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Do you ever feel like his attention is on everyone and everything but you?

Honey, sometimes you just need a little plan to get your man’s attention right back on you… where it should be!

Here are 7 ways to make that happen!

1. Ask Him for His Help

There is nothing a man likes more than to help a damsel in distress! Now a man surely does like a strong, independent, confident woman. But he absolutely loves a woman who needs him. So, ask him for his advice, his strong arms or for his height. Watch him jump at the chance to be your knight in shining armor.

A gentle reminder: Ask him politely and respectfully. Don’t demand!

2. Ask Him Questions About His Day

You want his attention, get him to talk about himself! I know, I know. You want him to talk about you! But if you get him to talk about his day, himself or what’s going on in his world he will open up more to you and he will feel like you are really interested in him. It may take a bit for it to happen, but he will soon reciprocate and ask you about your day.

A note to you fellas: a woman will always feel better if you let her talk about what’s going on in her world!

7 Ways to Get Your Man's Adoring Attention3. Look Him in the Eye

We kind of get out of the habit of looking our sweetheart in the eye when we talk to him, especially if we’ve been together for a while. Look him in the eye when you talk and when you listen to him. Hold his gaze for a few seconds longer. Look at him in a way that makes him ask, “What?” And then say, “I just love you. That’s all.” And watch what happens!

4. Flirt With Him

Just a little bit! I know I’m guilty of “too busy” and sometimes forget to flirt with my man. Turn on your feminine charm. You don’t have to be girly if that’s who you aren’t but your feminine is what attracted him to you in the first place. Your feminine is the opposite of his masculine and he loves it!

5. Watch How You Think About Him

Thoughts are energy. If you think of him as a jerk then guess what? He will most likely act like a jerk! He can feel your thoughts. Try on thoughts of how sweet and adoring he is to you. Find the feeling of those times and amp it up! Stay in the energy of that feeling for as long as you can. Then let me know what he does! You will be so happy!

6. Compliment Something About Him That You Like

I once had a client who could not think of one thing she liked about her man except his forearms. I told her to compliment him on his strong, good looking forearms. And guess what! He loved it and showed her a little more attention. He felt her admiration!

Hint: Don’t overdo the compliments. A few go a long way!

7. Play With Him

A man loves a woman who wants to go out and play with him. You don’t have to do what he wants all the time, just occasionally! He feels like you are making an effort and want to be with him. Be sincere though. It will save you later! I remember early on with my man I pretended to like football. I’ve since had to “fess up” to him that I really hate to watch football. I was just trying to be interesting and he called me on it!

Give your man a little attention and you will find that he will give you more. He really does want to make you happy and please you! Believe me!

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