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Whether you’re new to the dating scene or have been around this block for a while now, impressing your date is likely a concern you share with many men.

Confidence Tips and Advantages in Finding the Right MatchSociety places a great deal of pressure on men, as behavior norms such as asking someone out or paying for the date tend to fall on men. Though these practices are changing in modern times, it’s still likely you may be a bit nervous about approaching a new woman. It’s been shown that confidence is one of the traits most women look for in a man; however, the ways to demonstrate this characteristic may be surprising. Read on to discover ways to impress your date with confidence.

Body Language

The way in which you present yourself says a lot of about your level of self-assurance than any other. Aspects of your initial presentation such as your posture, smile and level of eye contact all matter a great deal. So it’s essential to stand tall, look her in the eye and stride with purpose when you first meet. We all know first impressions can be everything. Charisma on Command has some helpful hints on how body language can affect charisma.


Yes, it’s true that physical appearance is an important input in initial attraction. After all, the first thing a potential date is presented with is your photo. At least as important, however, is your confidence about your appearance. Believing you are an irresistible cut of USDA-approved sexiness may be more important than actually being an irresistible cut of USDA-approved sexiness – especially because individual taste varies so widely. If you believe it, others are likely to believe it as well.

If you currently lack confidence in this area, the most permanent and least superficial solution involves changing the way you talk to and think about yourself. That being said, it’s not wrong to make small changes to your habits in order to develop the appearance you desire.

Having good hygiene and grooming habits are a must for impressing women of interest. It can also go a long way to improving your own morale and helping you to perform better on the date. So take time to choose an outfit you feel comfortable in and make sure it’s free of wrinkles or stains. Wear a nice scent that isn’t overwhelming. Be sure your breath is smelling fresh and that no food is stuck in your teeth. Along these lines, if you are concerned about a certain issue such as a crooked smile or thinning hair, now might be the time to address these things. If you intend to be on the dating market, investing in dental work, hair restoration with hair building fibers may be well worth considering.


Yes, showing vulnerability can go a long way toward convincing a woman of your self-confident nature. Be yourself and share your insecurities in an authentic way if you want to impress upon women that you are a confident guy. Nothing is sexier than a man who is willing to let his guard down. It definitely shows you have the confidence not to be concerned with traditional social conventions that state men should be stoic or hide their feelings.

These are three of the most important ways of impact in which to impress your date with confidence. While there are many other things you can do, you’ll definitely have a jump on the competition if you master these.

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