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Many women complain that men don’t pursue them. Some blame it on men being passive today. Some feel that men should make the first move and say that men are not “alpha” enough.

Whether these beliefs have validity or not, the truth is that BOTH sexes have responsibility in approach and attraction. If you are someone who never gets approached or asked out on the second date, you have to take a look at what you can do to increase your “approachability factor.” It could take something as simple as putting on a pair of heels to gain a sexy swagger, smiling at a man in a coffee shop to invite conversation, or being at ease and enjoying a date. There is a secret formula for attraction that when implemented, you’ll start attracting men like bees to honey.

Here Are 5 Proven Ways to Get Men to Pursue You:

Convey a Sexy, Feminine Image

Women often dress for one another. Start understanding what men like. Men like women who look feminine and convey a sexy dating image. Incorporate more curve-hugging dresses, fitted shirts and sexy heels into your wardrobe. Men’s heads will surely begin to turn.

Pay Attention to the Signals You Send

Men are constantly looking for women to give them the “come talk to me” vibe because they’re terrified of rejection! Keeping that in mind, your overall goal is to use your feminine body language to show him that you’ll say yes if he asks you out. Turn your cab light on and let men know that you are available and open to talking. Smile, laugh and make eye contact every time you see a man.

It’s All About Your Attitude

Research shows that upon first impression (which is in the first 30 seconds of meeting someone), a person’s attitude is one of the most important determining factors of likability. That is why it’s crucial to make sure you are in a positive mood when entering a social situation or on a date with a man. Focus on cultivating those qualities within yourself and your contagious positivity will attract great men no matter where you go! Be the person everyone wants to meet by creating a vibrant energy around you.


The essence of flirting is expressing your interest in someone without committing yourself too seriously. In a nutshell, that means flirting is supposed to be fun and playful! If your goal is to meet a man you want to date, then embrace your femininity. Embodying your sexual, feminine side doesn’t mean you have to “dumb down” or lose who you are. Men just want to see you as positive, upbeat and playful which in turn increases their attraction to you as a woman.

Communicate and Express Who You Are

Many women complain that conversations can get boring or one-sided when meeting a man for the first time. There are things, however, you can do to change that by simply looking at what you are offering and how you are communicating. Avoid asking a million questions of the man. Rather, ask a question and share a related personal story about yourself to his response. This balance of give and take allows a man to really “see” you and creates a connection that facilitates more exciting conversation between the two of you. Letting a man know who you are and showing your emotions and vulnerabilities will help you connect with him faster.

What is exciting about these secret tips is that they are easy things to implement, incorporate and experiment with in order to see if you get a different result with men.

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