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Many of us have been here before. You have that “friend” but the more you talk to him or her, and the more time you spend together you start to have visions.

Visions of what it might be like to actually be together. You have fun together, the conversation is great, the vibe is cool, and so you start crushing.

Friend Zone? Should You Ask or Not?You think the energy is reciprocal, but you aren’t quite sure. You’re afraid to express how you feel because it might just come with rejection. In other words, you might just find out you’ve been FRIEND ZONED! Well I took some time to ask some people who are dating what are the top signs that you’ve been friend zoned, so here are a few!

You Might Be Friend Zoned If….

1) She always gives you the shoulder hug or the church hug.

2) They always talks to you about other guys or girls.

3) Every time you make a play they laugh & change the subject.

4) They only call you when it’s convenient for them.

5) When you try to flirt they let it go over their head.

6) They always describe their ideal mate as opposite of you.

7) They’re always trying to hook you up with someone else.

8) Everything is always Dutch.

9) You find yourself always doing favors and never receiving any.

10) They won’t commit to any plans without saying, “We’ll see, I’ll have to let you know.”

11) They don’t respond to communication right away.

12) They never talk about being more than friends.

13) There is no intimacy.

14) They do more responding than conversing.

15) They always say, “You are so crazy.”

16) If you get sick and they say, “Aww get well soon.”

17) They use terms like, “Oh that’s nice.”

18)  They say stuff like, “I hear that.”

19) When you play about being together they say, “We know too much about each other.”

20) They say “Is that right”

21) When you tell them you’re crushing they say, “I wouldn’t want to ruin our friendship.”

These are just a few signs that you might be friend zoned, but comment below and add a few more!

The truth of the matter though is if you have feelings for someone let them know, you might risk rejection but you might just find yourself a great mate! Be bold! No risk, no reward!

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  • Rob Apr 20, 2016 at 5:18 am

    You are such an amazing friend.

  • Char Apr 19, 2016 at 11:35 am

    Don’t want to run him off – he is way too much fun!


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