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You’ve been dating this guy for a while and things are looking really good. It seems like everything is on track and going smoothly. But how do you know for sure?

11 Ways to Know You Found the Right GuyThere are several signs to watch for that let you know you have found “The One.” Find out what to look for so you can feel more certain you are headed for lasting love. I’m talking about more than him saying he loves you which could have meaning or be nothing more than lip service.

Watch for any of these 11 indicators that you are with the right man for you. He’s thinking long-term about you and he treats you really well. When they start to add up, you know you’ve found a keeper!

1. He Shows You He Cares

You know by the little things he does that he’s crazy about you. He might bring you flowers for no reason or take you to your favorite restaurant just because. Making you happy is something he thinks about and enjoys.

2. He Brags about You

Your man is proud of you and sings your praises to others. Whether you got a promotion, painted a new picture, or made a great dinner, he lets people know he thinks you are wonderful.

3. He’s Considerate

Maybe he’s late or plans have changed. You never worry because your guy always lets you know when things shift. He considers and is aware of your feelings in most of the things he does.

4. He Keeps His Promises

Your man’s word is rock solid. If he says he’s going to do something, he follows through like clockwork. And even if he can’t make his deadline, he lets you know when he will make it happen. You can totally rely on him.

5. He Knows How to Listen

When you talk about your day or a problem you’re having, your guy listens intently. He may have some suggestions, but more than that he is supportive. There’s nothing like when a guy has your back and you can count on his help.

6. He’s Good Company

Being with him is so much fun. You can talk about anything, laugh and be silly or enjoy being active together like cycling or taking a walk. You can even sit quietly together and feel completely comfortable without saying a word. Now you know he has long-term potential because you enjoy each other’s company in a variety of circumstances.

7. He Claimed You

The guy you’re dating wants to make sure you are all his so he has asked you to be exclusive to make sure you don’t date anyone else. What a great indication that he has long-term plans for you in his life.

8. He Calls You His Girlfriend

Another mark of a man who is thinking long-term is one who is happy to label you as his girlfriend. While other men don’t want to define the relationship, he’s at the point where he’s happy you are his girlfriend and he is your boyfriend.

9. He Introduced You to Friends and Family

Over the last few months, you’ve been meeting your beau’s friends and family at different events. Maybe a holiday gathering, a casual meal out or Sunday dinner with the family. This is good news as it shows his comfort level with having his family and friends mingle with you – a definite signal for long-term intentions.

10. He Asks Your Opinion on Big Decisions

When a man wants to hear your thoughts about the new car he’s buying or a change of jobs, you know he has integrated you into his life. Asking for your opinion means he trusts your advice and wants you included at a deeper, meaningful level.

11. He Makes Long-Term Plans

Sometimes men talk about the future, but there is nothing behind it. Not so with your guy. When he talks about planning a vacation you know you are going because he’s proved himself to be a straight talker over time.

He might bring up topics like where you want to live someday, how many kids you want, or what kind of house you dream of. And he listens carefully to your answers. Yes, he’s serious about you!

If you are seeing several of these indications that he’s thinking about you for the long run, congratulations! You have found the one for you. It’s time to stop worrying and feel more secure that you are with the right man at last.

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  • C May 11, 2017 at 10:40 pm

    I think this is full of preconceptions about what women need to be happy and how a life has to be. Flowers? Yes, they’re nice, but men don’t need to bring you material things to show they care. And women should learn to recognise caring in ways other than material goods.
    Similarly, exclusivity might be one person’s dream and another person’s nightmare.
    There are too many things in this article that gave me an uncomfortable reaction for me to name them all.
    Too bad many people will take this as the absolute truth and try to conform to it rather than accept they don’t necessarily want or need what society dictates.


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