your beloved sooner rather than later?

Learn to trust yourself. In my experience of working with hundreds of people, self-doubt is a major hurdle on your way to a successful relationship. You’re guided every step of the way. Once you learn to decipher your intuitive signals and develop the courage to act on your inspirations, the path will unfold before you naturally and beautifully.

When I trace back the circumstances of my life, I can see how the Divine plan of my love story which I described in my book Best Thing Ever, started playing out a few years prior to me meeting my husband. And who knows, if I didn’t go to an event and didn’t meet a new friend, and then a year later didn’t go to visit her in another city, how my life would unfold.

If you reflect on your life, you may discover that seemingly small decisions have taken you in a new direction. And you may not recognize the significance of your choices until years later. That’s why your connection to your intuition is vital, because your logical mind almost never has enough information to make the most beneficial choices.

Simply trust that everything that is happening in your life is working in your favor, even if you don’t see how. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to understand the bigger picture. Simply know that wherever you are on your path today, is exactly where you’re supposed to be. Enjoy every moment!

The Secret #3: Your Mind Doesn’t Know When the Timing Is Right, That’s Why You Have Intuition

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