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Quality Men? Where Are Those High Value Men?Want to learn how to rub shoulders with the world’s most eligible bachelors, and have them all to yourself?

Let’s start with attraction.

Who is the most attractive woman in the room?

She isn’t the prettiest, the most in shape, or the funniest.

People may say that the most attractive woman in the room is the woman who holds her own in conversation. Who has a confident and flirtatious laugh. Or knows what men think and desire.

Yes, all of these things make a woman attractive. But take a look around you the next time you are at a networking event, finance seminar, or even an electronics store.

Who is the most attractive woman in the room?

It is the woman who is the ONLY woman in the room.

Beat the odds.

The best places to meet quality men are the places where the ratio of men to women is much higher. If you don’t go out a lot or you often complain that you don’t meet many men, you definitely need to place yourself where the men are overflowing.

This is your opportunity to position yourself as the only woman in the room and to meet the quality men that you have been wanting to date.

If the idea of rubbing shoulders with the most eligible bachelors appeals to you…if you believe that you are ready for love…you are going to love this list.

If You Want to Meet More Men, You Need to Be Where Men Dominate:

  1. Seminars: investment, finance, business, real estate.
  1. Tastings: scotch, whiskey, wine, cigars.
  1. Shows: classic cars, boats.
  1. Stores: high-end men’s department, electronic/computer, golf stores.

It’s time to go where the men are, ladies. Going to places where there are minimal women will increase your chances of standing out and being the most attractive woman in the room.

If you want to meet men organically, you need to do what men do.

Go to Places That Are Centered Around a Male-Dominated Activities:

  1. Classes: Martial arts, rock climbing, boxing
  1. Clubs: golf, sailing, scuba diving, poker.
  1. Sports Events: basketball, hockey, football, golf.

Every new location you frequent will deepen your dating intelligence. You’ll discover for yourself what it’s like to be the center of a lot of men’s attention. You’ll have plenty of men to choose from and you will no longer be complaining that you don’t meet any new men!

The world’s most eligible bachelors are right within your reach, you just have to be brave enough to go these places you may have never been before.

Can this list help you interact with more men on a more regular basis?

You bet it can.

Will this list expand the amount of dates you get asked on?


With this list you have the opportunity to step into a world where you will be surrounded by quality men, dates, and the possibility of love.

Make a decision you won’t regret. Get out there today!

Crista Beck

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