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We’ve all done crazy things for men, girlfriends and family. It’s time to regain our dignity.

Here’s the first step…

I had a conversation with a tribe member who is a highly accomplished woman. After her marriage ended, she started dating again.

Ladies, Are Your Relationship Actions High Value?Unfortunately, she found herself in an abusive relationship.

(No, it wasn’t a pattern for her. The boyfriend was nothing like her ex-husband — who is a lovely man.)

I say “found” because, quite often, that’s how it happens. Slowly. It can sneak up on you.

We make decisions and compromises that aren’t in our best interest.

We want to fit in. We feel lonely. We want to be liked. We’ve come out of a painful situation and cling to the next person who gives us attention. We feel we can’t turn down that job. We can’t refuse that client.

We feel something is off. We know shouldn’t do it.

Yet, we end up doing it anyway. 

You could spend hours on the therapist couch trying to figure out why you do it.

Knowing why won’t change the behavior. So let’s not focus on the past and why.


The focus needs to be on safeguarding our emotional, financial and psychological interest by chucking low value actions out of our lives.

Then, we must replace them with high value actions.

Women often ask, “Rhonda, exactly what does that looks like?”

Well, I’m not one to keep you guessing.

Here are a few examples:

7 Common Low Value Actions To Avoid

  • Constantly phoning, emailing or texting people who rarely (if ever) contact you
  • Speaking poorly of yourself or others
  • Spending everything you have on vices and things you don’t need
  • Spending the majority of your spare time watching TV
  • Eating low quality and junk food
  • Gossiping and focusing on other’s lives
  • Buying cheap clothing you have to replace every season

Want to be an extraordinary woman? Ditch what the masses do.

Do the opposite.

7 Uncommon High Value Actions To Adopt

  • Giving others the same space they give you
  • Speaking highly of yourself and others
  • Saving money to invest in your personal growth and future
  • Spending your spare time reading, on personal growth or your true desires
  • Eating high quality food that nourishes you
  • Only speaking of situations that concern you
  • Buying high quality clothing that will last years

TIP: Accelerate your results by printing this list out. Add your own actions to it. Look at it every week to see where you can improve. 

There are hundreds of low and high value actions, but this is a great place for you to start.

And the truth is, deep down, we ladies KNOW when we’re doing something low value.

Often, it simply feels good — in the moment. There’s some ingrained emotional need we’re trying to satisfy.

The point is to make conscious decisions — in each moment.

Pay attention! Don’t float through life on autopilot.

IMPORTANT: Do not let your standards slip when others are around. No matter what.

I’m notorious for gently and lovingly letting my friends know when they say or do something low value.

But there’s a caveat!

If you give it, you must receive it.

They have carte blanche to let me know when I do it, too. (Yes, I slip up, and they call me on it ;-))

Constructive criticism is a huge stepping stone to success. Learn to seek it. Learn to love it.

If your friends aren’t committed to taking high value actions daily, think about what that means.

Your High Value Woman Mantra for May

“Today, I commit to taking high value actions daily.”

Ask yourself daily, in every moment, Is the action I’m about to take high value?”

With love and in service,

Rhonda “Take High Value Actions” Cort

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