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You love, love, love a great man with ambition and a mission, but you’ve been searching and searching… Wondering WHERE the heck are these high quality men hiding?

The good news is that they’re not hiding.

More often than not, it’s not about what you’re doing—but who you’re being.

Chances are you’ve got some beliefs and habits that are attracting mediocrity.

Today, that changes.

As founder and creator of The High Value Woman™ global movement, I DETEST mediocrity in ALL ways, shapes and forms.

Especially in your love life.

And here’s the thing, everything in your life is connected.

Your love life. Your relationships. Your work. Your wealth. Your lifestyle.


Unfortunately, I’ve seen thousands of women never get the lesson.

They’re in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, operating in and putting up with mediocrity, whilst expecting excellence.

Don’t join (or stay in) that club.

It’s time to break-up with mediocrity.

Ladies, 9 Ways to Say NO to Mediocrity in Your Love Life!Want a better man? Build a better you. (That should be a hashtag ;-))

Raising your standard starts with YOU.

Always has.

Always will.

There are no shortcuts ladies 😉

9 Ways to Break Up With Mediocrity

No. 1: Bring Your A-game

We stand for inspiring the highest level quality men to be more, do more and have more – by the way we live our lives, serve others and love ourselves – by how we show up daily. No half-ass work!

No. 2: Put Thyself First

Remember, the oxygen mask spiel on the plane. Focus on giving to yourself first and filling yourself up regularly. Take time you need. Say NO. The more you fiercely guard your self-care time, the more you can do for others.

No. 3: Always Be a Lady

Sorry, but men DO NOT love bitches. Well, any quality man with high self-worth, that is. Treat every man with respect—even if you must reject them. Even when one misbehaves, don’t mistreat him. Show him how much of a lady you are as you walk away — classily sashaying — out the door.

No. 4: Say No to Treatment Below Your Standard

Nip that sucker in the bud. There are no second, third and definitely no fourth chances. You can’t keep forgiving someone indefinitely if they keep disrespecting you. Ignoring his disrespect is a sure way of receiving more of it.

No. 5: Live an Inspired Life

Try to maximize the quality of your life by doing as much as possible that you love. Don’t whittle your life away doing work that drains you, being around people who drain you or being in places that do not inspire you.

No. 6: Do the Spiritual Work

Women are more grounded and connected spiritually than men. A great, high-caliber man needs that energy from you, so you must develop it.

No. 7: Consistently Invest in Personal Development

Every high-caliber man I know or have dated is a BIG investor in himself. I love it! Men invest in EVERY area they want to improve.

Strangely, so many women, even highly educated ones, don’t feel the need to invest in certain areas. They think they’re going to just figure it out. After 5, 10 or 15 years go by, that’s when a mentor or coach finally gets the call.

Don’t waste precious time trying to do it on your own. Model successful men and get support.

No. 8: Do Whatever It Takes to Be Completely Free Emotionally and Financially

We all know this, but it must be said. When we are emotionally or financially dependent on others, we make some silly choices.

No. 9: Measure Others by the Same Standard You Use to Measure Yourself

I have a friend who isn’t in the best shape, yet she wants a tall, fit guy. What’s wrong with that picture?

Our expectations and standards of others must start with ourselves. If you’re not willing to give it, you shouldn’t be asking for it.

A man of excellence is attracted energetically to a woman of excellence. You can’t fake it.

With love and in service,

Rhonda Cort

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