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When you are dating to find a compatible partner and  lasting love, it’s easy to shoot men down. Some women are pros at discounting men for little details and for big ones too.

Your complaints might include any of the following or you may have others that bug you about the men you meet and date:

  • He lacks style
  • He’s cheap with you
  • He has less education than you
  • You don’t like his sense of humor
  • He’s not six feet tall
  • He doesn’t drive a nice car
  • You don’t like his friends
  • He’s not successful enough
  • He runs hot and cold, etc.

Picking on the men you date is sadly very easy. The real trick to dating for keeps is to give a man a chance and get to know him for who he really is. That’s how you can figure out when you’ve found the right one.

Keeper? Is He a Relationship Keeper?Signs of a Compatible Partner

What are the signs that let you know he’s a compatible long-term partner and someone who will stick around? Check out these seven surefire clues that you are dating a man with real promise.

1. His Word Is Like Gold

When he says he’s going to do something, you can count on him to follow through. It’s so awesome after one too many flaky guys who never kept a promise. That’s why his word is like gold- because you can bank on it.

2. He Brings Out Your Best Side

This man encourages you to stretch and be the best you can be. He brings out your feminine side, lifts your spirits and inspires you to go for what you want in life. Yeah! How wonderful to be with a man who not only knows who he is but also recognizes how amazing you are. Ding Ding Ding – you’ve found a winner!

3. He’s Thoughtful

You say something casually and before you know it he remembers and takes action. You mention a particular restaurant – he makes reservations to take you there. You tell him how you love hot pink gerbera daisies and he buys them the next time he brings flowers. His thoughtfulness makes you feel special and cherished which is why you know you’ve got a great guy.

4. He Patiently Works Through Any Issue

In any relationship, problems will crop up. But when things go wrong, he’s willing to talk it out and listen to you. He’ll let you know something that is bothering him and he’s willing to hear you share a concern. Good communication is the key to long-term compatibility so count yourself as one lucky woman.

5. He’s Got Your Back

When you are backed into a corner for any reason and feel threatened, this man has your back. As a dating coach for women, clients frequently tell me how they want a man with this quality. There is almost nothing that feels as good as having a supportive man by your side and someone who sticks up for you. Whether you encounter a work problem or an issue with friends or family, he’s in your corner and willing to help.

6. He’s Proud to Share You With His Friends and Family

You know you’ve got a great guy when he starts introducing you to family and friends. Without hesitation he invites you to events and tells the people close to him about how fabulous you are. His peeps give you a warm welcome and say they’ve heard nice things about you. Check! That is a really good sign you’re dating a great guy.

7. Your Friends and Family Love Him Too

On the flip side, everyone you know who meets your man loves him like you do. They are happy for you and let you know how impressed they are or thrilled for you. He seems to fit in with your friends and family, feels comfortable and makes other feels the same way. Yes, he’s a keeper for sure!

So, the man you’re dating has several of these indicators?

Yeah girlfriend! That is fantastic news because you’ve likely got a keeper and a man with whom you can have a healthy, lasting love with.

On the other hand, if the guy you’re seeing falls short and doesn’t have at least four of these clues working in his favor, it’s time to rethink who you’re spending time with.

You deserve to be treated well and included in your man’s life. If after a few months, you don’t see many of these signs, take a step back to reevaluate and make sure you are headed in the right direction with the right man for you.

Ronnie Ann Ryan

Ronnie Ann Ryan, the Dating Coach for Women insists love is your destiny and shares proven advice to date and understand men and find love.

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  • Sadie Dec 20, 2016 at 7:44 am

    This is all very well said. I am twice Divorced. July 9th was a year. It was absolutely awesome. Then after I said I do. Down hill we went. No communication at all. No intimacy, and the day’s go by not a word is spoken. I ask him any kind of question it is always the same eather yelling or being very discussed with what ever I had asked him. He walked out on me was gone 13- day’s. Left me with no food, water, key’s, and no money. 13 day’s later he said he was coming back. No explanation nothing. I had no say in it at all. I am physically and emotionally a shattered mess. I definitely want some advice if possible. I wish I could have started reading Digital Romance a long time ago. And no what I know from reading this.

    • Sadie   Sadie Dec 20, 2016 at 7:47 am

      Thank you so very much for listening to my story. I am hoping to get some advice on this. Or some thoughts and prayers. Love and Hug’s.


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